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Diary of a Middle School Kid

Have we met?
Ella, a 6th grader at Glen Crest Middle School, has been an avid library user for many years. She used to be so good at finding Dewey the cat, we would time her. Now Dewey is gone and Ella is in middle school.

Ella is still a big reader. While she still enjoys Harry Potter (especially #3), she has moved on to older classics, like Jane Austen (her favorite is Sense and Sensibility). She enjoys searching for fantasy and classics to read. She likes learning lessons from books and really appreciates when books are relatable. She looks for interesting and funny interactions between characters.

When Ella isn't reading, she can be found doing one of her other many hobbies, including playing the cello, crafting, writing, or creating art. She specializes in sketching and clay art. She loves to be at home, but if she has to go out, she'd like to go to the library where she can browse through all of our collections.

Most people don't know that when she was in elementary school, Ella was taken to Chicago on a surprise trip to the American Girl store, where she picked the doll Caroline. Last summer, Ella went on a trip to Orlando where she visited both Disney World and Universal Studios theme parks. She spent one day at Disney and pretty much the rest of the time in the Harry Potter Universe. It just expanded her love for all things Potter!
Middle School Events

Looking for something to do? The library has some great fall programs just for you.  Check out the entire fall schedule on our calendar. Here are some highlights:

Glen Crest Fine Arts Night
Tuesday, February 13 | 6-8 pm
Celebrate the artistic talents of Glen Crest Middle School students. Their various talents include visual art, music, home arts, band, orchestra, and chorus.

Breakout Challenge: Time Warp
Monday, March 12 | 4-5 pm 
It's not just daylight savings time that causes people trouble in this breakout challenge. Players are lost in time and must navigate the history of communication to escape. For grades 6-8. Reserve your spot.
New Book Spotlight

Slider by Pete Hautman
David can eat an entire sixteen-inch pepperoni pizza in four minutes and thirty-six seconds. Not bad. But he knows he can do better. In fact, he'll have to do better: he's going to compete in the Super Pigorino Bowl, the world's greatest pizza-eating contest, and he has to win it, because he borrowed his mom's credit card and accidentally spent $2,000 on it. So, he really needs that prize money. Like, yesterday. 

As if training to be a competitive eater weren't enough, he's also got to keep an eye on his little brother, Mal (who, if the family believed in labels, would be labeled autistic, but they don't, so they just label him Mal). And don't even get started on the new weirdness going on between his two best friends, Cyn and HeyMan. Check out Slider.

Riddle Me This!

What has a heart but no other organs?

Tell the answer to a staff member at the youth reference desk to receive a delicious prize!

Last Month's Answer: NOON
Mid-Lit: Peer Book Reviews

The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
My name is Emily and I reviewed The Wild Robot by Peter Brown.

I loved the concept about putting something man-made and emotionless in an opposite world where everything was natural and had a thinking soul and mind. The concept was very similar to the concept in Hatchet since both main characters had to adapt to their new home: the wilderness. 

Both main characters struggled in the beginning but, after observing their surroundings, life became simpler. This is another reason this book is a great read: the character had many struggles but managed to overcome  them.  Check out The Wild Robot.
I have some bittersweet news from The Middle. 

I have moved to a different position here at GEPL. Don't worry, I'll still be doing awesome programming for middle school kids, but I won't be your designated Middle School Librarian. 

I started middle school programming in 2013 and jumped right into running our repeating programs like Half-Day Hang Outs and Middle School Volunteers. I have enjoyed hosting our After-Hours NERF Wars and Harry Potter nights. 

I have met some amazing middle schoolers as Middle School Librarian, but I think the part I liked least was only getting four years with you guys. 

I've accepted a position as Youth Technology Librarian here in the Youth Department, so make sure to look out for amazing technology-based programs and come chat with me at the reference desk. I'll still read middle school fiction, so I'd love to talk books with you any time. 

Just remember, this isn't "goodbye" so much as "see you later." I know, that was super corny, but it's true.

See you around!
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