December 2016
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Mobility Management of South Central New York serves five counties in SCNY and is a program of the Rural Health Network of South Central NY.

Getting There - A Conference on Bridging the Transportation and Healthcare Gap

The Rural Health Network of SCNY and the Community Foundation for SCNY recently presented Getting There - A Conference on Bridging the Transportation and Healthcare Gap to 248 participants at the DoubleTree Hotel in Binghamton. 

The conference convened health 
Conference Facilitator
Thomas Kowalik, EdD, welcomes conference participants .
(photo by Tina Barber)
practitioners, transportation providers, community
leaders, philanthropic organizations, elected     
officials, governmental service providers, and
health insurance companies to learn about and
discuss the opportunities and barriers
surrounding transportation and healthcare
access. It included keynote speakers, panel
presentations, opportunities to share challenges
and best practices .

Registrations represented counties from across the state and included 2 out-of-state participants, reflecting the level of interest in and appreciation for the significance of mobility to healthcare concerns across our five county service area, the region, and the state:  
Conference participants provided input into the development of a Transportation Toolkit during afternoon small group sessions. The Transportation Toolkit will be available to healthcare providers in 2017. 

Workshop presentation materials and other resources distributed at the conference are available on our website
Participant feedback included:
MMSCNY joins the RHNSCNY in extending.....  
Thank you to HAPN and UHS for providing in-kind support for transportation resources and conference publications.
Partner Spotlight
Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS)
The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Binghamton Urban Area that consists of 21 municipalities within Broome and Tioga Counties. In their work, BMTS works to integrate all modes of transportation, including pedestrians and bicycles, in both new construction and current maintenance projects. BMTS Senior Transportation Planners Scott Reigle and Cassandra Gascon believe that mobility management is important because not everyone can drive or own a vehicle. Reigle notes that although we live in a "car-centric society" mobility management is important because it works to inform and remind people that other options for transportation exist. Some people choose not to drive, some people cannot do so because of physical limitations, and some can't afford it; mobility management works to provide transportation access to all.
Over the years, Mobility Management of South Central New York has worked with BMTS and others to provide a one-stop shop that delivers transportation information to connect individuals to where they need to go. These efforts, a process that BMTS played an integral part in, resulted in establishment of the GetThere Call Center. BMTS was one of three original partners, along with Broome County Office for Aging and the Rural Health Network of S.C.N.Y., that prepared an application for initial call center funding to the Community Foundation for S.C.N.Y. The application was funded and provided critical support to the call center for the first three years of operation. The
Scott Reigle and Cassandra Gascon, BMTS
need for GetThere was supported by the BMTS Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Plan (a.k.a C oordinated T ransportation P lan ) , which allowed federal transit funds to be used to support the call center and address transportation needs. One of the most significant transportation needs identified relates to elderly and medical transportation in rural areas. Reigle believes that, although BMTS works in the metropolitan area of Binghamton and central Tioga County, there is important work to be done in rural transportation. GetThere's philosophy aligns with this belief and much of its focus revolves around this gap - rural transportation
need and its associated impacts on health, employment, and overall well-being.
One aspect of BMTS' work is their focus on Complete Streets . Complete Streets emphasizes the accommodation of all modes in transportation projects - from driving to biking to walking.A major component of BMTS' work in this area is the Two Rivers Greenway Project , which includes trail segments from Otsiningo Park in Binghamton to the Riverwalk in Owego. Eventually, the Riverwalk will seamlessly connect to the Rail Trail in Vestal and to downtown Binghamton.  The Rail Trail has seen significant bicycle ridership since its creation, while several running events are held on the Vestal portion of the Greenway each year.
BMTS also looks to promote biking as a means of practical transportation, in addition to recreation. Reigle is himself a capable cyclist, commuting via bike to work as much as possible; however, it's BMTS' goal to also promote cycling as a means of transport to both the new and to the out-of-practice. Working alongside Reigle is Cassandra Gascon, BMTS' newest addition. Having previously served as an intern with BMTS for two years, Gascon was able to root herself in projects like the Binghamton Bridge Pedal . The Bridge Pedal is essentially a biking tour of downtown Binghamton and has been taking place for 10 years now, with riders of all skill levels participating. Pictures from this year's Bridge Pedal (on 8/20/16) can be found on their Facebook page.

By Emily Blakeslee,
Seniors and Disabilities Specialist, MMSCNY 

BMTS is currently seeking public input as part of the process to update the Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan for Broome and Tioga Counties (Coordinated Plan). Find more about that under County News and Notes (below).
 You will see more information about BMTS in upcoming issues. Reach them at
607-778-2443 or by e-mail

Care Compass Network Awards from its Inaugural Innovation Fund
The results of the first round of the Care Compass Network Innovation Fund have been announced. 15 local healthcare and community-based organizations submitted 23 proposals, valued at $7.1 million. Eight awards were made from this initial round, including the RHNSCNY with an award to Mobility Management. See the full article on our website.

