Mini-Bernedoodle Pup Alert
July 23rd, 2017

DOB 3 JUNE, 2017
BALANCE DUE 14 JULY, so please confirm NOW

2 Guardian Home Females $1000 w/ Two-Litter Breeding Agreement; 
Please Contact Me for Detailed Information (and see attached Guardian Information introduction).
2 Litter Pick Pups, Male & Female, $3500
2 Pet Home Pups $2500

There are SIX amazingly beautiful puppies--three females and three males. Puppy Photos are below; female puppies are first. Three pups look like Bernedoodle daddy, Ballad, but three have knock-your-socks-off merle markings that came through Confetti's lineage. One puppy even has blue eyes. ALL are just about as sweet as can be. Adult size is expected to be about 40 pounds (+/-). These are active, personable, smart puppies who will expect attention and also expect to be a fully-vested family member. That's just how the Bernese Mountain Dog is--and what we expect of the hybrid crosses. These pups will grow into "responsible" dogs.

 M ales

YOU have been waiting so patiently for the announcement of mini-Bernedoodle puppies that are ready for their new homes. Thank you for your patience and Please call me at:
970 708-8030 (Cell)
970 626-9747 (XANADU Home)
PLEASE DO NOT SEND TEXT MESSAGES OR EMAILS AT THIS TIME. I do not text and am days behind in catching up with emails. A phone call conversation will secure your puppy--quickly. If you email, I may not find that email for several days, and THESE PUPPIES WILL GO QUICKLY.

These puppies will arrive in Grand Junction on Tuesday evening. If you wish, puppies can be picked up in Grand Junction at that time, OR you may contact XANADU by phone to arrange a pick-up time in Ridgway, CO.

Selections have not been made by those with existing deposits. Confirmations must also be made, so we'll know when you will pick up your puppy. Puppy pick-up is between Tuesday evening, 25 July (in Grand Junction) and between the 26th and 30th July in Ridgway (call for directions or street address for your GPS).

Please note that a second BERNEDOODLE breeding is not expected this season.

I have not yet heard from the following persons recently; please give me a call (no texts or emails) about your puppy--even if you cannot take him / her at this time:

  • Audrey M. - Litter Pick Female
  • Mark & Courtney G. - Litter Pick Male
  • Lisa B. - Guardian Female

Guardian Home Information is Attached, as well as New Pup-Owner Supply List, and House Training suggestions.

THANK YOU, and enjoy these baby photos.

Sheron and XANADU of the Rockies

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (when traveling): 970-708-8030