In honor of  International Week of Women , we asked women to share which men opened the doors of opportunity for them both personally and professionally. We know that we cannot achieve gender equity without courageous men who step up and take a stand for women, leading inclusively to get these talented contributors funded as entrepreneurs, promoted in to the C Suite and invited for non-profit and corporate board leadership. It is refreshing to see the many women voted in to office this year and those from both parties who are running for office in 2020. We join forces this week to thank the men who have created opportunities for women as managers, mentors, fathers, husbands, brothers, teachers, and friends. We ask men this week to think of the women in their lives whom they lift up to the highest levels of power and influence so that we can all improve the world as we stand toe to toe, united in our abilities, our talents, our collective contributions and our mutual respect.
Guler Aras,  Dean of Business at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey

Guler Aras is a civil society leader, author of over 25 books, Dean of Business at Yildiz Technical University in Turkey, founding Editor in Chief of Journal of Capital Market Studies, and board member of Allianz Turkey and the Turkish Capital Markets Association. She indefatigably teaches her students and advises government departments and business in many countries. To improve reporting of corporate information, she founded "Integrated Reporting Network Turkiye." Gular is the role model for these initiatives in Turkey, known as the ambassador of sustainability. Recognizing her responsibility, she tirelessly works to foster a change in mentality. She has been inspired by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded the Republic of Turkey in 1923 and gave women the right to vote and hold office.
Kathi Whitbey, Program Manager, CTI Information Sharing at Palo Alto Networks

I have been blessed throughout my career to have so many strong men and women supporting me through my growth. One man in particular stands out. Blake Davis, with Lockheed Martin, was one of my biggest supporters. Blake and I were both managers on a large case management development program for a US Government customer. Blake was my boss and was always looking for stretch assignments to keep me challenging myself and growing in my career. His encouragement and friendship have been invaluable to me. I am continually looking for those new challenges and opportunities and I reach for them without fear. Thanks to Blake for showing me the way.
Emma Arakelyan, A uthor of The Business Caring Formula

Emma Arakelyan is the author of The Business Caring Formula. Building Your New Leadership Lifestyle. Her story began in one of the former Soviet republics. After a journey to New York City, she proved her technical and sales skill by rising to partner in two global technology consulting firms. Emma has been a role model to hundreds of younger women in those consulting firms and in the Armenian-American community. Emma's roles models have been leaders who, at great personal risk and unconditionally giving, championed equal employment, high impact and opportunities for all. Emma's most inspiring role model was Billie Williamson, former EY Inclusiveness & Diversity Vice Chair. Billie inspired Emma in a leadership lifestyle of treating the world as your family and making responsible decisions by challenging the status quo - echoed in Emma's recent book.
Heather Potters, Vice-Chairman & Chief Business Development Officer at PharmaJet, Inc.

If I were to look at pivotal times in my career to recognize men who gave me a helping hand and believed in me, the list would need to include Bob Faris. He was the president of the Polish American Enterprise Fund, where I got my start in the private equity world. With no relevant skills or experience, other than being well educated (just finished my MBA), I boldly showed up to take on investing money in a market with great risk and little private sector (1991, Warsaw, Poland, just after the fall of the "Wall"). Ultimately, through some of his helpful training, I had a career in private equity in Central and Eastern Europe for 19 years. 

As I look further, and think about my PharmaJet needle-free company, I recall the men who supported me during a time when it was very uncertain and dark for the company's future. In the middle of our product launch in mass production and commercial roll-out, it all came to a halt as the FDA required us to complete vaccine studies for claims of safety and efficacy. My board came together to invest in a business that had tremendous risk and an uncharted path, and needing significantly more capital to execute than originally planned. Newly added, and now my Chairman/CEO, Ron Lowy helped lend his 30 year medical technology career experience; while a new investor joined to invest (Spike Buckley);, co-investing alongside my other investor board members (Tony Allard, Kim Duncan, and Markus Pedriks) and me, together with a few key shareholders (John Hynes, Gordon Clancy, Chris Mruck, Mark Jacobson) who are our consistent supporters. The combined leadership, and importantly their capital, allowed PharmaJet to chart a new path and achieve the amazing accomplishments (several firsts and only's), and today serves a role in global disease initiatives like Polio Eradication. I'm grateful to these investors who believed in me and have allowed PharmaJet to reach commercial success.

Join us to recognize the most   inclusive leaders   in key industries for their innovations and bold actions to promote access and equity for women, people of color, and underrepresented  populations in their recruiting, development, senior management, on their boards, and in their pipeline strategies from education to employment. 

Nominations   are now open for the 2019 Inclusive Leadership Awards and 
close on   April 1, 2019 .

For our 3rd year, WCET and GlobalMindED are accepting nominations for 2019 Digital Inclusion Award. This award is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on low-income and/or First Generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in global digital leadership. 

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Digital Inclusion Award .
June 5-7, 2019
Denver, CO
(fee-waived admission for First Gen students) 

GlobalMindED is delighted that the Harvard First Gen MBA candidates will be providing guidance to our 2019 First Gen Leaders Class on making the most out of the conference, networking at meals and receptions, developing influence and mastering professional skills in sessions occurring March through May. The Student Body President of HBS, Triston Francis, will participate on the Higher ED and share his First Gen success story.  
Harvard Business School has several   programs designed for college students  to explore whether a career in business and/or a Master's in Business Administration might be the right fit for you. 
  • The Summer Venture in Management Program is a free one-week residential education program for rising college seniors designed to increase diversity and opportunity in business education.
  • Peek weekendparticipate in our famous case method classes, live on our campus, meet current students and alumni, and get a peek into what an MBA is all about.
  • Finally, we offer a deferred admission program for college seniors, the 2+2 program.
June 6-7, 2019
Denver, CO
(fee-waived admission for High School students) 
Teen Tech is a STEM-focused event where 100 students ages 16-19 will spend two days with various northern Colorado technology companies including HP Inc., Intel Corporation, lunarG, Inc., Colorado Technology Association, Colorado State University, and Colorado School of Mines. 

The goal of this program is to build a future diverse STEM and innovative workforce, while creating a fun, inspiring, and exciting experience for girls, people of color and underserved population students, as well as to help them discover and pursue their passions in STEM. This event gives students insight on emerging technology fields and connections to role models, mentors, internships, and jobs in the area. 
June 5-7, 2019
Denver, CO

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March 4, 2019 - San Francisco, CA (RSA Conference)

Cybersecurity is facing talent shortages at a time when problem-solving, innovation and productivity are critical. The talent pipeline seems to be improving, but valuable professionals are opting out of the profession in mid-career. In this seminar, you will hear from leaders driving innovation with culture, inclusion, equity and diversity, and from change agents on how you can make shift happen.

March 12-14, 2019 - Denver, CO

CO Impact Days is 3 day conference where individuals and organizations gain the confidence, tools, and connections they need to align their money with their mission and values. CO Impact Days is where leaders of the Impact Investing movement are born. The event culminates with an in-person Social Venture Marketplace (also open to the public) - essentially a farmers market for investors filled with valuable social ventures (projects, nonprofits, for profits, and funds) that are seeking investments! GlobalMindED Community can get a 30% discount registration with the codeCID19GLOBALLYMINDED at
March 14, 2019 - Denver, CO

C-Level @ A Mile High is the Colorado Technology Association's largest fundraiser, packed with a C-level celeb auction, prizes and Tech Exchange to help carry out its mission of fueling Colorado's economy through technology. It's the perfect opportunity to build relationships with peers, win business and be introduced to tech companies and influential IT leaders in a setting unlike any other within Colorado. 
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