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October 2020 Newsletter
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Micro Weddings Are the New Trend to Watch

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I'm sure you've heard of this term being used on social media: "micro wedding". But, what exactly is a micro wedding? And does it come at a cost? A micro wedding is just that- a wedding that is smaller than a typical event. And today it is more popular than ever when venues are limited in the number of people that they can have at one time and social distancing is as important as ever. But where do you even start with a micro wedding? The good news is that you don't have to sacrifice your vision for the day. You can still have the color scheme you want and the decor you want, but you may have to compromise on the venue and date. Micro weddings are intimate, romantic, and full of love, despite their small size. After all, a bigger wedding doesn't mean your marriage will be any more successful. At the end of the day, you are committing to each other in front of those that mean the absolute most to you. And there is nothing "micro" about that.  

Pairing Down Your Guest List
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The first thing you'll want to do when throwing a micro wedding is to choose your guest list. A micro wedding typically has less than 50 guests and while 50 people sounds like a lot, when you're adding together two groups of friends and two families, you can get to 50 very quickly. Start with your immediate family (parents, grandparents, and siblings), your very best friends, and then expand from there. Once you have your "must be there" list, you can start to add in additional family and friends. Keep in mind that you do *not* have to include a plus 1 for any size wedding, let alone a micro wedding. If your guest has a significant other that is a spouse or long-term partner, feel free to include them. Otherwise, inviting your friend or family without a plus 1 is perfectly ok. 

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If you have already picked your venue and are just making it smaller, chances are you can still make your venue work! You'll have to think of your layout for both the ceremony and the reception, but this should be easy enough for the venue's planner or your wedding coordinator. 

If you have not yet picked your venue, the great thing about a micro wedding is that it really opens up your choices. From the private dining room of your favorite restaurant to a beautiful backyard, a smaller guest list means you can hold your wedding basically anywhere. Fewer guests means you will need less of....everything! You won't need as many tables and chairs, as much food, or as many seats for the ceremony.

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A micro wedding just means that it's, well, micro! It doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice beauty, style, or the vision you have for the day. Dress up! Wear the gown you've always imagined. Get glam with professional hair and makeup. Don't skip the photographer! Hire a planner. Get over the top flowers! Many wedding details charge by the person (the number of chairs you'll need or the food). You're saving so much with the number of people you have coming so splurge on the things that matter to you and will make this day special for you. 

You may also choose to still use the same budget, just with fewer guests. You can go all out on top-shelf cocktails or a more elaborate dinner menu or go even more over the top and have a tropical getaway! The sky is the limit when you aren't constrained by the costs of a large guest list. 

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