June 17, 2020

Upcoming Important Dates

Wednesday, June 17, 6:00 pm
FOCUS GROUP: Grades 7-8

Saturday, June 20, 10:00 am
8th Grade Commencement

Friday, June 26 by 5:00 pm
End of Year student reports released to parents
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Weekly Bulletin:
  • Accessing the 8th Grade Commencement Livestream - June 20, 10 am
  • RWS COVID-19 Focus Groups
  • Beyond the Classroom
Administrative Bulletin:
  • Faculty Continuing Education this Summer
  • Google Classrooms Available for Review
  • 8th Grade Trip & Summergarden Refunds
Community Bulletin:
  • High School Placements - Class of 2020 
Weekly Bulletin
Accessing the 8th Grade Commencement Live Stream
This year, we are having a live stream of the RWS 8th Grade Commencement Ceremony. The stream will be on the Private RWS Community Group. If you are not already a member and you, your student, or loved ones would like to watch Commencement, please request to join the group and indicate who you're affiliated with, and we will admit you to the group. You do need to have a Facebook account, so if you don't have one, you'll need to create an account and then request to join the group. 

When the ceremony begins on Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 am, we will begin the Live Stream. You will be able to watch the stream once you become a member of the group. 

RWS COVID-19 Focus Groups
Thank you to those of who you have attended our Focus Groups and/or submitted questions. We have found these discussions very helpful and will be sharing some of our key takeaways next week. 
Beyond the Classroom
Improved Distance Learning Guidelines & Expectations
We have been taking into account many suggestions and concerns about distance learning and reviewing our approach over the last couple of months. The Pedagogical Task Team created improved guidelines and expectations for delivering distance learning if we must use that method again. Please see below links to review these documents.

Administrative Announcements
Faculty Continuing Education this Summer
During the summer our teaching faculty works hard to continue their education and prepare for the coming school year! Please see below listing of some programs that our faculty will be attending.

Dawn Pollard - Sunbridge Institute - Approaching Grade One
Katie Bullington - Renewal at the Center for Anthroposophy - Teaching Grade 2
Susannah Meyer - Sunbridge - Sunbridge Institute - Approaching Grade Three
Sara Andrassy - Sunbridge - Approaching Grade Five
Letitia Amey - Renewal at the Center for Anthroposophy - Teaching Grade 8
Google Classrooms Available for Review
For students who wish to review content in their current Google Classrooms, the classrooms will be accessible until July 23, 2020.
8th Grade Trip & Summergarden Fee Refunds
8th Grade Trip Fee and Summergarden Registration Fee refunds will be mailed out to parents this week.
Community Bulletin
High School Placements for the RWS Class of 2020
Congratulations and Best of Luck!
Logan Amey , The Steward School
Cyrus Bullington , Richmond Community High School
Qasim Jafari-Busuulwa , Huguenot High School
Aaron Jernigan , Matoaca High School
Nina Kelly , Thomas Jefferson High School
Tegan Lafland, The New Community School
Clare Maury , The New Community School
Jude McCall , Richmond Community High School
Axel Nevarez Carrillo , CodeRVA Regional High School
Carter Nieman , Appomattox Regional Governor’s School
Sarah Starr Redwine, Richmond Community High School
Daphne Rowan, Hermitage High School - Center for the Humanities
Aiden Vick, Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School
Malakai Wiley, Hermitage High School - Center for the Humanities