February 2017
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Mobility Management of South Central New York serves five counties in SCNY and is a program of the Rural Health Network of South Central NY.

A Record-breaking Year

2016, the fifth year of operation for MMSCNY, represented significant growth and change. In February, Bill Wagner started as the first full time Director of Mobility Management, allowing Nick Cecconi to move into the Assistant Director role. An additional full-time position was created and staffed in July, when Emily Blakeslee became the MMSCNY Seniors and Disabilities Specialist. As a result of the increase in staffing, MMSCNY was able to extend outreach and expand service throughout.

Expanded  GetThere Call Center Hours 
7:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays

Some MMSCNY highlights for 2016 stress the need for increased call center hours and staffing: 
  • GETTHERE handled 759 cases, a 34% increase over 2015
  • 53 individuals received TRAVEL TRAINING
  • CONNECTION TO CARE Assistance was provided for 181 individuals, 44,756.60 miles, $13,443
Numbers * above -- highest in MMSCNY's 5 year history

2015 does not reflect decreasing need, but minimal staffing                       
Mobility Management Through the Eyes of an AmeriCorps Member 

Kayla Jack is currently a senior at Binghamton
University and an AmeriCorps member serving with MMSCNY.

Why Mobility Management?
Kayla Jack,  Mobility & Transportation Advocate with MMSCNY  
"I have always enjoyed learning new things. Being foreign to the Southern Tier, I had a lot to learn. Growing up in suburbs where every form of transportation is readily available, it was a revelation to see what transportation is like in rural New York. I had to tailor my mindset differently."
"Before joining AmeriCorps, I thought I had my future plans all figured out but during the process something changed. Change is
good! I knew I wanted to do law, social work, and entrepreneurship but I didn't quite know how to bridge the gap between all three.
This experience has given me clarity.........."
For the full article, please see Kayla's perspective.  

Kayla: " Thank you to the Rural Health Service Corps for my AmeriCorps experience with Mobility Management of SCNY."
Taking the Scary out of Transit

Customized service is key to mobility management and guides all that MMSCNY does. Sometimes travel training is the best solution for a caller. MMSCNY offers it with a smile through Emily Blakslee, Seniors and Disabilities Specialist. In December, Emily started the Family of Travel Training modules via Easterseals Project Action Consulting. Travel trainers teach people with disabilities, older adults, and interested travelers how to access and use public transportation independently. The focus thus far has been on defining Travel Training from three perspectives: origin to destination, orientation, and how to use mobility devices on transit. 
Here is Emily's report on a recent training session:
Ruth, a senior resident, called the GetThere Call Center saying she wanted to be able to do some shopping on her own, however she did not have a vehicle and had not used public transit in years. Ruth was able to utilize the OFA Mini Bus from Binghamton Senior Housing. After her first session of travel training with Emily, Ruth determined she would feel more comfortable doing so with friends. Emily set up a time and sent out invitations to Ruth's friends from her building so they could participate in an origin to destination travel training.
Emily feels that her colleague's statement about travel training "taking the scary out of transit" describes the experience perfectly. After the training, the ladies discussed taking further trips together and organizing more trainings to include others from their building. Public transit can be convenient, comfortable, and fun!

