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Progressive Theology, Traditional Worship, Inclusive Congregation (PCUSA)
Affiliated with More Light Presbyterians and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians
July 2021
712 S. Columbia Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74104

Church Office Hours:
Mon - Th, 9 am - 3 pm
Closed on Fridays

Rev. Freeman is now taking Mondays off so he can work on a sermon on Fridays because the videoing of the service happens on Saturdays.

Worship Schedule:
11:00 am Sundays
Worship services have resumed in the sanctuary.
Services are also live streamed.

Church Email:

Pastor Email:

The church office will be closed Monday, July 5, in observance of Independence Day.
Word From the Pastor
(This photo is of me lat week taking a break last week with friends at Compton Gardens in Bentonville, AK, which leads into the Crystal Bridges Museum.)

What a difference from July 2020. I am so pleased that so many of our community of faith have been vaccinated – leading to the safety of themselves and others, and also feeling safer to return to worship at the church. I can't wait until we can have full fellowship events again - like awesome potlucks!

I’m pleased that we have learned so much over the past year, including how to live-stream our services of worship to those who choose not to be here on Sunday mornings, and those way beyond.

So here’s something more like a pre-pandemic message.. It’s summer! I wish all of you a very fun and safe 4th of July weekend (which also happens to be on Sunday this year). I especially pray for those of you who are traveling this month – hopefully to spend some ‘down time’ vacationing, visiting family and friends, and marveling at God’s beautiful creation all around us. 

I want to encourage each and every one of us to continue learning how to take “Sabbath” seriously. Experiencing rest for our bodies, minds, and spirits is increasingly more necessary in this hectic time in which we live. It is my hope and prayer that you are able to find some meaningful sabbath time in the summer months ahead. Remember:

Sabbath is an invitation to come home
– home to God and to ourselves. 
Sabbath is a time to:


Sabbath is about understanding life as a gift, 
knowing ourselves as part of God’s creation and resting our full weight in that grace.

Blessings, Rev. Todd 
2021 Tulsa Pride Celebration!

We are excited to be back with the kids!!
Nursery care is now available during worship.
Time with the Children and Worship Connection have returned. Church Schools will start with Rally Day in August.
Sofia Ohlson, Jesper Ohlson, Kye May, and David & Susan West helped clean up a teaching garden at Skelly Elementary School.
For questions or more information, (click name to) email our Christian Education Ministry team Moderator Susan West, or you may call her at 918-724-7521.
Day Center Meal
July 24

Coneys packs!

Coney Islander will provide coney packs (two dogs wrapped together) for dinner at the Day Center.

Menu also will include slaw, pickled okra or dill pickles, oranges, homemade cookies and lemonade, plus 4 quarts of milk for breakfast.

Thanks to many generous donors, our Day Center dinner fund can provide all items except the homemade cookies.

If you would like to bake and deliver 3 to 4 dozen cookies, please contact Caroline Johnson via text at 918-629-2882.
Celtic Circle (In-Person!) Gathering
Tuesday, August 3 at 6:30 pm
(at the Miller’s home)
Lughnasa is the Celtic celebration of the beginning of the harvest and occurs in early August. The Celtic Circle will gather (in-person!) for a time of discussion and fellowship. Our program title is “Listen to the Trees”.

Please (click name to) contact Mark Miller for additional information or to be added to the Celtic Circle email list.
August 8
after worship

Celebrate 90
with Rachel Fuller

Bring a card and share some time
with Rachel!

For those who may not know - click here for a brief bio!
Congratulations to
Jordan and Seun Olaniran

Wedding ceremony was on May 20, 2021

Jordan is the daughter of
Trinna Burrows and Judith Nole

(Jordan Burrows & Dr. Oluwaseun Olaniran, DDS)
Congregational Care Team Needs Substitute Drivers 
Barbara Perry has two people who will take her to and from church on most Sundays, but there will be weeks when we need a driver to do one of these things. 
Would you be willing to be an occasional substitute driver for Barbara?  If so, please let CC Team moderator Gretchen Hrachovec know. Call or text Gretchen at 918-697-4198. 
We are the first generation to know we’re destroying the world, and we could be the last that can do anything about it! This summer’s columns will feature ideas of what one person can do.

Save water
Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. A bathroom faucet releases water at an average rate of two gallons per minute. Doing so can save EIGHT gallons of water per day or 240 gallons every month.

Limit water usage as you wash dishes, and only run the dishwasher when it is full.

Ditto in the laundry room! Only wash when the laundry load is full. Heating a washing machine full of water takes a lot of energy, but in most cases, cold or warm washes clothing just as well as hot. Cold water can always be used during the rinse cycle.

Mark Miller suggests improving the efficiency of your home appliances may be as easy as reading the instruction manual. For example, Bosch recommends using one tablespoon of powdered dishing powder in their dishwashers. (Bosch is what we have in the church kitchen.) This is probably much less than you typically use plus the powder detergent comes in a cardboard box which has much less environmental impact that plastic packaging.

Re-think recycles
And speaking of packaging … remember Tulsa’s recycling facility is still “down,” so all curbside pick-ups go to the trash-to-energy plant. Therefore, put only paper – junk mail, catalogs, magazines, cracker and cereal boxes, office paper & cardboard in your blue bin. Take your aluminum cans, plastic #1 & #2 and glass to the MET.
Did you know that you can recycle:
Plastic bags at Reasor’s
Plastic flower pots at Southwood?
Birthday Endowment Fund

A meaningful way to celebrate your Birthday in this new year is to donate an amount equal to your new age to the Endowment Fund.