The RHNSCNY and MMSCNY extend thanks to the Care Compass Network for this support. 
Transportation Among Top Priorities
for RHNSCNY Advocacy
In last month's issue of the Rural Health Network SCNY newsletter, our readership was asked to weigh-in on the development of a formal Advocacy Plan for the 2017 calendar year.
The survey received input from staff, board members and newsletter readership. Respondents selected Transportation, Behavioral Health, and Access to Nutritious Foods as priorities. 
Over the next few months, RHNSCNY will be working to finalize an action plan for 2017 which addresses these three advocacy areas. For more information about the process, contact Mary Maruscak or Emily Hotchkiss.
Community Mobility Professionals Come Together
in Albany
From October 18 through 20, the New York Public Transit Association ( NYPTA) held its annual conference and expo, titled Transit, Technology, and Smarter Communities. In recent years, NYPTA has made strides to expand the conference's scope, encouraging attendance by mobility managers and offering a broad array of educational sessions. The organization can be lauded for these efforts; the transportation world itself is changing, widening. In lieu of these changes, mobility managers and transportation professionals gathered at a special meeting, hosted by NYSDOT, to discuss the formation of a formal entity, fashioned after NYPTA itself, that would work to advocate on behalf of a broad mobility agenda across New York State. The group is tentatively being called New York State Community Mobility Professionals (CMP).

For more on this meeting and the planning for this group, see the complete article, and
watch The Milepost and the MMSCNY website for updates.
Broome/Tioga County:
The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) is responsible for the creation and updating of the Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan for Broome and Tioga Counties.  This document, more commonly known as the Coordinated Plan, is required for each county by federal transportation legislation - most recently the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.  In particular, the Coordinated Plan focuses on the needs for public transportation as well as specialized transportation for seniors and the disabled population.  The Coordinated Plan is, therefore, an important source for guidance needed to most efficiently administer several Federal Transit Administration (FTA) programs, most notable, the Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities program.
The Coordinated Plan content includes demographics of the area population, an inventory of transportation providers, identification of transportation service gaps & redundancies, and the development of a prioritized strategy to address the needs through a coordination process.
BMTS is currently in the process of updating the Coordinated Plan.  During the first quarter of 2017, public input will be sought using multiple methods including public and stakeholder meetings, surveys, the BMTS website and social media to name a few.  The goal is to complete the update during the second quarter of 2017.

Your input is important in helping BMTS to identify transportation service gaps and redundancies, as well as is helping to devise solutions through coordination.  Please send your input to Scott Reigle ( or Cassandra Gascon (  (Scott Reigle, BMTS)
Website links:
Chenango County:  
MMSCNY staff and a representative from the Community Transportation Association of America will meet shortly with local employers regarding the Rural Mobility Project's next steps. A van pooling concept is the foundation of the project, designed to increase the likelihood of work opportunities in Chenango County for individuals who experience transportation issues as barriers to successful employment. In addition to providing transportation to work, this van pool is being designed to fill some gaps in non-emergency medical transportation needs. Stay tuned for additional information as the model advances.
Delaware County:
Delaware Opportunities received a grant from the Rural Health Network of South Central New York for the purpose of support and development of rural transportation and mobility services for Delaware County and the region.
This grant will let Delaware Opportunities build on its relationships with key area transportation providers in Delaware County to facilitate a local mobility and transportation work group. The goal of the work group will be to identify and implement at least one transportation coordination, expansion, or new service that will be able to increase transportation services in the area. Delaware Opportunities will also be able to complete an inventory of all transportation providers and types of service in Delaware County to help with the compilation for an area-wide transportation resource guide. The information collected will be used in presentations to service providers, businesses, and the public providing a basis for brain storming for ways to better meet the need for transportation when a privately owned vehicle is not available. (Demetra Alberti, Delaware Opportunities Inc.)
Delaware/Otsego County: The RHNSCNY was recently notified of a 2017 funding allocation from the United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties, Inc. to MMSCNY in support of Connection to Care. We are grateful for this provision, which will help us continue CTC assistance to individuals in Delaware and Otsego Counties.
Tioga County
The Tioga County Transportation Committee and Mobility Management of South Central NY are conducting a survey to gather information regarding all transportation options available to residents of Tioga County. All businesses, organizations, programs, and/or individuals that provide transportation or transportation assistance are asked to complete the survey and submit it to Cornell Cooperative Extension Tioga County, c/o Andy Fagan by Monday, December 12th, 2016. The survey can be found on the CCE Tioga's website homepage.  
The Tioga County Transportation Committee meets monthly. The next Tioga County Transportation Meeting is scheduled as follows: Monday, January 9th at 11 am at CCE Tioga Conference Room in the TC Office Building at 56 Main Street, Owego. Cornell Cooperative Extension is an employer and educator recognized for valuing AA/EEO, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities and provides equal program and employment opportunities.
Questions: Contact Andy at 607-687-4020 or (Andy Fagan, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tioga County)

