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College Hill Presbyterian Church
Progressive Theology, Traditional Worship, Inclusive Congregation (PCUSA)
Affiliated with More Light Presbyterians and the Covenant Network of Presbyterians
October 2018
712 S. Columbia Ave.
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9:30 am - Church School - all ages
10:30 am - Fellowship
11:00 am - Worship in English
11:00 am - Worship in Spanish

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Join us for coffee, juice, cookies and
conversation in Fellowship Hall before
Church School and Worship.
Word From the Pastor
Take a good close look at the photograph above. The experience represented in this image filled me with more joy and hope than anything else in the nearly two-week trip to Israel, Palestine, and Istanbul, Turkey.

This remarkable Interfaith journey was sponsored by Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (TMM), and brilliantly coordinated by their executive director, Aliye Shimi. She shepherded us throughout our adventure. It was a "dual dialogue" tour - two guides, one an Israeli Jew, the other a Palestinian Arab.

The photo is of me taking a selfie with four children. And though just like any other children their age, they do not live in circumstances like any other place. They live in the Aida Palestinian Refugee Camp (which is more like a permanent village than a camp) set up by the Israeli government after they won the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Their story, like everything else dealing with this conflict, is complicated.

Our tour of Israel and Palestine took us to many places that few others venture. It wasn't a Holy Land tour, per se, as much as it was a geo-political reality check of what is happening in Jerusalem and the West Bank in the here and now, as viewed through the events over the past 100 years that has led to the current situation.

Our brief walk through the refugee camp was both deeply disturbing and yet filled with folks going about living their day-to-day lives. And nothing is more heartening than to see children giggle and get embarrassed as a complete stranger stops to say hi and asks if they want to take a selfie. One girl proudly shared her name. I shared mine, and after the photo we all experienced the universal language of high-fives.

There are dozens of stories, both tragic and hopeful, that I'd like to share with you. So, beginning sometime in October I'd like to put together a series of Adult Church School classes. As you can imagine, I have tons of photographs to help tell the story.

While I personally am very frustrated with the power structures of both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority, I can say how wonderful and hospitable the people themselves are, regardless of religion, race, or cultural heritage.

Let us continue to not only pray for peace, but also find ways to strengthen Interfaith and racial relationships.

Rev. Todd
Church Photos
Jennifer Peyton , the Executive Director of JustHope, lead an educational Adult Church School class on the mission of the organization. She gave us an update on the current conflict and situation in Nicaragua. Jennifer also provided a very informative Moment For Mission during worship.
Penny Fund Donations Welcome

Thank you for your donations to the Penny Fund! You are always welcome to donate your pennies (or any loose change ), in the red container on the Narthex table.  

This money goes toward funding many College Hill needs and events we enjoy throughout the year!
1st Sunday Offering
KWI Emergency Food Pantry
October 7

Our First Sunday food collection will go to the Kendall Whittier, Inc . Emergency Food Pantry.

We will again be collecting canned vegetables and canned fruit, as well as other non-perishable food items.

Cash donations are also always
welcome and much-appreciated!

1 - Valerie Ordonez
 4 - Jeff Richmond
 4 - Lillian Newsome
 5 - Pat Beitel
 5 - Mike Wood            
 6 - Brooklyn Hovenga
 6 - Sherrie Garnett
 9 - Ellen Nole
10 - Robert Babcock
12 - Charlotte Bronston
14 - Nataya Bostic
16 - Donna Richardson
17 - Gretchen Hrachovec
18 - Cynthia Fox
19 - Crystal Zerger
20 - Allison Redding
21 - Marilyn Hill
22 - Cathy Robertson
23 - Dixie Speer
27 - Francis Garcia
30 - Emily Major
31 - Tracy Vanderburg
31 - David West
31 - Nancy Bennett
Remember the 
Birthday Endowment Fund!
Sunday, October 7

We will be collecting the Peace & Global Witness Offering (formerly called Peacemaking Offering). The PC(USA) offering is divided four ways: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP), Self-Development of People (SDP). College Hill retains 25% of the funds collected, for our ministry efforts. Special giving envelopes will be available in this Sunday's worship bulletin.
Saturday, October 20
9 a.m. - noon

The Building & Grounds Ministry Team is seeking volunteers to help clean, polish, & shine our church home. This will be a “Fall Cleaning” , both inside and out It is always a fun time with a fun group of people – all ages. 

We really need your help to keep our church home in the kind of condition that demonstrates our love and pride. There will be tasks for all skill levels, so don’t be hesitant to come – supplies will be provided. If you are going to do outside work, please bring work gloves and perhaps your favorite tools.  A continental breakfast will be provided. 

Put this on your calendar and join the fun! If you have questions, please (click name to) contact Mark Mille r or Gini Fox .
A Fresh Look for Our
Old Building

Have you ever noticed that, after you've lived in a house or driven a car for several years, signs of age start to show up? Our church building will soon be 60 years old. A few things are starting to look sort of tired. Our main entrance is now what was once the back door. Much of our landscaping was becoming rather “mature” and has already been removed in anticipation of new plantings.

The Building and Grounds ministry team has identified many items that will add a little bit of "sparkle" to our building and better represent our unique membership, and the Session has approved a plan to make these ideas come to life. Over the next three years, you will be seeing several changes to the building exterior including new doors, better lighting, a new sign identifying who we are, and a new look for the canopy on the west side of the building. Interior changes will include replacing some of the tired finishes on the first and second floors. 

What can you do?  
Any or all of the following:

  • Stand back and watch
  • Join the Building and Grounds team and help with planning and making
these improvements happen. (Contact Mark Mille r or Gini Fox for details).
  • Donate ~ Our wonderful Finance team has worked hard to find resources to make these dreams come true. However, anything that you care to donate towards the project will be put to good use.
Outreach & Mission Survey
We value your ideas & opinions!

As announced in recent bulletins and the Messenger, the Session of College Hill seeks your input to evaluate whether our activities and financial investments align with our values.

To that end, Outreach and Mission created a survey ( link below ) to hear what you have to say. We appreciate your taking a few minutes to complete the survey to provide your input to determine if the Outreach and Mission Team is appropriately allocating our resources.  It also seeks to learn if College Hill provides sufficient opportunities for you to be involved with our community.  

The Outreach and Mission Team is responsible for channeling members’ time, talents, and treasure into local, national and global needs.
Roughly $1 out of $8 in our budget goes to support outreach and mission efforts. 

With YOUR help, we can channel those resources more effectively.  

Thank you for your consideration.
2018 Finance & Stewardship Quarterly Update

Members and friends of College Hill, t he Finance & Stewardship Ministry Team remains committed to keeping the congregation informed about the status of our budget at points throughout the year, including updates on overall giving. The following is a snapshot of the church’s income and expenditures as of August 31:

2 018 Pledged Income & Other Income 
Budgeted             Under Budget
$238,582 $27,814

Total Expenses   
Budgeted          Under budget
$222,922           $23,551

Total Income:    
Annual Budget Year to Date Budget
$333,406 $238,852

YTD Actual Variance
$210,768 ($27,814)

% of Budgeted

Total Expenses:
Annual Budget Year to Date Budget
$333,406 $222,922

YTD Actual Variance
$199,371 ($23,551)

% of Budgeted

A nnual Budget Year to Date Budget
$0 $15,660

YTD Actual
Pledge Health : Pledges and Contributions have fallen $27,814 behind as of the end of August.
Fortunately, ministry team and office expense spending remains under-budget (by $23,551), resulting in an operating surplus at the end of August of $11,397 . However, ministry team spending and capital funds expenditures are expected to increase through the remainder of the fiscal year.

Therefore, if your pledged giving has fallen behind this summer, as often occurs, please allow this to serve as a gentle reminder to resume offerings to the church. 

Thank you so much for giving the Finance & Stewardship ministry team the honor of serving this wonderful congregation this year.


David Robertson,
Finance & Stewardship Ministry Team Moderator
Congregational Care Needs:

We are looking for volunteers to help transport some of our folks to worship on Sunday morning. Mary McAnally , Rosie Brown , and occasionally Pat Lucy have transportation needs.

Mary lives near 61st and Sheridan. Pat lives near 71st and Yale. Rosie will be moving in September to a senior community near 36th North and MLK (Cincinnati).

If you are willing to help provide care in this way, please (click name to) contact
Marilyn Hill , moderator of our
Congregational Care ministry team.

Luncheon Club
Thursday, October 18
at noon
Fellowship Hall

Reading is an Adventure! We will discuss our own reading habits and thoughts by sharing several discussion questions and hearing from authors about their reading adventures. Here are a few sample questions: Where is your favorite location to read and why? What part do electronic books or recorded books have in your life? Do you ever pick a book just by its cover? Which book made you think for days after finishing it ~ and why?

Luncheon Club typically meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at either a nearby restaurant, or in Fellowship Hall, to enjoy great food, fellowship and fun! Please (click name to) contact Gretchen Hannefield or Gay Miller for more information.

