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Diary of a Middle School Kid

Have we met?
Dana, a 7th grader, is a second-year summer volunteer here at the library. When she's not reading, she's hanging out with friends or walking around town. You might find her visiting Starbucks or the antique store in downtown Glen Ellyn. She also enjoys helping out with and participating in classes at Shawn Sargent Designs.

Dana loves that there are so many options at the library, but she loves animal stories the best - especially stories about dogs. It doesn't matter if they are realistic or fantasy. She loves that dogs can both sniff out and cause trouble, are always happy, and can travel in packs. Her most recent favorite book does not star a dog, though. It's See you at Harry's because it's one of the saddest books ever!

Her all-time favorite snack is ice cream from the Sweet Cow Creamery in Colorado, and while she hasn't gone there often, she begs her parents to take her back...all the time. If she had one ice cream choice to make, it would be mint ice cream in a waffle cone. Yum!

You may want to grab ice cream with her, but don't let her cook! She almost started a fire trying to melt chocolate chips in a microwave, and accidentally chopped up a ring in a blender while making a smoothie.
Middle School Events

Looking for something to do? The library has some great winter programs just for you. Check out the entire winter schedule on our calendar. Here are some highlights:

Bloxels Workshop
Thursdays, January 11 through February 1 | 4-5 pm
Learn the fundamentals of Bloxels, software that allows users to design their own video games. In this four-week series, create a completely new video game complete with custom players, and play each other's creations. For grades 6-8. Reserve your spot.

Laser Comedy Show
Monday, January 15 | 1-2 pm
Enjoy an interactive live comic book drawn with laser reactive technology and voice-acted by performance artist Chris Fair, a graduate of Chicago's Second City. For grades 6-8. Reserve your spot.
New Book Spotlight

Run by David Skuy
Overweight and bullied, Lionel tries to attract as little attention as possible.  Then he discovers something about himself: he's a fast runner. He joins the running group and is recruited for the school track team. 

But being on the track team and getting more attention brings Lionel closer to the bullies he's been avoiding and makes him a target. Check out Run.
Riddle Me This!

Where can you find roads without cars, forests without trees, and cities without houses?

Tell the answer to a staff member at the Youth Information Desk to receive a delicious prize.

Last Month's Answer: Bookeeper
Mid-Lit: Peer Book Reviews

Hostage by Guy Delisle
My name is Francesca. I go to Hadley Jr. High. I reviewed Hostage by Guy Delisle.

I loved this book because it was really long, but I couldn't put it down until the end. The book is a true story about a man named Christophe Andre. He was taken hostage in a mission for work. This book describes the months that he's a hostage and keeps you on edge until, well, you'll have to read the book to find out.

This is a great read for anyone who has read most of the graphic novels in the library and needs something new. Check out Hostage.

By Maggie G.

Heya again. This one isn't really based off art or anything creative like that. It has to do with me talking to others.

If you know me, in certain situations I become flustered and say the wrong thing sometimes. It's funny, but sometimes I might get yelled at because it usually comes off strange. I was talking to my friend, and there was a group of girls at least two years younger than me on the other team. So, before we even started a game, I said to my friends on the other team in a joking manner, "I will kill you all." Remember, it was supposed to be a joke!

After the game ended and my team won, we all started talking. One of my friends said "Erm, Maggie, I just wanted to let you know the younger kids on our team think you are going to hurt them...."

All I remember is that my heart sank, and I had to tell the younger girls that it was a joke because I wouldn't ever hurt any of my friends - or even a fly, for that matter - on purpose. At least now it's something I can look back on with my friends and laugh about.
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