The Messenger of St. Mark's | Advent | December 11, 2020
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Saint Mark's Mission & Outreach
Your Help is Wanted for Christmas Eve Carols
When we asked members of St. Mark's what they loved most about Christmas Eve at St. Mark's, many members said, "Singing together with everyone!" We are doing our best to create experiences of "singing together" while physically separated this Christmas Season. We hope you'll join us:

Singers (of all ages):
Needed to help us record "hymns with harmony" for Christmas and Epiphany over the next several weeks. Sheet music, audio recordings of accompaniment AND parts, and recording details hereJoin us for group recording sessions Sundays (12/13, 12/20, 12/27) at 11 a.m. in Mother Sylvia's Zoom Room (Meeting ID 510-932-1315) and/or pre-record your part at your convenience and send it to Sylvia in advance of the group session.  

All Members (whether or not you think you "can sing"):
Dress up in your Christmas best, gather in front of your Christmas Tree or Advent Wreath, and join us immediately following the Sunday Service on Sunday, 12/20 (10:30 a.m.) in St. Mark's Zoom Room to help us record "Joy to the World" and "O Come All Ye Faithful"--so that we can all see and hear the whole St. Mark's family together on Christmas Eve!
Men's Group Meeting
The Men’s Group of Saint Mark’s will have our last meeting in the year of our Lord, twenty-twenty. Our meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, December 13, on Zoom ID 543 665 2987. We mean it when we say all are welcome, so come as you are. Allen Veitch will do the honors this Sunday, presenting some ideas from Negotiating the Impossible by Deepak Malhotra, a professor from Harvard Business School who helps “opposing” sides come together despite differences that seem irreconcilable. An honest and sane discussion will follow the presentation.

Go to - Meeting ID 543 665 2987
Christmas Eve & Beyond at St. Mark's

11:00 a.m. *Simple Holy Eucharist in the Nave with Consecration of Christmas Communion 
Meeting ID: 892 5529 6605
Passcode: Holy
We begin our Christmas Eve celebration with a short, simple, said Eucharist in the Nave during which we will consecrate Christmas Communion for the members of St. Mark's to pick up following the liturgy.  *If Health Restrictions permit it, registration will be required.

12:00-4:00 p.m. Christmas Communion Pick Up & *Private Prayer 
Drop by the church between 12-4p.m. to pick up your Christmas Communion and spend time in private prayer in the church. *If Health Restrictions permit it, registration will be required.
4:00 p.m. Special Musical Prelude Begins on Zoom
Meeting ID: 892 5529 6605
Passcode: Holy
The Musical Prelude for our Christmas Eve Liturgy begins at 4:00 p.m., featuring musical offerings from our organist, the voice students of Jacque Zander-Wall, and the choir members of St. Mark's.  

5:00 p.m. St. Mark's Christmas Eve Liturgy Begins on Zoom 
Meeting ID: 892 5529 6605
Passcode: Holy
This year, St. Mark's will celebrate a single Christmas Eve on Zoom. The Proclamation of the Nativity Gospel will take the form of a simple pageant performed by children and other members of St. Mark's. Join us as we sing, pray, and listen together as the Christ Child is born once more among us.  

6:00 p.m. Christmas "Coffee Hour" on Zoom and *Luminaria Setup in the Fish Garden
Meeting ID: 892 5529 6605
Passcode: Holy
When the Christmas Eve liturgy ends, our celebration continues! Stay on Zoom for a special "Christmas Coffee" hour and a time of sharing! Show us your Christmas trees and crèches. We invite you to come ready to share the story of a special ornament or Christmas tradition in your home. Or *head over to the church and meet in the Fish Garden to help set out and light luminarias. *If Health Restrictions permit it, registration will be required.

7:00 p.m. Candle Lighting & Christmas Blessing (Silent Night) 
Meeting ID: 892 5529 6605
Passcode: Holy
At 7:00 p.m. we'll all gather on Zoom & *in the Fish Garden to conclude our Christmas Eve Liturgy together. We’ll enjoy the glow of luminarias at church and candles at home. We’ll sing “Silent Night” together and receive a final Christmas Blessing. *If Health Restrictions permit it, registration will be required.

Friday, December 25th, 7-8 p.m. – Christmas Day Carol Sing
Hosted by Team Miller-Mutia
Zoom Meeting ID: 510 932 1315
You may pick up a photocopied caroling book and hymnal packet outside St. Mark’s (on the table near the West Entrance).  

Wednesday, December 30th, 7-8 p.m. – The 6th Day of Christmas Carol Sing
Hosted by Team Hardy-Martin
Zoom Meeting ID: 510 932 1315
You may pick up a photocopied caroling book and hymnal packet outside St. Mark’s (on the table near the West Entrance).  

Tuesday, January 5th, 7-8 p.m. – “12th Night”/Eve of the Epiphany Carol Sing
Hosted by Team McLaren
Zoom Meeting ID: 510 932 1315
You may pick up a photocopied caroling book and hymnal packet outside St. Mark’s (on the table near the West Entrance).  
Vestry / Delegate Individuals Needed
Three vestry positions open up each January at St. Mark's, as well as one delegate position - all will be elected at our annual Parish Meeting (Sunday, Jan. 31). Please prayerfully consider whether your time and talent could be best used in the guiding, collaborative spirit of our vestry or as our representative to the Diocese of the Rio Grande at Convention. Nomination forms are available here.
All ministry Annual Report information must be submitted to Jennifer Lind via email (by Monday, January 18th).
All are welcome to give and/or pledge to St. Mark's by mail (St. Mark's has a secure mailbox and is checked regularly): 431 Richmond Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106
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You may give electronically through the Diocese of the Rio Grande Parish Donation site and check the box next to "Albuquerque-St. Mark's". Just fill out the rest of the information and click the Next button at the bottom of the page. Please make sure fill out "special instructions or comment" to let us know how to apply your gift (i.e.: pledge, congregational relief fund, etc.).
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New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham issued a new Public Health Order which will impact our NM congregations, and cases continue to climb in El Paso and the Big Bend. The DRG will resume our county-by-county guidelines for reopening. If you are in the State of New Mexico, those guidelines will now be based on the NMDOH's "Red-to-Green" data, found here.

See Bishop Michael Hunn's video update here.
LGBTQ+ Evening Prayer
Racial Justice & Reconciliation Event: Wintertalk
The NM Conference of Churches is presenting an important opportunity for growth and conversation, as we continue to work towards greater racial justice and reconciliation, particularly as it pertains to The Church in New Mexico. The event is entirely online, January 8-9 (see the full flyer here). 
Email submissions should be sent (via email) to the Communications Coordinator by 2:00 p.m. each Thursday for inclusion on Friday e-news. Please see submission guidelines here.
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