This donation is also a wonderful way to honor others such as children, grandchildren and friends and allows the church to have funds available for special projects.

Checks can be made payable to College Hill and marked "Birthday Fund" on the memo portion of the check.
Visit our Facebook page for
more photos!

2 - Bill Major
 5 - Laura Zsohar
 6 - Janie Potts
 6 - Cathey Wilson
 6 - Mark Miller
10 - Gini Fox
10 - Mike Gibson
12 - Kaitlyn Robertson
17 - Mike Patterson
18 - Tim Smith
18 - Charlotte Slemp
18 - Ron Brown
21 - Gary Watts
24 - Bert Woodall
25 - Dan Medlock
29 - Dewey Echols
30 - Michael Butler         
31 - Helen Holzschuh
31 - Deborah Hunter
31 - David Stambaugh
31 - Andrew Zimmerman 

      Remember the 
Birthday Endowment Fund!
Celebrating Kim Childs'
15 Years as Director of Music Ministry at College Hill!

Happy Anniversary, Kim!

July 13th marks the 15th anniversary of Dr. Kim Childs beginning as College Hill’s Director of Music Ministry! You can click the link below to read the article about his life history and how fortunate we are to have him with us.

To celebrate, we’re going to have a party on Sunday, August 15th, after worship in Fellowship Hall (in order to allow everyone to be back to church after their summer vacations). There will be cake, punch and a few surprises. So, let’s celebrate Kim!

For an in-depth article about
Kim's journey through life and music,
In-Person Worship Services - now in Modified Phase III!

Based on continued CDC guidance, recommendation of the Re-Union Ministry Team and approved by the Session, College Hill has entered modified Phase III Re-Union effective Sunday, June 13, 2021.
~ Masks are recommended for unvaccinated individuals. Masks are optional for fully-vaccinated individuals.

~ In-person adult church school with masks (if unvaccinated) and social distancing*

~ Resume in-person youth or children’s programming (including Nursery, Time with the Children, Worship Connection and Church School) with masks (if unvaccinated) and reasonable attempts at social distancing* [Both children and adult church school programs will not resume inside the church until Rally Day in September.

~ Elevator capacity limited to two persons

~ Expanded special services or third-party building use may occur at the discretion of Session with masks (if unvaccinated), social distancing*, sanitation stations and additional cleaning/disinfecting

~ Limited socially-distanced* fellowship activities with masks (if unvaccinated), including coffee service before and after services and small receptions, may resume at the discretion of the Session.

~ Expanded special services or third-party building use may occur at the discretion of the Session with masks (if unvaccinated), social distancing*, sanitation stations and additional cleaning/disinfecting.

As indicated by CDC guidance, social distancing may be reduced or eliminated during
Phase III at the discretion of the Session.

And, of course, we ask that if you are not feeling well, to wait until you are before
returning to the church.

We truly appreciate everyone's patience during this time. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines, and look forward to moving to Phase 4 ('New Normal') in the near future.

What a JOY it has been seeing each other again and worshipping in the sanctuary!

Please contact the church office with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Kim J. Childs, Director of Music
Mike Gibson, Organist

July 2021

Summer Special Music
The seven-week summer season is almost upon us! Listed below are the Sundays with each artist (or artists):

JULY 4 - Terry Baxter, tenor
JULY 11 - Lisa Wagner, oboe
JULY 18 - Lori Decter Wright, soprano
JULY 25 - Rebecca Howard and Cynthia Fox, sopranos
AUGUST 1 - Caleb Ricketts, tenor
AUGUST 8 - Dana Livingston, soprano



College Hill Chancel Choir is on Summer Break and rehearsals resume August 11. The Choir practices Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m. in the second story choral room (next to the church office) for singing, fellowship and fun! (While strictly adhering to Phase 3 Covid-19 guidelines and safety requirements recently implemented by College Hill's Re-Union Ministry team.) If you would like to sing with the Chancel Choir, we are welcoming new members.


College Hill BELLissimo Handbell Ensemble is on Summer Break and rehearsals resume August 11. BELLissimo practices Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. in the second story choral room. (While strictly adhering to Phase 3 Covid-19 guidelines and safety requirements recently implemented by College Hill's Re-Union Ministry team.) If you are interested in playing in this fun ensemble (permanent member or substitute), please contact Director of Music for more information.

Please contact the Director of Music at or call him at 918-230-2770 with any questions or concerns.
Special thanks to John Gammie for continuing to provide us with wonderful photos of our congregational life together!
June 13, 2021
Nancy Gammie and granddaughter Chloe check in.Kathy Brandon and Donna Wood staffing the check in. Tim Smith and Clay Finck-Ward helping out.
First Time With the Children in 15 months!
Rev. Debbie Chase and Pat Lucy
Gretchen Hrachovec and Martha Brown
Mark & Johnna Thurston with their grandchildren.
Sherrie Garnett
The extended Kari & Allen White family
June 20, 2021
Rev. Gordon Edwards, preaching
(Rev. Freeman was spending a few day enjoying Kansas City and the Crystal Bridges Museum on Bentonville, AK, with friends.)
Dr. Kim Childs, Director of Music Ministry, and soloist throughout most of the pandemic.
Mike Gibson, organist & pianist, with help from his son, Clayton.
Matthew Zerger, Acolyte
(His mom, Crystal, was the Liturgist this day.)
June 27, 2021
Rev. Freeman with Adrienne Driscoll, Liturgist
Linda & Gary Watts
Time With the Children
The extended Coleman and Driscoll families
COLLEGE HILL Mission Statement
~ Build an inclusive community of faith
~ Receive and openly share the love of God
~ Reach out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice