Make May Merry
Proof positive that spring is truly here - Bright rhubarb at Tarbox Farm
Bath Farmers Market
May 23 2020

Vendor locations

We are occupying the whole park to maintain necessary social distancing.

The list of new vendor locations should be at vendor tables by now; be sure to move counter clockwise for good flow. Questions? shoot me an email at
SNAP and token purchases

We will be processing for SNAP tokens only. No debit or credit cards. SNAP volunteer will be there 8:30 til 10.

Our links seem to be working, tho the mystIque of the internet has not revealed why they weren't. Please let me know if you have this problem.
Fresh pesto anyone? Basil seedlings for pot or plot at Dharma Farm
Flowers, Fruits &   Vegetables

Dharma Farm
Goranson Farm
Hawkes Farm
Oyster Creek Mushroom Co
Pleasant Pond Orchard
Sparrow Farm
Tarbox Farm
Try a tart - Sour Cherry or Wild Maine Blueberry, or a densely delightful ginger cake from Beryl.

Baked Goods
Beryls Pastries
Borealis Breads
Chase Farm Bakery
Stewart & Reid (gluten free)
Fresh lamb at Meadowcroft is back!

Meat & Poultry

Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Kelley Brothers Beef
Mainely Poultry
Pine Tree Poultry
Emily's Oysters
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Your oyster kit: everything you need to open & serve - comes with a share or buy it separately. At Emily's Oysters

Goranson Farm
Mainely Poultry
Sparrow Farm

Cheese & Dairy

Appleton Creamery
Chase Farm Bakery
Fuzzy Udder Creamery
Hahns End
Small Craft Advisory, a creamy Brie - like cheese, awaits you at Fuzzy Udder
Preserved and Premade

Gracies Garden
Old Narrow Gauge Farm
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood
Pine Tree Poultry,
Sparrow Farm
Massage candles: light, melt, rub the soft oil into your skin - with a soft orange scent, at Shepherds & Such
Handcrafted , Homegrown

Big Barn Coffee
Goranson Farm
Shepherds & Such
Sisters Soap (at Appleton)

Arriving in June

Jyang_Lee Kitchens
Mindful Gardens
New Roots Farm
Pine Tree Poultry
Popp Farm
Farm Stands Opening across the State

Most farms and small producers in Maine are open
on site. there are several ways to access this info.

A very easy to use statewide listing organized by county. Go to

Similiar, just structured differently, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension website:

Growers and other sources in the area served by the Merrymeeting Food Council are listed at F ood access resources (CSAs, farm stands, local farms, farmers' markets, etc) specific to our region
Summer Share Signups Available

Buying Plans - Talk to Tammy or Pauline

Emilys Oysters
Pine Tree Poultry - Pauline Henderson or
Kelley Brothers Beef - Tammy Kelley

Ch eese CSAs
Good Morning

a truly glorious Maine spring is here at last, tho typically, a little chillier than the promise of all that color. So remember your sweater as you roll out for your market adventure.

We are happy and grateful for your collaborative adaptation to changes made to ensure we are as healthy as the food we sell!

It's a pleasure to shop right now, so much to choose from. I get greedy, especially at the sight of spring radishes, watercress, fresh ground cornmeal, new pickles, creamy new cheeses.

For all of you starting gardens, we have a riot of color and taste in the many varieties of vegetable herb and flower seedlings right now. Find a cardboard (or other) flat or 2 and indulge in this annual rite of spring. So many choices, so make a plan!

Savor every moment of this brief but beautiful season. Visit our vendors farm stands - the countryside is lovely right now.

Crunchy Granola at Pleasant Pond Orchards
From our vendors - Sales, Seasonal, Specials
A reminder from Caitlin at Appleton. " preorder your cheese for a speedy pick up at . Don't see what you want - Drop me an email at:: appletoncreamery@gmail , and I can send you an electronic invoice. for cheeses weighed and priced individually,
Please order by 3 on Thursday.".

Delicious crunchy granola at Pleasant Pond Orchard is ready to brighten your morning - toasty nutty and not too sweet, Good for snacks too as you wander in the woods.

The great thing about those molasses donuts from Chase Farm is that if you keep them in a breadbox in their little bag they stay moist and totally awesome with coffee-try the medium roast from Big Barn - for days. Savor each bite.
Granite Kiss coming in logs this week, & more labneh too. At Appleton Creamery

Ali at Alchimia is happy to sort out cooking times for her pasta with you. Try her flavored ones, the tomato, spinach. Go for the chocolate when it shows up for an unexpectedly earthy flavor that compliments creamy sauces and a lighter sausage..

Meadowcroft is back with some spectacular lamb, the chops were flying out of the cooler last week, order ahead for large roasts. Check out her totally gorgeous sweaters. wool too. Go to for info.

First spring radishes - French breakfast - showed up at Tarbox last week. I confess to eating them all day. Kyle's artfully flavored beers are gaining fans rapidly: buy a couple for a home tasting via zoom -recruit your buds!
Start now with Moisturizing cream from Mana to protect from the warming sun
Mana Medicinals has returned with a nice supply of Moisturizing Cream to keep your skin healthy during these times of increasing sun and handwashing.

At Oyster Creek Piper was all things spring with Fresh Fiddleheads, Fresh Ramps and the First Watercress. buy now they DO NOT LAST. Some robust crimini and tawny shiitake will finish your order nicely.
Amy at Old Narrow Gauge is working on fresh pickled Fiddleheads for this week. She has a nice batch of jams left too, and salsa on the way..
Welcome back Nanne and Meadowcroft
A reminder from our Fish Queen Tracey Penniman at
Pemaquid Lobster & Seafood encourages pre orders for market on Saturday to be in by 5 PM on Wednesday. 350 7054 is the number to call, or talk to her at the marke t.

Hahns End is always ready to recommend the right cheese for the right dish. or just explore..I slipped some Lynn in to a sort of Italian mac 'n cheese recently - it really enjoyed the pasta and chicken!
Music suspended indefinitely
in compliance with Maine guidelines
But you can listen to the river...

Be aware: the bathrooms aren't open yet. This is a decision by the City of Bath
Fresh watercress - spring with a zip. For sandwiches, salads, light braise - or just nibble away.
Hopefully more at Oyster Creek this week