Thursday, September 17, 2020
Drawing on the gifts of all God's people to
serve Christ together and live Jesus' Way of Love.
The Ministry of Deacons
Deacons serve as the bridge between the church and the world.

Sounds inspiring, but what does that look like in daily practice? This week, we bring you articles written by diaconal students and deacons from across the diocese to shine a light on this necessary--but sometimes not well understood--ordained ministry of our church.
Introduction to the Ministry of Deacons
The story of the first deacons was recorded in the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament. Learn how the Diocese of Washington raised up its first deacons and how they can help faith communities develop vibrant, mature justice initiatives.

What is a Deacon? - The Rev. Dr. Janice M. Hicks, Deacon, St. John's, Olney
A History of Diaconal Ministry in the Diocese of Washington - The Rev. Terri M. Murphy, Deacon, Church of the Ascension, Sligo Park
The Charity to Justice Continuum - The Ven. Sue von Rautenkranz, Archdeacon

Called to Serve
Each of us is called by God to ministry in the church and the world. Some are called to the diaconate. We asked deacons and deacon postulants to share their stories of call. If you are feeling a call to the diaconate, consider attending the Diaconal Workshop Day on October 3.

Loving Out Loud: Called to Do Justice - The Rev. Julie Petersmeyer, Deacon
Latino Deacons School: Voices and Opportunities - The Rev. Yoimel González Hernández, Dean of the Latino Deacons School with Rosa Briones, Francisco Serrano, and Adela Vázquez
...And Other Duties As Assigned - The Rev. Steve Seely, Deacon, St. Paul's, Waldorf

Diaconal Workshop Day
Saturday, October 3, 12:00 - 3:30 p.m., online
This workshop is designed to familiarize people with the life and work of deacons and the ordination process to become a deacon. It is a required first step for anyone discerning the diaconate. Learn more and register

Called to Build Bridges
Our Baptismal Covenant calls us to a diaconal ministry to seek and serve all and strive for justice and peace. Deacons are called to connect the needs, hopes, and concerns of the world with the resources and people of the church. Below we share stories of how this is happening in our diocese.

Feed My Sheep: A Response to COVID-19 Food Insecurities - The Rev. Kathryn E. McMahon, Deacon, Good Shepherd, Silver Spring
What Date Do You Run Out of Food? - Sally Ethelston, postulant to the diaconate, St. Stephen and the Incarnation / San Esteban y La Encarnación
The Church As A Hotspot: Providing Internet Access to Students in Southern Maryland - The Rev. Marty Eldredge, Ascension, Lexington Park and St. George's, Valley Lee

Annual Giving Workshop; Registering to Vote; Cathedral Confirmations
Annual Giving in Extraordinary Times
Sunday, October 4, 2:00 - 4:00, online
Please join the Financial Resources Committee for “Annual Giving in Extraordinary Times.” Back by popular demand, this workshop is designed to help congregational leaders plan for a fall stewardship campaign in the context of pandemic and social distancing. You'll learn best practices in stewardship and have the opportunity to work directly with annual giving coaches who can help you set campaign goals, craft a compelling stewardship message, and explore the “Doing What Love Requires” resources that are available this year. Note: if you came to one of the workshops in August, this one is the same content. Learn more and register

Have You Registered to Vote in the November 3 Elections?
Our national, state, and local elections are weeks away. We've linked below to the government bodies responsible for elections in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you have any questions about voting eligibility, registration, or how voting will happen in your jurisdiction, these websites are a good place to start.

Like it or not, social media plays an increasing role in our electoral process. This article from Psychology Today gives you strategies on how to spot false information.

Cathedral Confirmations
The Diocese has reserved space in Washington National Cathedral's outdoor ampitheatre for Confirmation services on Saturdays, October 24 and 31, both at 11:00 a.m. If you have people in your parish who would like to be confirmed, received into The Episcopal Church, or to reaffirm their faith, please email Cheryl Daves Wilburn with the date you are interested in no later than Monday, October 5.

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