No one could have imagined a year like this. Despite it all, we continued to work every day — prioritizing public health and solid science. Worldwide, communities are waking up to the issue of 5G and advocating toward protective policy.

This year, EHT punched up in a big way — launching a David-size offensive against a Goliath FCC to demand accountability. We sued the FCC to review the science and update its 24-year-old exposure limits for wireless radiation. Our government must provide wireless exposure standards that reflect today's use of tech, not last century's.

People are hearing us and citing our science and policy resources. The detrimental impacts on human and environmental health from wireless radiation are undeniable and we have the data to prove it!

We wanted to share some other inroads we have made this year so you can share important data. None of this could have happened without your ongoing support.
We can hardly believe the FCC is still using 24-year-old rules on exposure limits for radiofrequency radiation in the era of 3G, 4G, and 5G — yet here we are!  

The FCC cannot be allowed to ignore the science. It must update its exposure limits for RFR from cell towers, wireless phones, Wi-Fi networks, smart meters, and other wireless communication devices and facilities. 
The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia is scheduled to hear our joint case. Oral arguments are set for January 25, 2021

You can watch the court's livestream as it happens
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The International Road Well Traveled
Cellular technology has a global impact and the issue is urgent. Alongside other experts, we have worked with organizations in nations across the globe.

We have shared the science worldwide and provided technical expertise to several countries — from Europe to the United States to the Bahamas, Australia, and India. 
Click on the map to see the latest worldwide action on cell phones, wireless, and 5G.

In the U.S., we presented coast to coast from Santa Rosa, Calif., to Tennessee to Montgomery County, Md. We provided expertise to public utility commissions in Maryland and Washington state and to the Washington National Capital Planning Commission. 

EHT was also "on the ground" in several nations this year, including: