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Dear friends!
Last night was our monthly Vestry meeting, and a whole lot of work got done. Here are some highlights from the meeting:
  • We thanked the departing members of the Vestry for their tireless work, as we will do again at the Annual Meeting on January 31.
  • We elected Bill Van Hook to fill the unexpired term of George Guthrie, who has moved back to Portland.
  • We heard updates on several building issues that have sprung up in the last month, including a hose leak from our main water heater which led to damage in the foyer and the freezer room, as well as plans to fix the sidewalks along 19th Ave, which have buckled so badly as to be a significant liability.

One of the major decisions that was made was to move ahead with asbestos abatement in the sanctuary. Many of the high walls with keyhole windows in the sanctuary are covered with asbestos, all of which has to be abated before any of the work we have planned for this summer can commence. That work will begin around February 8, and take four weeks to complete.

During that month, the entire Sanctuary will be sealed off for that work. Most (if not all) of the pews will have to be removed from the Nave during that time, and will be stored in the Parish Hall. This has provided an opportunity for all of us on the staff to think outside the box and develop creative plans for our streaming liturgies. We will use the altar in the Chapel during this time, and will use some of our other spaces rather creatively for parts of the liturgy as well. Thankfully, this won't require purchasing any additional equipment to accomplish; we have everything we need for streaming liturgies during this time.

As was mentioned above, the Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 31 at 11:45 AM. The meeting will be held on Zoom, and anyone can attend, but you need to register in advance for it. There is a button below to register (or you can click here). We will be sending out an email from the office in the middle of next week with all of the advance information you need for the meeting (ministry reports, candidates for office, the 2021 budget, etc.). Once you register, Zoom will automatically send you an email with the login information for the meeting.

This week, my office hour will remain at noon on Thursday; login info is below if you'd like to drop in and visit. If the drop-in time doesn't work, you can just send me an email and we can schedule another time together.

Looking forward to seeing you online on Sunday, and at the Annual Meeting. But looking forward much more eagerly to when we can all meet again in person; soon and very soon!

This Sunday's Streaming Services
10:30 AM
Sermon by the Rev. Michael Beatón Oakley
1 PM
Sermón de el Rev. Michael Beatón Oakley
8 PM
Cantor: Jane Bradbury
All of our liturgies and recitals are also streamed to both Facebook Live and YouTube. Click on either logo to be taken to that channel:
This Week's Calendar
To join the Men's Group, please contact Lou MacMillan.
To join the Women's Spirituality Group, please contact Judy Williams.
Register for the Annual Meeting!
It's that time of year again-- Annual Meeting time! We can't wait to see you next Sunday (January 31st) at 11:45 am! In order to attend, please click the button on the right to register. Once you do, you'll get an email with the zoom link.
Zoom Rector office hours!
  • Fr. R.C. wants to be more available to you, so he will be having Rector office hours over Zoom once a week, on Thursdays.
  • The Rector office hour will continue this Thursday (1/20) from 12-1 pm. These office hours will always be on Thursday, but will switch around time-wise to allow more folks to attend.
  • He will let people in from the waiting room one at a time, so these can be private conversations.
  • On Thursday, you can click this button and it will take you directly to the zoom waiting room for the Rector office hours:
New Social Events Ministry Coming in February
We heard from you about needing more social connections and really missing each other. With this in mind, we are in the process of planning several regular opportunities for folks to connect socially, a space where folks can catch up and have conversations while maintaining social distance.

If you are interested in help to lead and support this new ministry, please contact Tieran, the parish administrator at [email protected]
The Good Book Club continues this week with the Gospel of Mark!!
Bible study for the time between Christmastide and Lent will return to the Good Book Club, reading the Gospel of Mark!

If you want to join the email list to get the zoom link, or receive the daily passage from Mark, click below!
Vaccines are here!
Vaccines have arrived! What a long year it has been, but shoots of hope are slowly rising from the ground. Look below for more vaccine information!
Click the top button on the right to find out if you qualify for a vaccine right now or find out what eligibility level you fall into:

Click the bottom button on the right to find a place near you that is distributing vaccines:
Since we are limited in our ability to collect coins like we usually do for this ministry, consider mailing in your donation with "El Hogar" written on the memo line. Thank you.

We will send our $4,200 check to El Hogar in February of 2021 to support both Arnol and Alondra, our students at El Hogar (pictured below). 
If you have a moment and the financial resources, please follow this link to support the five organizations that the St. John's Outreach Committee is focusing on for the good work they are doing in our local communities. 
Our Prayers
For members and friends of the parish who are sick, sorrowful, or in any kind of trouble:
Alexa., Cathy B., Carol & Ron B., Dorn B., Forrest B., George B., Judy B., Dawn C., Jesse C., John C., Scott C., Don D., Patricia D., Shirley D., Elora, Marry Ellen F., Candy G., Charlotte Grace., Doreen G., Kathleen G., Nancy G., Jackie H., Indie, Damien J., David J., Jordie, Mary K., Bob L., Jean L., Jenny L., Ray L., James M., Marlene, Rebecca M., Molly, Kevin O., Ann Marie P., Kathleen P., Sarah P., Beth R., Olivia S., Sharon & Ron S., Beth R., Terralyn, Gloria W-S., and Sharon W.
For members and friends of the parish serving in the Armed Forces:
Ruby Edwards, Brendan Fallon, Shannon Fallon, Ryan Gilbert, Christopher Hagen, Jon Kidder, Simon Kidder, Jessie Leonard, Lissy Slezak, Dylan Smith, Richie Rainier

For members and friends of the parish who are health-care workers and first responders. For members and friends of the parish who are sick with COVID-19.

For all we love but no longer see.
If you or a loved wish to be added to the prayer list:
Call the front office (360-352-8527) and pressing 2 to leave a message or
email Tieran at [email protected]

If a name was removed and you would like it to be re-added, let us know!
THE END - thank you for reading!
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