The Messiah Minute
The Messiah Minute is a weekly message e-mail to highlight news and upcoming events. If you have a special church-related item that you would like to include in The Messiah Minute, please contact Sandy Cooper at (or call the office at 598-1188) prior to WEDNESDAY.
At the June Council meeting, Property Chair Tim Andrews reported that, with the upcoming replacement of the Sanctuary lights, he will have completed the list of major renovations and capital improvements outlined before the capital appeal campaign. In recent years, from new carpeting in the Sanctuary and office area, to having the exterior re-painted, to a complete replacement of the Sanctuary air conditioning and many other projects, Tim has tirelessly coordinated each of the undertakings, faithfully communicating with the congregation and staff every step of the way. So, from the congregation of Messiah, we say "Thank you” for a job well-done, for your hard work and for your dedication to this ministry and its facilities. 
The Messiah Men's Club is once again organizing an evening of Bananas baseball this summer. We have reserved 25 tickets for the Bananas game against a brand-new team, the Spartanburg Spartanburgers. The game will be played on Faith and Family Night  Tickets are $18 and include the All-You-Can-Eat concessions.

The deadline for reserving tickets is noon on Friday, July 16th. Please contact Barry Jones (912-349-0519; or sign up on the Narthex kiosk. The game is 7:00 pm Tuesday evening, July 20th. Those attending the game can pick up your tickets in the church parking lot at 5:30 pm on the day of the game.
The food for July is tuna fish.
The next live streaming and in-person regular worship will be at 9 am on Sunday, July 18. 

This service will be live streamed at 9:00 am at Messiah's You Tube page, then taped and posted to YouTube by noon on Sunday, for those you prefer to continue watching the service online. Messiah's YouTube page is available here.

A link to the YouTube service will be posted on Facebook and  You can access the bulletin by visiting the website or by clicking here.
As Jesus continues to grow in popularity at the end of Mark 6, the crowds press in around him and his disciples. They return from being sent out to minister, and he encourages the disciples to get away and rest, despite the continued needs of those around them. Later, after crossing the sea in a boat, an entire village of people suffering various infirmities wait to greet them. As Jesus heals, others even just try to touch his cloak. Our second reading from Ephesians 2 speaks of a great wall dividing humanity, that Christ breaks down divisions between people, including hostilities, and for this week, we could also add  divisions caused by illness. Questions for reflection: What do you need to recharge? What do you like to do as a part of sabbath/recreation? What are barriers between people that you think the love of Christ can lower? Would you try to touch Jesus cloak if given a chance? Why or why not?