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Airport task force launches
Las week, we announced the creation of a task force of business and community leaders to consider the current and possible new economic vision for the Wilmington Airport (ILG). The Wilmington Airport, a point of civic pride, is one of the largest and underutilized assets owned by the County. We owe it to the taxpayers and residents to ensure this airport is creating jobs and generating revenue. For more stories about the airport task force launch, click HERE , HERE and HERE .
PodCounty's 2nd episode available
The second episode of PodCounty is out and you don't want to miss it. Tune in to hear the story, told firsthand by New Castle County's longest serving councilman, Penrose Hollins. Councilman Hollins will trace his routes growing up in Florida, what brought him to the First State and how he was called to serve as our county's longest serving County councilman. You can listen to PodCounty on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, PodBean and on New Castle County's website, HERE .
NCC Cares provides support to Pathways program
New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer will join Rysheema Dixon, executive director of the Pathways to Apprenticeships program, Anthony Curry, a current student in the Labor Economics Education and Empowerment of People (LEEP) program, and John Blyden, co-chair of LEEP, for the presentation of a $15,000 NCC Cares grant to support the Pathways to Apprenticeship programs for job training. To see video fo the announcement, CLICK HERE.
County receives $3m grant to combat lead hazards
New Castle County has been awarded $3 million dollars through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to combat lead hazards, plus an additional $300,000 in Healthy Homes supplemental funding. To read the full story, click HERE .
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Tuesday, October 15
Our Lady of Grace Dedication
WBC's The Pink Experience
Boy Scout's Citizen of the Year Dinner
Wednesday, October 16
YWCA Breakfast Celebration
Collins Park Civic Association
Thursday, October 17
Friday, October. 18
POW/MIA Flagpole Memorial Dedication
Kuehne Company 100 Year Celebration
Saturday, October. 19
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New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer congratulates Chief Larry Tan of his nearly 30 years of service
New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer announces the launch of new PodCounty podcast

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A Note From County Executive Meyer
I'm excited we're looking to a new future for the county's most valuable asset - Wilmington Airport. Last week we announced the creation of a task force that will examine new possibilities and ways we can grow business for the airport and return value for residents of New Castle County.

We've also released the second episode of our new serial podcast, PodCounty, with our longest serving councilperson, Penrose Hollins. Next week we'll release the third episode, an interview with transgender rights activist Sarah McBride. Make sure to subscribe and follow on your preferred podcast platform.

I also want to congratulate retiring Paramedics Chief Larry Tan on over 37 years of dedicated service to the citizens of New Castle County. In Chief Tan's 19 years in leadership he brought the community closer to the paramedic service and helped create record cardiac arrest survival rates. To see video of Chief Tan's retirement ceremony, CLICK HERE .

We all have choices in life. Chief Tan chose to spend over 37 years working around the clock to give you and your loved ones a better chance at survival. Thank you Chief Tan.
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