November 6 , 2020 Volume VII, No. 10
From the Office of the Principal

Sad to say, we’re getting good practice changing tracks. Happy to say, we’re getting better at managing it….and that’s a good thing…because we’ll need that skill as we will most likely be called upon to transition back and forth a few more times before this pandemic comes to an end.

Due to the current circumstances, students are transitioning back and forth between remote and in person learning. If learning remotely, please remind your child daily of the student expectations listed in the remote learning handbook found here. Fundamental to the success of remote learning is the student’s ability to adapt to the school structure from within the home. Some basic expectations are that the student has already had breakfast/lunch and is dressed in their uniform. They are sitting at a desk/table prepared with their school materials and with their video on, ready to go, when the first class of the day begins. The student needs to hear this message loudly, clearly, and consistently from both home and school.

Finally, during the week of November 16th we will be running our annual food collection for the Gray House. When you drop off your child in the morning, our teachers will be there to collect your donation from your car. Remote learners are welcome to drop off their donations as well. With all the stress we are all under, it’s easy to forget that there are others who are in much worse shape than we are. Let’s remember to be grateful for what we have by sharing with those in much greater need.

Thank you!

Ms. Ann E. Dougal
From the Classroon of Ms. Quesnel - Grade 3

Grade 3 Is Getting It Done!

This week, as we adjusted to remote learning, we still had time to have fun!

On Tuesday, we centered our day around the election. This assignment included a writing assignment based on what we would do if we were president. We combined that with the experiment, “Wet Presidents”. For “Wet Presidents” we put drops of water onto a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. Then, we estimated the number of drops that would fit on the top of the coin and tallied the total. The students concluded that the bigger coins would have more droplets, but that we would have to do the experiment multiple times to average out the total because not all of the droplets were the same size. This experiment helped the students to use math skills such as estimation, addition and averaging.

Overall, we have grabbed remote learning by the horns and are ready to conquer the challenge any time we need to!
From the Office of the Counselor

What crazy times are these! As I say, “the only constant right now is change”. I wanted to share what I hope may be helpful during this time of stress, uncertainty, fear, frustration and possibly overwhelm.

When I awoke one morning, my bible app put this verse on my cell phone…”I can do all things through Christ which strentheneth me.” Philippians 4:13 (I was thankful for this reminder, needed most.)

Consider making a space in your home (can be a corner with a comfy chair or a whole room) for keeping a bible, other devotionals, coloring pages, inspirational prayers or quotes, etc. Go to that space whenever you can to reset and re-center and be reminded that God is enfolding us all in his ever loving arms though we may not feel or believe so in our distressing moments. You may also print this comforting labyrinth to trace with your finger. (here). No matter how old we are, we can benefit from a place to retreat to every day even if only for a few minutes.

Check out our website under School Counseling for many resources for financial, emotional, spiritual, legal and social support.

The thing we absolutely can do in the midst of all of the worldly chaos is to turn to God, take good care of ourselves (exercise, eat well, get good sleep, limit news/social media, reach out to loved ones, etc.), and role model good self care to our children!

I wish you many blessings!
Mrs. Cullen
Food For Thought
"Often, actually very often, God allows his greatest servants, those who are far advanced in grace, to make the most humiliating mistakes. This humbles them in their own eyes and in the eyes of their fellow men."

— St. Louis de Montfort
Prayer Corner

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!

We pray for our brothers and sisters across our nation and across the world. May God give everyone strength during these especially stressful times.

We pray in a special way for all of our families and friends:
Juan Hernandez

We pray for our recently departed:
Raymond A. Terfera

We pray for all those lives that have been taken by the Covid-19 virus across the world.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. 

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