For more information about travel training programs, please contact the
GetThere Call Center at 
Broome County:  The Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) continues their work on updating the Coordinated Plan (Coordinated Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan for Broome and Tioga Counties.)  The goal is to complete the update during the second quarter of 2017.
Public input is important in helping BMTS to identify transportation service gaps and redundancies, as well as is helping to devise solutions through coordination.  Please send your input to Scott Reigle or Cassandra Gascon
Chenango County:  MMSCNY director has been working with the Chenango County Planning Department to put together a proposal to increase mobility and transportation services available to Chenango County residents.  The plan will be presented to the Chenango County Board of Supervisors for approval on March 13th.
Delaware County:  Representatives from 10 Community Based Organizations met this week at Delaware Opportunities, Inc. and will regroup in April to compare the 2011 Delaware County Comprehensive Transportation Plan with current barriers, needs and gaps in Delaware County.  For more information contact Demetra Alberta at Delaware Opportunities, Inc., 607-746-1750.
Otsego County:  Otsego County's Planning Department has been awarded a MMSCNY grant for Mobility and Transportation Services, which will allow the county to develop a Coordinated Transportation Plan to better meet the transportation needs. It will also facilitate access to some of the federal and New York State funding available to support transportation and mobility projects.
The Transportation Committee met Feb. 8th in Cooperstown.  A large group of human service providers discussed at length some possibilities for coordination of transportation utilizing the GetThere Call Center.  Otsego County's Planning Department sent out a survey to collect data on transportation resources as well as needs within the county.
Tioga County:  Work continues on Tioga County's Transportation Survey, gathering information about transportation options in Tioga County.  Talks around the community will take place to make sure more people in Tioga County know what transportation options are available to them, including volunteer groups' assistance.  Tioga's larger Transportation Group's first quarterly meeting is scheduled for March 3rd.  

For Mobility Managers and other interested parties:
Section 5311 (Public Transportation Non-urbanized Formula Grant Program) application has been released from NYSDOT.
Please see the links to the press release and application. NYSDOT has scheduled webinars to occur on March 8, and March 14. Application deadline is April 10, 2017.
MMSCNY's Metrics Quick View

Delaware 50; Otsego 51; Tioga 131; Broome 324; Chenango 173; Other 30 
for calendar year 2016
Did You Know?  

Calls and Cases:  NOT "Just  Answering Questions"
NOT "Just Arranging Rides"
MMSCNY offers person-centered transportation assistance. Some callers require information only on public transportation, private transportation and/or volunteer transportation services to address their transportation need.

The more challenging situations illustrate the difference between answering a phone call and working a case. A case is defined as a caller with a transportation need, and can require multiple calls, extended research, and possibly consultation with multiple agencies. For example; John Jones phones requesting assistance getting to his dialysis appointments 3 times per week. Later Mr. Jones phones with a request for assistance getting to an eye appointment. Hence, 1 individual, 2 cases and possibly multiple calls would be documented.

In the most challenging cases, many of which involve transportation to healthcare services, callers have a degree of financial need that can be significant. This adds a layer of complication that can be extreme. This is where Connection to Care can help.

Getting There Resources Available Online
MMSCNY/RHNSCNY are pleased to share the resources,
presentations, and reference materials from October's
Of Potential Interest

The Ride sharing movement is gaining momentum in upstate NY. You might wish to check out these sources/recent articles:
UBER UP: The effort to bring ride sharing services Upstate (WBMG offering, 2/23/17)

We're Going Places: This link to a December Ester Greenhouse article on Transportation for Seniors may interest you.
Ways You Can Help
Join in promoting our cause. You can help spread the word and gather feedback. Share this communication with others who may be interested or let us know who to add to the distribution list. Share your ideas and those you hear from others with us. Share mobility related news, events, and images representative of your area.

Funding is critical to MMSCNY's ability to continue to respond to increasing demand for services. If you'd like to make a donation to MMSCNY, visit the RHNSCNY donation page .  

If you'd prefer to send a check, direct it to us c/o the RHNSCNY, PO Box 416, Whitney Point, NY 13862.
You can earmark your gift to CTC and/or GetThere by noting your designation(s) in the memo section.
Events, Conferences, Workshops, Save-the-Date

Tioga's County Transportation Group's quarterly meeting - Friday, March 3, at 1:00 pm,  HHS building in Owego

Tioga's County Transportation Group's monthly meeting  - Monday, April 10, at 11 am, CCE Tioga 

MMSCNY Advisory Committee (monthly) - Thursday, April 20,  at 12:00 noon, STIC

MMSCNY Advisory Committee meetings for the 2017 calendar year, including monthly and quarterly meetings, can be found at meeting schedule. Quarterly, the meetings will continue to be held immediately prior to BMTS' Coordinated Transportation Committee meetings.
Those interested in attending or learning more about MMSCNY Advisory Committee meetings should email Bill Wagner

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