The Messiah Minute
The Messiah Minute is a weekly message e-mail to highlight news and upcoming events. If you have a special church-related item that you would like to include in The Messiah Minute, please contact Sandy Cooper at (or call the office at 598-1188) prior to WEDNESDAY.
Maundy Thursday April 1st at 7 pm in the sanctuary. The famed "Triduum" (3 days) of Holy Week begin with the Last Supper, where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples and gives the sacrament of Holy Communion. Unfortunately, we will be unable to re-enact the Last Supper due to COVID restrictions. The service includes Holy Communion and concludes with the stripping of the altar, which reflects the betrayal and stripping of Christ on the night of his arrest. (No reservations required.)

Good Friday Vigil -- Noon - 3 pm April 2nd
The vigil commemorates the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We will have music and time for silent prayer and reflection. Worshipers may come for all or for any part of the vigil. 

Good Friday -- 7 pm - April 2nd 
At this service we remember the crucifixion of Jesus through his Seven Last words from the Cross in a Tenebrae service (Tenebrae means shadows). This austere service has no church decorations or pariments, simply the altar and candles. (No reservations required.)
Easter Sunday -- 9 am - April 4th
The Celebration of the Resurrection includes the exchange "He is Risen!", "He is Risen Indeed". With the Good News of Easter comes Easter lilies, brass, alleluias, and the empty tomb, all focusing on the resurrected Christ's defeat of death. (Reservations required.)
We are planning for an overflow situation for the service on Easter Sunday, which means that some people may be seated in Fellowship Hall to view the live-streamed version of the service. Please alert Sandy ( or 912.598.1188) if you plan to attend, even if you currently have a standing reservation.
With attendance nearing capacity for safely distanced seating if you are socially active with others in the congregation -- and are comfortable being seated with them -- please advise Sandy. She will start seating you together, with a maximum of four people in a pew. 
As before, if you have a seat reservation, please notify Sandy if you will not be attending church. That will free up more pews as well for any given service.
Click here to view and share Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s Easter message. Christ is risen indeed!
Greetings, beloved members of Messiah Lutheran! Your member, Roger Nord, will celebrate his 80th birthday in May. We want to inundate him with cards. He has always treasured mail, so what better gift than a box FULL of cards!?
Please send the card to:
Peter Nord
c/o Roger Nord
1410 Hillcrest Heights
Alpharetta, GA 30005
The mail has been especially slow, so please send asap. Thanks in advance for helping us make this birthday extra special!
Non-profit organizations like Messiah Lutheran are eligible to receive donations from individuals and members that provide resources for the Church, but can reduce the tax burdens on the member. There are also other ways to gift financial resources like Annuity income and Life Insurance benefits to the church at the member’s discretion. This informative and educational seminar will be presented by Phil Haug LUTCF, Messiah Lutheran Member, and Tom Royer CFP of COUNTRY Financial. With tax day just around the corner, there are still ways you can make plans! This is an informational session to improve people's lives and finances, there will be no sales pitch. Thursday, April 8th 4:30-5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.
It's safe to finish your dinner schedule now--so please do so. Questions? Contact Lana (912.999.6389) or Norrita Thorne (912.598.7918).
April's food is canned vegetables. In March, we collected 105 jars of peanut butter--good job, Messiah!
The next live streaming and in-person regular worship will be at 9 am on Easter Sunday, April 4. 

This service will be live streamed at 9:00 am at Messiah's You Tube page, then taped and posted to YouTube by noon on Sunday, for those you prefer to continue watching the service online. Messiah's YouTube page is available here.

A link to the YouTube service will be posted on Facebook and  You can access the bulletin here or by visiting the website.
In the Easter story according to John 20, Mary Magdalene comes to the tomb early to find the stone removed and the tomb empty. She runs to tell the disciples, and two of the disciples run to the tomb to find the linen cloth unwrapped on the floor. The disciples returned to their home but Mary stayed, and encountered the Risen Lord. Though she didn't recognize him at first, when he said her name, she recognized him. Mary went and announced to the disciples "I have seen the Lord!". Mary was the first to proclaim the Good News of Easter, we follow her when we say "He is Risen, He is Risen indeed." Questions for reflection: What good thing would need to happen that would cause you to run (not walk)? What does it take to prove something to you, to convince you that something is true or believable? Does that criteria apply to the resurrection? Why or why not? In a world saturated with messages, how can we best cut through the clutter with the good news of the resurrection? What do you remember about last Easter (Covid)? How has your life changed since the last time we celebrated Easter?