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           October 2, 2020
      Vol. VIII, No. 5
St. Michael's Academy
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St. Michael's Academy 


To be clear, Friday, October 9th will be an all school remote learning day for all students. The assignment for the day will be to take a family walk (this year's version of the annual Walk-a-thon) and to complete the assignment given by the homeroom teacher. We realize that many families may not be able to take the walk on Friday, so we respectfully ask you to complete the walk sometime over the four day weekend. In the meantime, the custodial staff will use that day to perform a deep cleaning of our school building.

This year more than ever, I am grateful for each day God has given us. Despite all the convoluted routines and procedures we all have to follow to make it happen, it's worth it just to see the students happy to be back in their learning environments. And I'm sure you all agree with me, each day we get in, is one day closer to the finish line! Keep up the good work!

Enjoy a nice weekend!

Ms. Ann E. Dougal

 Extended Day Program

Before and After School Billing

Just a quick reminder that payment for the Before and After School invoices is due on a weekly basis and should be paid before Wednesday of the following week.

Thank you!

From The Classroom Of Mrs. Brodeur- PreK-3

Apples, Apples, Apples
News from PreK-3
The youngest students of St. Michael's Academy have been busy learning about apples through songs, stories, fingerplays and hands-on exploration.
The children are now able to identify the different parts of an apple (skin, flesh, stem and seeds). They have also learned that apples can be red, green or yellow and apples can be sweet or sour. The children were very excited to discover the star in the middle of the apple when it was cut in half!
They enjoyed taste testing (with safety in mind!) and graphing their favorite apple. Michael, Matthew, Ireland, Amber, Nathan, Jude, Lana and Sage liked red apples best. Madigan, Timothy, Shaylene, Keira, Kieran and John liked green apples best. Yellow apples were the favorite of Bryna, Layla, Aaron, Kaiden and Jaxson.
The students of PreK-3 hope you are enjoying apple season as much as they are!


The Feast of St. Michael

On Tuesday of this week, we celebrated the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel. The 4th grade students had the opportunity to attend Mass with Fr. David Raymond and Deacon John Miller. This also provided a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about our school patron saint who is known as Saint Michael the Protector. In Catholic writings and traditions, he acts as the defender of the Church and chief opponent of Satan.

We especially thank Ms. Kathy Kakley who donated a beautiful statue of St. Michael that had been completely restored and repainted. St. Michael made a special visit to each of the classrooms and he now resides permanently in the school. Thank you Ms. Kakley!

The students also enjoyed freeze pops to help celebrate the day!

Nurse's Office 

Student Medications to be Given in School:

It is important that your child's medication be available to them at school should they need it during the course of the school day. Not having the proper medication at school could create an emergency situation.

What do I need to do for my child to have medication at school?
All medication must come in a properly labelled pharmacy box/container. They must be accompanied with a proper Doctor's Order. A link to our Medication Order Form is here.
What do I need for Asthma Medications?

Inhalers should come to school this year minimally with a spacer and a mask (especially for the younger students) due to COVID-19 protocols. If your child's doctor has developed an Asthma Action Plan, please include a copy of that paperwork as well.

What do I need for Epi Pens/Auvi-Q allergy medications?

Epi-Pens/ Auvi-Q or similar injectable medications must come in with the two injectables in the box. It is common to have to administer a second dose of medication with an emergency allergy reaction, therefore two doses must be available. If your child's doctor has developed an Allergy Action Plan please include a copy of that paperwork as well.
A list of your child's allergies will also assist us in monitoring those allergies.

What do I need for ADHD Medications for school?

ADHD Medications are most likely to be what is called a Scheduled/Controlled Medication and will be kept in a lock box. An initial count of the medication must be done with the parent and school nurse or designee present. Your student should not be transporting this medication to school. Please plan with the school nurse to schedule a time to bring the medication in to school.

What do I need for Seizure Medications?

Seizure Medications are most likely to be what is called a Scheduled/Controlled Medication. Depending on the type of medication, they could be stored in a lock box. 
What if my child needs to take Antibiotics during the day at school?

If your child needs to take antibiotics at school, it needs to be in a properly labelled pharmacy container and you will need a doctor's order. The school nurse can give the medication for a short period of time utilizing the pharmacy label.

What if my child needs Lactaid medication for lactose intolerance?

If your child has a documented lactose intolerance diagnosis, medication may be administered in school following the above medication guidelines.
What if my child needs an Over The Counter (OTC) Medication?

OTC medications are not available in the Nurse's office on a regular basis. If your child requires an OTC medication, such as Tylenol, Motrin, Nose Spray, etc., you will need a doctor's order for it to be given at school. You must also provide the school with the medication because we do not stock OTC medications on a regular basis. Cough drops should be brought to the Nurse office for administration.
Your child should not carry any medication on their person, unless approved by the school nurse after she assesses and evaluates the student's ability to self-administer.
If you have any questions, have difficulty obtaining medications or orders, or need to schedule time to drop off medications, please call the nurse at 413-782-5246.

Correction For Last Week's Messenger

Whoops!  We apologize that a link in last week's Messenger was not working properly.  In Mrs. Cullen's article about successful learning tips, please click here for the link taking you to additional details.

Thank You!

Thank you Fairview Knights of Columbus 
Council #4044!
This week, two distinguished representatives from the Fairview Knights of Columbus in Chicopee paid a special visit to St. Michael's Academy!  Mr. Fran Getto, left, the financial secretary and Mr. Matt Cooke, right, the Grand Knight of Council #4044, presented Ms. Dougal with a check in the amount of $1,000. 

We would like to thank the Fairview Knights of Columbus for choosing St. Michael's Academy as one of their charitable organizations. We are extremely grateful to the Knights for their generosity and support!

Mr. Getto also has a special connection to SMA; he is the proud grandfather of Abby, Noelle and Camden Hurley!

 Remote Learning
Attention...Remote Learners!

We want to hear from you and include YOU in our newsletter! You can email us some photos or examples of the things you are working on at home or you can even submit a brief article. Submissions can be emailed to n.coley@smaspringfield.org and, if appropriate, you might see it in a future issue of the Messenger!

We are ALL part of the SMA family!

Aryana getting it done at home!


The Walkathon Is Next Weekend! 

Do you have a plan yet?  Do you have your sponsors in place? Have you decided what kind of a walk you will do? Did you map out a route yet? 

If answered NO to any of these questions, it's time to get to work! The Walk-a-thon is next weekend and we need
everyone to participate. This is one of two events that helps us keep the cost of tuition down.  Remember, it costs the school $6,205 dollars to educate each student and our tuition is only $4,500. That's a savings of over $1,700!

And don't forget....Friday, October 9th will be a remote learning day for ALL students. With an empty building, this will provide an opportunity for the custodial staff to perform a deep cleaning of the school.


Food For Thought

"We should take as a maxim never to be surprised at current difficulties, no more than at a passing breeze, because with a little patience we shall see them disappear. Time changes everything."

                                  - St. Vincent de Paul
 Prayer Corner

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us! 

We pray for our brothers and sisters across our nation and across the world. May God give everyone strength during these especially stressful times.

We pray in a special way for all of our families and friends.

We pray for our recently departed and for all those lives that have been taken by the Covid-19 virus across the world.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 

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