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Hello everyone,

These are trying times indeed. I would like to begin with a message, so that it is clear where KKFI stands... United.

"We here at KKFI 90.1 FM want all to know we stand together with our Black community in solidarity in support against racial violence and injustice. No one should continue to remain silent in regards to the racial violence and oppression the Black community has faced. We urge our community to educate and join us into actions against the unspeakable treatment our Black community has endured for far too long. We encourage your participation and involvement for us to stand in unity." ~ KKFI Board of Directors

Heavy times indeed, but if there is one silver lining it is that KKFI has hired Darryl Oliver as our Volunteer Coordinator! I am so excited to announce this as he is thrown straight into the Spring Fund Drive. He has hit the ground running with Ebony Johnson right by his side showing him the ropes.

We are also proud to announce our Spring 2020 Fund Drive will include some new gifts including the Day Sponsorship. If you giving exceeds $1200 annually, which is an average of $100 monthly, we will work with you to choose a specific day of the year that you sponsor. We will work with you to record a 30 second spot to celebrate your day and share it several times a day. We are also happy to share our new online gift shop. The KKFI Prize Closet is ready for you to choose form many gifts.

We know that giving is not an option for everyone right now, but if it is for you then we would be honored if you considered a gift to your community radio station.

Bill Sundahl,
Your friendly neighborhood Development Director. Stay Safe.
What's New
KKFI 90.1 FM has been serving our community for 32 years. We bring you the unfiltered information and music that has become the soundtrack to your life.
Our volunteer hosts are on the air 24/7/365 for you. We are honored to be able to do this and would appreciate your support during this Summer Fund Drive. We know you value KKFI and we value you. We simply can not do this without you.

Darryl enjoys live music – especially jazz at any of Kansas City’s fine venues, and is an avowed word nerd.

Favorite quote: “Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put.” -Winston Churchill

Check out our Thank You Gifts for the 2020 Spring Fund Drive. Gifts still available on website until June 30th.
If you are interested in Thank You Gifts then please by all means Exit through the Gift Shop or call 888.931.0901 and talk to Bill Sundahl.
KKFI Facebook Fundraiser
KKFI is here for you. And we're glad you're here for us. We want thank everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday Now during these difficult times in May. Since the crisis began KKFI has shared messaging for local businesses and nonprofits, and has aired over 900 spots with a value of $30,000. It wouldn't be possible without your generous support. Thank You!

Amplify your voice and your donation. Become a champion today.

Schedule a Gift on a program you love and encourage others to give!

May has brought some very exciting purchases! Chad Ordered some New Equipment.
  • 32 Terabyte Server storage
  • Will allow us to archive everything we air on KKFI.
  • 3 new CD Players for our On-Air Studio
  • Replacing outdated players
  • Released revised plan
  • Click Here to see the Slides
In July and August we are hoping to get back to the original first phase and start work on the new production studio!

On the Air
Artspeak Radio
ARTSPEAK RADIO is a live radio program that airs every Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Host Maria Vasquez Boyd serves up information about the visual and literary arts community including live interviews with artists, writers, and performers.
The Boogie Bridge
As host Jason Vivone explains, The Boogie Bridge was a real place in his hometown. That's where he heard tales of the great legends of blues just playing on the other side of that bridge in joints you could only imagine. That’s what this KKFI show is — a connection to great music you might not know is out there. Thursdays from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
Radio Active Magazine: Elections 2020 Podcast
Radio Active Magazine is a locally produced program and podcast where activist groups in the Kansas City area present interviews, commentary, editorials, and other thought provoking content on a weekly basis. The most recent episode of Radio Active Magazine reviews this year's elections in the greater Kansas City area including June 2nd in Missouri and August 4th and November 3rd in Kansas and Missouri.
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KKFI is the Kansas City area’s independent, noncommercial community radio station. We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.

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