• Sunday Traditional Worship 9:00 a.m. with Worship and Wonder for Children
  • One and All Worship 10:15 a.m.
  • Sunday School for Adults 10:15 a.m.
October 10, 2018
October is:
  • Stewardship Month  Our theme is I am the Church. We are the Church.
  • Pastor Appreciation Month It’s a great time to show appreciation to pastoral staff.
  • The month we celebrate Heritage Sunday   On October 28 we will honor those who have been members 50+ years at First Christian Church, Second Christian Church, Third Christian Church, Stanford Christian Church, or University Christian Church.
Collections for Operation Santa will take place through October 21. Operation Santa is the largest stocking drive in the nation with volunteers from 50 states. L ed at FCC by the Disciples Women's Ministries, you can be involved in any of these ways:
  1. Sew stockings (patterns will be available for anyone in the church to help. If you have lightweight decorated Christmas fabric you don’t want anymore, we can use it to make stockings.)
  2. Donate Black CREW socks
  3. Donate individually wrapped sticks of beef jerky
  4. Donate Christmas Cards (no glitter or need for envelopes) to be included in each stocking

There will be an easel at the Information Center documenting donation items for the stockings, as well as an envelope for donations for mailing expenses. If you have any questions about this project and making of stockings, please see Jan Dyer.
Reach Out
Gifts for Another Table The Salvation Army is a great community member. Let's gather a huge donation for them during October! Needed items include: rice & rice dinners, pasta of any kind, pasta sauce, Hamburger Helper, dinner meals, cereal, mashed/boxed potatoes, and canned fruit and vegetables. 
Start Fresh winter outerwear drive for men is running now through February 1 at the Information Center. See Beyond the Bricks for details.
Fall Blood Drive    October 23 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.  The American Red Cross is in great need of donors. Please give if you can. Sign up this Sunday at the Information Center or call the church office for an appointment time.
Abundant Life Meal will be served on October 21. See Beyond the Bricks for details. Contact Julie Robinson at jerobinson21409@yahoo.com to help.
INtegRIty Counseling is looking for receptionist volunteers. We need both regular volunteers (two hours or more per week) and substitutes. We especially need volunteers for afternoons, evenings, and one Saturday morning a month. Volunteers answer our phones, do phone screenings, and help schedule clients based on counselor availability. For more information contact Luella Mahannah at 309-827-9100 or info@integrityhelps.org
Children and Youth
Youth Group 

 Upcoming Dates: 
  • October 14  Youth Group with KFC (Kindergarten through 12th grade). We will make prayer journals.
  • October 21   Youth Group for grades 3-12
  • October 28   Youth Group with extended meeting time (4:30 to 7:30 p.m.)  Meet at church, with signed permission slip (available on youth board or church website), for transportation to Kim Cox’s parents’ house where we will have a cookout and games.

A Youth Group Schedule can be seen here .
Wednesday Supper Club October 17 at 5:00 p.m. at PIZZA RANCH. Note number attending on Sunday Attendance Pad or call FCC Office at 309 829-9327 by 2:00 p.m. Monday, October 15 (note time change for deadline).
“A Sacred Space” Gathering at ISU October 16 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. 
The gathering will be a spirituality forum hosted by the Prairie Pride Coalition which will acknowledge how members of the LGBTQIA+ community have been harmed by religion, and how some faith traditions are seeking change, reconciliation, and healing for the atrocities committed in the name of God. Holly Irvin will be a presenter at this event.
Spiritual Growth
Regional Assembly  Oc tober 19-20 at The Chateau in Bloomington. Highlights: Our Drexler Singers are singing for worship Friday night, 7:30 p.m. The Chancel Choir and Youth/Children’s Choir are singing for worship Saturday, 2:15 p.m., and Marla McElroy will be installed as the new Moderator. Worship services are open to all.  Holly Irvin is co-leading a workshop on Saturday morning for the LGBTQ Alliance called, “My Church Isn’t Ready to Be Open and Affirming.”
Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop October 13, 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Conference Room. Centering Prayer is a simple method of quiet prayer to help you deepen your relationship with God. Rooted in scripture and ancient Christian insights, Centering Prayer invites us to open our minds and hearts to God as we consent to God’s presence and action within us. During the workshop you will have an opportunity to both learn and practice Centering Prayer. 