MMSCNY Position Opening for a
  Connection to Care Advocate

Mobility Management of South Central New York (MMSCNY), a program of the Rural Health Network of South Central New York (RHNSCNY), has a current opening for a Connection to Care Advocate--an AmeiCorps position that  will support independent living. Serving with a team of transportation professionals and other AmeriCorps AmeriCorps logo members, he/she will work to improve access to health care and other essential services for people who face barriers to care, including the elderly and people with disabilities. See the position description at CTC Advocate.
AmeriCorps members serve for 11-12 months and complete 1700 hours of service. They receive a living allowance of $12,530, an Education Award of $5,775, and no-cost health insurance is available.
Please spread the word to individuals who might be interested. You can direct questions to Julie Pitts or Haley Desilet at the RHNSCNY (607-692-7669). 

MMSCNY's Metrics Quick View


for calendar year 2016

RedRoute coming to Binghamton / Ehail is Universal
RedRoute is a Cornell University start-up which helps riders connect with local taxis. RedRoute was launched by Cornell University students at the beginning of the fall semester. It was originally marketed to college students, but opened itself to everyone. The app is similar to ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft, but will partner exclusively with Yellow Cab of Binghamton.
The app is already popular in Ithaca, where it claims to have thousands of users and connect hundreds of riders to taxis every week. "It's something that a lot of students have been looking at for a long time, and we were pretty motivated to take the next step and try and turn it into a business that would really improve the experience for students, as well as people in the community," RedRoute CEO Brian Schiff explained.

You might also want to check out Ehail. It's already built and universal.
Did You Know?  
Did you know...
many bus routes, including most rural ones, will let roadside riders wave down the bus driver to indicate they want to be picked up. This is known as a flag stop. Since rural routes usually cover large areas, it can be hard for people to get to the closest bus stop, which may be many miles away. Flag stops let these people take the bus, just like the ones who live right near a stop.
In the Southern Tier, C-TRAN, Otsego Express, and Chenango Transit all allow some form of flag stops on their routes. Buses may require riders to call ahead and let the dispatcher know when and where a flag stop will be requested, so the driver can be on the lookout. Also, it is important to remember that, for a flag stop to work, buses need a safe place to pull over and board passengers. If you live on a rural bus route, call your transit provider and ask about flag stops, today!  
For a specific example that is important to our  readers, C-TRAN riders interested in going to the Tioga County HHS Building (located at 1062 State Route 38, Owego, NY) should do the following to flag stop the bus:
  • Be on the correct side of the road, clearly in view of the bus driver, and at a safe location away from intersections;  
  • wave at the bus driver to indicate that you would like to board.
You can call the customer service number at C-TRAN by dialing 607-734-5211 to tell them that you are going to be along the route. If you need further guidance, contact the Chemung County Mobility Manager, Amanda Boyer at 607-378-1004.
Tioga County Medical Mission

October's Tioga County Medical Mission in Owego represented an
excellent community partnership. Lourdes, Ascension Health, and Guthrie Clinic partnered to help the community by delivering services to 89 Tioga
County residents. Several other community organizations assisted with the effort, including MMSCNY who offered transportation assistance to and from.

281 services were provided, including:  
Medical Sevices;         Social Services
Podiatry Services;       Behavioral Heath
Flu Shots;                    Encore +
Vision Screening;         tDAP 
Prescriptions;               Smoking Cessation
Mammography;            Lung Screening
Dental Services;           Pulmonary Function Testing
Pnuemovax                  Financial Counseling     

Additionally, medical staff donations from Lourdes and Guthrie purchased over 7000 lbs of fresh produce for those in need.

"It was a pleasure for Lourdes and Guthrie to offer a Medical Mission in Tioga County. We look forward to continuing to work together to serve people living in Tioga."  Sr. Ellen Reilly, DC, Chief Mission Officer, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital
Events, Conferences, Workshops, Save-the-Date

12/15, MMSCNY Advisory Committee (noon) and 
BMTS Coordinated Transportation Committee, 1:30 pm, United Way, Vestal (note location change)

1/9/17, Tioga Transportation Group Meeting (monthly), 11 am, CCE, Owego
That Time of Year

The holiday giving season inspires people to improve their local communities and give back in impactful ways. As you take steps to plan your charitable donations in preparation for the end of the year, we hope you count MMSCNY among the causes you support. If you'd like to make a donation to MMSCNY, visit the RHNSCNY donation page .  

If you'd prefer to send a check, direct it to us c/o the RHNSCNY, PO Box 416, Whitney Point, NY 13862.
To earmark your gift to CTC and/or GetThere, please note your designation(s) in the memo section.
Other Ways You Can Help
Join in promoting our cause. You can help spread the word and gather feedback. Share this communication with others who may be interested or let us know who to add to the distribution list. Share your ideas and those you hear from others with us.  
MMSCNY staff members wish you happy holidays!

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