The Messenger of St. Mark's | After Pentecost | November 13, 2020
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St. Mark's Mission & Outreach
Celebration Sunday: Giving, Growing, Grateful in Faith Parade!
Sunday, November 15th from 11-Noon!
Stewardship Celebration Sunday is Here!
As you’ve been prayerfully considering the ways in which you can grow in faith, we invite you to fill out your Estimate of Giving Card during worship this Sunday, and to return that card as quickly as you are able to the Church Office. As part of our Worship on Sunday November 15, St. Marks will be having a Giving, Growing, Grateful in Faith Parade from 11am- Noon (after our online worship ends), where you can drive by, drop off your Estimate of Giving Card in a large Gift Box in our east parking lot, and waive to your fellow parishioners, while staying safe in your cars. Feel free to decorate your cars or yourselves! These cards are estimates of your financial commitment to the ongoing growth and vitality of St. Mark’s Church that will sustain our life and ministry for the weeks and months ahead. We thank you for your prayerful discernment regarding your gift and look forward to walking together as we continue Giving, Growing and Grateful in faith.

Thanksgiving Outreach
St. Mark’s is planning a Thanksgiving Outreach to our own members and beyond. We are assembling a baking team to make pies, breads or other desserts to deliver to some of our membership as well as planning to purchase a catered Thanksgiving meal for those who will be home alone or won’t be able to join family due to Covid precautions. To this end we are doing the following things: 
  1. Collecting funds for Thanksgiving Meals to be delivered to those who either need or would greatly appreciate them. Meals will cost $10 / each. We hope to raise at least $500. 
  2. Assembling a team of bakers to make desserts to be delivered throughout the parish as a fun gift to those who may not be able to bake or could just use a delicious gift and a reminder that they are an important part of this faith community. 
  3. If you know of a household or someone who would appreciate a Thanksgiving Meal please let us know (via email) how we can reach out to them and how you can partner with St. Mark’s to make this outreach effective and deeply caring. The deadline for doing this is Monday November 16th. 
If you would like to be part of this Thanksgiving Outreach, please contact Fr. Christopher 505 331 4638 or send funds to the church office with "Thanksgiving Outreach" in the memo line. 
Sunday Coffee Hour: A Folktale: Noah and the Cat
This week during our Online Coffee Hour we will enjoy hearing a story about Noah and an animal companion told by our very own, Harriet Cole. Afterward, we will enjoy small breakout discussions about what the story stirs up in our hearts and minds as well as time to catch up with each another. 
Come join us for Coffee Hour if you are not driving to the church after online worship to participate in our Giving, Growing, Grateful in Faith Parade from 11-Noon for our Annual Stewardship Celebration Sunday. This is the Sunday when we invite all of our members and friends to fill out and turn in their Estimate of Giving Cards for our Giving, Growing, Grateful in Faith 2021 Campaign my mailing it directly to the church this week or by dropping it by in person during the parade or at the church office. 
Christmas Pageant - Participation Request
This year we will be pre-recording a Christmas Pageant, to be shared as part of the Liturgy of the Word during St. Mark’s Christmas Eve Liturgy (Thursday, December 24th at 5PM on Zoom.) Households and individuals of all ages are welcome to participate. If you would like to participate in this year’s pageant, please fill out this form by Sunday, November 15th at 9PM. Costumes and scripts will be provided, and Mother Sylvia will contact you to set up a time to “zoom” and record your scene. 
St. Mark’s Thanksgiving Evening Prayer & Fellowship on Zoom
St. Mark’s Thanksgiving Evening Prayer & Fellowship on Zoom 
Thursday, November 26th, 7PM (Mountain Time) 

Zoom Meeting ID: 893 9918 3469
Passcode: grateful

Get a piece of pie and a warm drink. Cuddle up with a pet, a loved one, a fire, or a cozy blanket. Light a candle. And join us for an informal time of thanksgiving, prayer, and fellowship!  
(You are welcome to remain in the “Zoom Room” following our service of Evening Prayer, for further fellowship. Feel free to bring a favorite reading, joke, game, song, or story to share!)
In-Person Worship at St. Mark's
Throughout November we plan to continue offering three opportunities for in-person worship each week at St. Mark's:
  1. Sunday Eucharist at 3 p.m. in the Fish Garden
  2. Wednesday Evening Prayer at 6 p.m. in the Nave
  3. Thursday Eucharist at 11 a.m. in the Fish Courtyard.
Space for in-person worship is limited, so please register in advance using the links found at:  

In case of very cold weather, we may move outdoor services to the Nave. If for any reason we need to cancel in-person worship, we will notify those who have registered in advance for the service. 

In order to continue offering in-person worship at St. Mark's we require the help of "worship hosts" for each service.  "Hosting" for our small in-person services is not difficult. It is mainly a matter of taking temperatures and checking people in as they arrive and helping with clean up following the service.  Please sign up here if you are available to serve as worship host for one or more of our in-person worship services at St. Mark's. 
Daily Devotions Online from St. Mark's Youth
Daily practice is necessary to grow as a musician or athlete.  Daily practice is likewise necessary to grow as a Christian.  This year, when we can’t gather in person for weekly worship and Sunday School, it is more important than ever to develop daily practices to help build a strong, healthy spiritual life at home. To help you develop a daily faith practice at home, St. Mark’s is creating a series of short daily videos with stories and songs to help you grow spiritually strong, which you will find it online here. Our November devotions feature several youth from St. Mark's reading aloud from the Children's Storybook Bible, edited by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This is a great opportunity for adults and children alike to revisit (or encounter for the first time) the central stories of the Hebrew Scriptures.
All are welcome to give and/or pledge to St. Mark's by mail (St. Mark's has a secure mailbox and is checked regularly): 431 Richmond Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
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You may give electronically through the Diocese of the Rio Grande Parish Donation site and check the box next to "Albuquerque-St. Mark's". Just fill out the rest of the information and click the Next button at the bottom of the page. Please make sure fill out "special instructions or comment" to let us know how to apply your gift (i.e.: pledge, congregational relief fund, etc.).
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You may give an Electronic Offering, donate to the Congregational Relief Fund, or make a Pledge payment to St. Mark's - securely via PayPal® - anytime.
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