Refreshments will be available and a good will offering will be accepted. We’ll also schedule follow-up sessions to support you as you begin your practice.

To register for the workshop: 
  • Text or call Anne Colloton 309-830-3231 or e-mail acolloto@gmail.com
  • Call the church office at 309-829-9327
  • Sign up at the Information Center
New Adult Sunday School Class continues, meeting in room 129 after the 9:00 a.m. service. Come gather for topical studies and studies about books of the Bible. You will experience various study formats including DVDs and books.
 Listening to God Update

Prayer Groups include over 90 participants and continue meeting.  Meetings will continue through part of November to share scripture, prayer, thoughts, and hopes with one another. 

Visit the church website (click on the praying hands graphic on the home page) for examples of Lectio Divina and other prayer methods, and guidance for creating a spiritual autobiography.

 Outlines for completed weeks’ sessions are also on the website page. If you are now able to join a group, email Becky White at jobewhite99@aol.com.
Brown Bag Bible Bunch Jim Warren leads this weekly study group on Wednesdays 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. in the Conference Room. We are studying Hebrews. Come join us! All are welcome!
October is
Pastor Appreciation Month!
Disciples Women's Ministries Leslie Frizzell presided over the October meeting of the Disciples Women's Ministries group. She did so in the absence of Sue Brumme who is recovering from a health issue. We are all wishing her a speedy recovery. As in keeping with this group's mission, we also signed and sent cards to those in our church who we knew needed a word of encouragement.
Brenda Phillis lead us in our continuing study of our book Spiritual Gifts.  She did an excellent job of deepening our understanding of the gifts of “healing, helps, hospitality, and humor.” This has been very enlightening and interesting. We all have gifts; we just have to recognize them and use them for our church.
We also voted to give a monetary donation for the upgrading of the St Vincent de Paul food pantry. The DWM, at times, will decide to help charitable groups in addition to First Christian Church.
Our next meeting will be Nov 1 at 1:00. The lesson will begin with chapter 9 (pg. 103 & workbook pg. 53, “Intercessory Prayer,” and pp. 56 & 57, “Martyrdom”). 
Food Summit: A leap of faith in Fellowship Hall
Recently, I witnessed a minor modern miracle of sorts unfold in Fellowship Hall. I witnessed the passionate coalescence of community in the service of a fundamental human mission: Feeding our neighbors. I witnessed more than 70 good citizens transcending for a few hours their cultural, economic, and social differences, in the pursuit of sustaining the Cities.  
The Feeding The Cities Food Summit was “born” last year following a WJBC interview with the ISU Stevenson Center’s Frank Beck, whose students had helped prepare a report on the Twin Cities’ socioeconomic progress and challenges for my group, Not In Our Town: Bloomington-Normal. 
                                                      -- Read more of the report, by Martin Ross, on our website
Please find find a thank you note from the Center Hope Food Pantry (food donations) on the Centrum bulletin board.
Let's Stay in Touch (Better)!
Please let the church office know if your phone number, address, or email address changes. Also, on email, please remember to check your SPAM or TRASH folder for church communications. You can help ensure you receive emails by adding church addresses to your contact list or address book. See contact list at the end of this newsletter.
Visitors are VIPs at FCC It is the privilege and responsibility of each member of our church to create a welcoming atmosphere. There are many things people look for when visiting a church, and feeling respected and valued is at the top of the list. How can we help create this feeling? Take care of FCC as well as you do your home, love each other and take time to catch up with friends, and make a visitor into a new friend. Ask his or her name, and later use it in conversation. Introduce your new friend and show them around. Also, if you see someone being greeted, don’t assume the job is done… it can make a huge difference for a person to talk to four, six, or ten people! Let’s share God’s love and see our family grow!
Serving Schedule
Sunday, October 14
·        Josie Jamerson
·        Lucy Jamerson
Child Care: 
·        Trish Logan
·        Abby Logan
·        9:00 Justin & Kim Cox
·        10:15 Holly Rocke, Robyn Loftin
Jr. Deacons: 
·        Abby Logan
·        Drew Logan
·        Rich Crusius
·        Ralph Lehmann
·        David Bradbury
·        Tamara Shields
Homebound Elders:  
·        Nancy Trefzger
·        John Hensley
Fellowship Host:  Pam Yerkes
Fill Candles:  Ryan Newton
·        Doug & Stephanie Reed
·        Justin & Kim Cox
Information Center:  Pete Whitmer        
Scripture:  Heather Damery                      
Sound Tech:   James Nussbaum
Time for Children:   Matt Chapman              
Video Tech:  Chip Jamerson
Worship & Wonder Greeter:  
Naomi Kosier
Pulpit:  Jim Warren – Jeremiah 29:11-14a “Listening to God: Visioning”
God wants the best for us and desires that we have “a future with hope.” This passage encourages us to search for God and seek God with all our heart. How can we do that?
Sunday, October 21
Acolyte:  --
Child Care: 
·        Trish Logan
·        Kim Cox
·        9:00 Martin & Sue Ross
·        10:15 Ted Logan, Ryan Newton
Jr. Deacons: 
·        Carson Damery
·        Addy Reed
·        Frank Lipscomb
·        Ryan Newton
·        Naomi Kosier
·        Becky White
Homebound Elders:  
·        David Bradbury
·        Tamara Shields
Fellowship Hosts:
·        Robyn Loftin
·        Holly Rocke
Fill Candles:  Ryan Newton
·        Nate & Heather Damery
·        John & Kathy Dailey
Information Center:  Sharron Wright         
Scripture:  Emily Mejia                     
Sound Tech:   Dave Phillis
Time for Children:   Scott Fisher              
Video Tech:  Nate Damery
Worship & Wonder Greeter:  
Ryan Newton
Pulpit:  Jim Warren – Matthew 18:15-22
“Listening to God: Conflict and Unity”
This passage is about conflict and forgiveness in the church. How are we to treat those with whom we disagree?  What does it mean to have a “united” church?
Contact Us
Senior Pastor:   James Warren

