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The Men Dancers: From The Horse's Mouth
is coming to NYC -- January 10-13!
First performed last summer at Jacobs Pillow - July 2012

Chad Hall - photo: Miguel Anaya


Last summer, Tina Croll and Jamie Cunningham, founders of From the Horse's Mouth, along with Ella Baff, had the idea of producing a special all male version of their production for the Pillow's 80th Anniversary Season in honor of Ted Shawn. 


The all-male production cast over 30 of the most extraordinary male dancers from all backgrounds.  including Dance Theatre of Harlem founder Arthur Mitchell; master choreographer Lar Lubovitch; Merce Cunningham Dance Company Director of Choreography Robert Swinston; Chet Walker, who conceived the 1999 Tony-award-winning musical Fosse; former NYC Ballet principal dancer Charles Askegard and Trent Kowalik (one of the original "Billy" performers from the musical Billy Elliot).  All performances sold out.


Inspired by the success of the Jacob's Pillow 80th Anniversary production, almost all of the dancers featured last summer will return to The Men Dancers: From the Horse's Mouth for the New York run.


Male superstars of dance- Lar Lubovitch, Arthur Mitchell, Gus Solomons Jr. and Robert Swinston shared their stories with Pascal Rekoert for the Dance Enthusiast 

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Robert Swinston and Christopher Caines.  Photo: Christopher Duggan


From the Horse's Mouth is a production in which dance artists tell their stories and flaunt their genius for movement. Since its inception, this celebratory dance/ theater enterprise has received numerous standing ovations for its captivating tales and unprecedented dancing.  Spoken word and dance are equal partners in From the Horse's Mouth. The dancers recount anecdotes about memorable teachers, performances and injuries. Their parade of diverse tales is supported by the simultaneous movement improvisations of their cast mates. 


Earlier this past summer, a cast of 30 male artists ranging from 17 to 78 years old performed in The Men Dancers: From the Horse's Mouth . They traveled to Jacob's Pillow to celebrate The Pillow's 80th birthday and to pay tribute to its founder, Ted Shawn, and his pioneering all male company, Ted Shawn and His Men Dancers.



 Josh Beamish, Yusaku Komuri.  Photo: Christopher Duggan

Pascal Rekoert for The Dance Enthusiast : From the Horse's Mouth performances are about telling a personal dance story. Could you share one of your stories with us?      
Gus Solomons Jr. : The year I danced with Martha Graham, she created a new piece called The Witch of Endor. She wanted me to be "an enormous gesture", so I had the idea to devise a rig in order to become ten feet tall. There was a stool which was bolted to the stage about 5 feet high, and then boots which were bolted to the stool. I stood in the boots, so I could lean my whole body out as the enormous gesture she wanted. It became quite impressive. I was behind the backdrop, which during the choreography dropped down in order to reveal me. During the curtain call of the premiere night, the company all entered to their bows after which it was Martha's solo bow. There I was bolted to the stage, ten feet tall and not able to go anywhere. This was the day I took my solo bow with Martha Graham.

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 Gus Solomons jr.  Photo: Christopher Duggan


Robert Swinston: Forty-one years ago I was a scholarship student at Jacob's Pillow, one of the fourteen boys staying at one of the cabins on the grounds. We came one week early for a nine- week season of classes and performances, and we stayed a week later.  It was an extremely endless summer, and we worked like slaves..... (more here)

Lar Lubovitch.  Photo: Christopher Duggan


Lar Lubovitch: After fifty years of dance I have lots of stories. I hardly know where to begin. When I just started dancing professionally, I was supporting myself as a go-go dancer in night clubs around New York. I was primarily employed by a woman, Trudy Heller, who ran several clubs in the NYC area. She had a main nightclub.  ... (more here)


Josh Beamish.  Photo: Christopher Duggan


Arthur Mitchell.  Photo: Christopher Duggan
Arthur Mitchell:  The most important thing aside from the stories is to see the training and the technique within each dancers improvisation. That doesn't happen so much in classical ballet. Working with a large number of modern dancers that are creating their own movement, I found extremely fascinating........ (more here


Trent Kowalik and Chet Walker.  Photo: Christopher Duggan

Lar Lubovitch: I'm extremely moved by any dancer that I see dancing. The spirit of this event is that people are really revealing themselves on a personal level. The beauty lies in the sharing of their personal and physical story, and this is surely the case at the From the Horse's Mouth performances.....(more here)

 John Heginbotham.  Photo: Christopher Duggan





Emanuel Abruzzo, Todd Allen, Miguel Anaya, Bruno Argenta,

Charles Askegard, Arthur Aviles, Germaul Barnes, Josh Beamish, Christopher Caines, Jamal Callender, Tito DelSaz, Chad Hall,

John Heginbotham, Yusaku Komori, Trent Kowalik, Hari Krishnan,

Lar Lubovitch, Steven Melendez, Arthur Mitchell, Momchil Mladenov, Norton Owen, Pascal Rekoert, Francisco Pablo Ruvalcaba,

John-Mario Sevilla, Jason Samuels Smith, Gus Solomons jr,

Robert Swinston, Robert (Buddy) Valdez, Chet Walker, Cartier Williams



From the Horse's Mouth conceived and directed by Tina Croll + Jamie Cunningham