All are welcome!
Something for the Spirit
Listening to Sacred Stillness: Finding Our Path Into Stillness
September 25, 2018 ~ by Greg Richardson

Finding Our Path Into Stillness
Some of us have a difficult time beginning a contemplative practice of listening to sacred stillness.

We may be unaccustomed to stillness and uncomfortable sitting still for any period of time. Some of us feel anxious about what might be waiting in the stillness for us. Many of us have hardly any experience with stillness and do not understand how it could be sacred.

It is as if stillness is a faraway place we have heard about but never visited. We have no idea how to find our path into stillness.
A few of us are familiar with the stories of other people who have found a path into stillness. We have read or heard about how other people try to listen to sacred stillness. Their stories can be almost as confusing or intimidating for us as stillness is itself...

Dr. Kim J. Childs, Director of Music
Mike Gibson, Organist

Sunday Morning Music Offerings
Featuring the Chancel Choir
with Mike Gibson, organist

October 7            Choral Anthem
Fairest Lord Jesus
Charles Forsberg

October 14             Choral Anthem              
Treasures in Heaven
Joseph W. Clokey
October 21          Choral Anthem         
On Eagle's WIngs
Michael Joncas

Everett Titcomb

The Chancel Choir of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 6:45 p.m . in the second story choral room (next to the church office) for singing, fellowship and fun! If you would like to sing with the Chancel Choir this fall, we are welcoming new members . Please contact the Director of Music.


BELLissimo Handbell Ensemble of College Hill Presbyterian Church rehearses Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the second story choral room. If you are interested in playing in this fun ensemble (permanent member or substitute) this fall, please contact Director of Music for more information.

Please (click name) to contact our
Director of Music, 

Not to be confused with the College Hill Book Club, we have another small group called the Book Study Group

We select one or two books a year to read and discuss in depth over several monthly Tuesday evening sessions (typically on the fourth Tuesday).

This fall we will be reading “ The Evangelicals by Frances Fitzgerald . Contact Sue Haskins , John Gammie, or Gary Watts if you are interested in joining us.
Sunday, October 21
after Worship

by Tara Westover

Described as "an unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University," Educated by Tara Westover has been on many readers' and critics' list of books to recommend in 2018. One such recommending critic, Alexandra Schwartz of The New Yorker, puts it this way: "Westover's determination to leave home and get a formal education--the choice that drives her book, and changed her life--amounted to a rebellion against her parents' world... If her book is an act of defiance, a way to set the record of her own life straight, it's also an attempt to understand, even to respect, those whom she had to break away from in order to get free."

Educated by Tara Westover is available at book stores, your local library, and other book sources. Book Club will meet for lunch and discussion at Panera Bread (1624 E. 15th St., just west of Utica on the south side of 15th St.) immediately following worship service (about 12:15pm).

Please ( click name to) contact Fritha Ohlson if you are interested in more information about this fun group.

Make a lifelong impact on a child
who struggles with reading.

Reading Partners provides one-on-one reading instruction to elementary school students reading below grade level to help them succeed
in school and in life.
·     Give as little as one hour a week. Flexible weekday volunteer times are available Monday through Thursday between 8am and 3pm.
·     Follow a highly effective, structured,
and easy-to-use curriculum.
·     No formal teaching experience is required.

With school now back in session - this is a perfect time to sign up to volunteer!
For more information or to sign up:
or click here to email, or call
Birthday Endowment Fund
A meaningful way to celebrate your Birthday this year is to donate an amount equal to your new age to the Endowment Fund .

This donation is also a wonderful way to honor others such as children, grandchildren and friends and allows the church  to have funds available for special projects.

Checks can be made payable to College Hill and marked "Birthday Fund" on the memo portion of the check.
Flower Chart
If you would like to  bring flowers  to decorate the sanctuary for an upcoming worship service, please  sign up on the Flower Chart on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. There are many open dates available for the new year. Your dedication will also be announced in the worship bulletin.  
Flowers can be purchased from any store or brought from home. Please bring them in two containers the morning of the service for which you have signed up.
College Hill
Recycle and Donation Center
The cabinets in the hallway outside of Fellowship Hall have been repurposed for use as a place to deposit recycling and donations.

Recycle bins will accommodate paper, cans, plastic bags, compact fluorescent lamps, batteries, and printer cartridges. 

Donation bins are also available for diapers and baby care products, dry goods and hygiene items, and school supplies.
Humor Corner
College Hill Mission Statement
~ Build an inclusive community of faith
~ Receive and openly share the love of God
~ Reach out with a compassionate voice for peace and justice
College Hill Presbyterian Church | 712 S. Columbia Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

Rev. Todd Freeman, Pastor