The Mid-Week Hopeful Times
Edition VII
This Saturday. 10:00 a.m.
Bring Your Friends!
Bring Your Neighbors!
Bring Your Friend's Neighbors!!!

The Community Church Proudly Presents
The Lake Bluff Food Parade !!!
Here's the deal. We meet at the Lake Bluff Middle School Parking lot Saturday at 10:00 a.m. We will have serious dance music blaring out the back of my truck. We'll line up as many cars as we can in a parade. Our church truck - banners on each side announcing our Food Drive - will be in the middle of the parade and we'll have a Jeep playing more music at the end. We'll drive slowly but use the music to gather attention as we go, kinda like the Good Humor truck.
When people realize what's going on, and come out of their house with a donation to place in the truck, we stop the parade. And you can cheer, scream, honk...or best of all, dance. For about 15 seconds. And then it is on to the next house. We'll go up and down the streets of east Lake Bluff. You can join us for however long you'd like! For those who'd like, we'll head over to west Lake Bluff after we tackle the main, east & west streets of east Lake Bluff.
Here's how it's a multi-level win. (1) We get food for hungry people in northern Lake County. (2) We raise awareness. (3) We have fun. Hello! Get away from your computer screen! And, we will have prizes for *** the youngest participant *** the best dance moves *** and, the oldest participant (it'd better not be me!)
Can you imagine how fun it will be to have a zillion cars?
Tell everyone you know! 10 am this Saturday!
May 3
John Prine Special Music Sunday
"Eyes to See the Awesome"
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman, preaching
featuring multiple musical performers
and the CCLFLB Virtual Band
May 10
Mother's Day Service
Dr. Thomas Dickelman, preaching
music featuring Hanna Swoyer
special appearance by the Sharman Sisters
May 17
"Sorry, Not Sure Yet!"
Dr. Thomas S. Dickelman, preaching
Music by Bobby Newman
May 24
The 3rd Annual Grateful Dead Service
Rev. Zachary Hancock, preaching
featuring the Virtually Grateful Dead band
Don't Forget That Our Friends @ Gorton
Are Holding a Food Drive Right Now, Too!
Bottom Line? Drop Off Food Wherever it
is Most Convenient For You!
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* Weekly Wellness With Matt Dewar. 5:00 pm.  LINK
(spots in Weekly Wellness Zoom with Matt is limited -
please email  Pam Campbell  to reserve a space)

Meditation. 5:45 pm Ann Barbour & Venu Tummalapalli.  Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zach Hancock.  Community Contemplation

Course in Miracles. 9:00 am Darrell Bloom.  LINK
Virtual Bohemian School of Uke. 5:30 pm. Elliott Delman.  LINK
High School Group. 7:00 pm. Zach & Matt.  LINK

Meditation. 9:00 am. Dave Andersen.  Community Contemplation

Meditation. 9:00 am. Zack Hancock.  Community Contemplation

 if you use the Zoom app for  Community Contemplation  the Meeting
ID:927-7895-1159 and the Password: hippo
• if you use the Zoom app for  High School Group  the Meeting ID:
933 0136 4405 and the Password: peace
• if you use the Zoom app for Thursday morning  Course in Miracles  the Meeting ID: 996 069 420
• if you use the Zoom app for the  Virtual Bohemian School of Uke  the Meeting ID: 771 5775 2833
• if you use the Zoom app for  Weekly Wellness with Matt Dewar  the Meeting ID: 957 5163 9334
All you need to do to participate is click on the link next to the program. If you have questions, email  Elliott Delman   Darrell Bloom   or  Dave Andersen