Lori and Ted Dorsz are visiting Savannah from their home in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, and are attending Messiah while they are here. Their son John (Teddy/Ted) Dorsz II is a Savannah police officer. On September 10, 2020, he was diagnosed with APL Leukemia (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia), which has an 90% remission rate and an approx. 80% cure rate with treatments. 

Teddy grew up at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Devon, PA. his entire life before coming to Georgia. Messiah member Andrea Felkins has known both Teddy and his sister since they were babies. They are also family friends of Messiah charter member Ginny Romeiser.

He and his fiancée, Tori Klug, are both police officers with the Savannah Police Department. After graduating from the Police Academy, he met his fiancée, who lost her husband two years ago. He has since fallen in love with her four children and could not imagine them not having a father. He has taken them on to become a family. Since his relationship with Tori began, they have produced a wonderful baby boy named Caleb who is now 3 months old. The family of seven reside in a home about 8 miles from the church at 5607 La Roche Ave., Savannah GA 31406.

The Dorsz are asking for Messiah’s assistance to join their “Meal Train,” which helps supply the family with meals about 3 times a week. The web site is easy to navigate and to choose a date that is convenient for those who wish to help. Lori is more than happy to also take a phone call (610) 999-9900 and add you to the list or transport the meal. There is a cooler at their gate, which is located down a sandy road (Saussey Avenue) off LaRoche, which is the first house on the left. This is one of the easiest families to prepare for as the kids are not picky eaters. You can see their Meal Train page at