Minister Emeritus:   John Trefzger

Dir. Music, Dir. Music & Youth
Ministries: Holly Irvin

Organ/Piano: Lou Ann Fillingham

One and All Music Coordinator:
Bill West

Communications Coordinator:
       Jenifer Petri

Office Receptionist: Maggie Burton

Financial Secretary:
Deborah Stumm

Custodian: Wally Calvert

Child Care Coordinator: Trish Logan
Witness of the Faithful
  • 9/30/18: 137/32
  • 10/07/18: 150/40
Offering: $ 17,922.28
Prayer Concerns

Children’s Hospital of Peoria: Andie Henneberg
Hospice: Harold Goyen
  • Betty Beer
  • Sherry Blessing-Varner
  • Pat Bozarth
  • Sue Brumme
  • Marcia Christensen
  • Bob Corbett
  • Duff Knudsen
  • Connie Lindenbaum
  • Erma McDaniel
  • Kaleigh Menken
  • Cecil Mott
  • Peggy O’Neal
  • Patti Schultz
  • Mary Smart
  • Joe Violano
  • Helen Joyce Barclay
  • Mary Moran
  • Sharon Warren
Assisted Living:  
  • Mickey Armstrong (Luther Oaks),
  • Alma Samuels (Taylors’ home)     
Nursing Homes:    
  • Blm. Rehab – Marilyn Thompson
  • Heritage, Blm. – Merle Murray,  
  • Heritage, El Paso – Sonna West 
  • Heritage, Normal – Harold Goyen
  • Liberty, Clinton – Corena Meyer
  • Martin Health – Myrna Cable, Marlyn Mahannah, Lois Murray, Barbara Thatcher
  • McLean County – Darlene Bethel
  • Chris Kavanaugh (Marines, CA);
  • Harley Scott (Phillis niece/Navy, VA)
Sympathy to: 
  • Mickey Armstrong and family on the October 1 death of her son, Dick Armstrong
  • Rev. Jim and Sharon Warren and family on the October 4 death of his mother, Virginia Warren
Front of Church
Office Phone 309 829-9327 Fax 309 829-2865
Address 401 W. Jefferson St. Bloomington, IL 61701
Website www.blmfcc.com
Hours Of fice hours have changed. The office is open Mondays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. , and Tuesday through Friday 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.  The office closes for lunch from noon to 1:00 p.m. every day. The best times to contact the church office are while Maggie is here, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
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