July 17, 2018

The miracle of the boys trapped in the Thai cave was more than just getting them out. It was the confluence of science meeting spirituality. Perhaps collaboration is the better word to describe what happened. Although 95 percent of Thais are Buddhist, it is known that those who believe in animism as well is slightly higher. "Animism is practiced on a daily basis by most Thai people, although their religion is Buddhism they actually devote more of their time to Animist beliefs than they do practicing Buddhism." --Darren C.
    Animism is a spirit worship where everything in nature has a spirit. Thus, the spirit of the mountain where the boys were trapped was said to be protecting them. This appears to be so as fresh water dripped from the cave ceiling to keep them alive until rescuers found them. Perhaps the greater insight not to be missed is having watched a miracle emerge through the "birth canal" within the mountain cave system--the birthing of the recognition of Nature and humanity working in collaboration and cooperation as One.
July 21: The Spirit Wellness Center 8th Annual Holistic Fair
Are you looking for spiritual guidance or that perfect, unique gift? Join us on Saturday July 21 9 am - 5 pm, Dakota Ridge, Best Western Hotel, 3450 Washington Drive, Eagan MN 55122. Admission $5 - other services may charge additional fees. We will be hosting over 25 Psychics, Healers, and Vendors plus free lectures! This is the perfect venue to explore many types of vendors in an intimate setting.  Info: call Kellie at 612-804-4463 or email: Kellie@TheSpiritWellnessCenter.com  www.thespiritwellnesscenter.com
July 21: Workshop 'Altaring' Your Life--Secret Life of Miracles, with Timothy Hass, MA
Touch into yourself as source of generative presence. Use this Presence to work in partnership with spirit to 'Altar' your life/surroundings. Create a place of peace. 9am-4:30pm Saturday, July 21, investment $77-$95. Spirit United, 701 N. Lexington Parkway, St. Paul, 612.378.3602, contact@spiritunited.com, www.spiritunited.com
July 21-23: Minneapolis Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems Seminar (Holo-SETS)
Explore interacting with Energetic Physiology. Unfold new skillsets, deepen your understanding and ability to interact with the holographic templates of the body's structures and functions. Learn how to engage with precise energetic patterns and to then deliver specific corrections. Taught by Dr. Richard Bartlett, Founder of Master Energy Dynamics and Matrix Energetics. Early bird tuition available through June 29. 
Student Videos:  https://tinyurl.com/gpvmks5 Event Details:  https://tinyurl.com/y89rwtk6
Venue: Crowne Plaza AiRE-MSP Airport - Mall of America   
Contact: 1-800-368-0973,
 info@i-hrt.com  https://www.i-hrt.com
July 27-28: Intentional Opening, Nurturing Awareness, Deep Listening - the IONA Method with Lynne M. Riley, MA, RN
Experience increased connection to subtle energies around you through a deep listening process that can be explored in a small group and practiced on your own. 7-9:30 pm Friday, July 27, and 9 am-4 pm Saturday, July 28, $50. Spirit United, 701 N. Lexington Parkway, St. Paul, 612.378.3602, contact@spiritunited.com, www.spiritunited.com
Aug 4: Edge Life Maple Grove Holistic Expo
LAST OF THE EDGE LIFE EXPOS & EVENTS: Don't Miss It! Saturday 10 - 6 at the Maple Grove Community Center. 12951 Weaver Lake Rd, Maple Grove, MN. Featuring 40 exhibitors: Intuitive readers,
wellness products, holistic healers, aura photos, jewelry,   stones/crystals and more! Visit with Dr. John DeSalvo, biophysicist & author of 10 books on the paranormal. He will be exhibiting his crystal skulls & other ancient artifacts. FFI: http://edgelife.net/maple-grove-holistic-psychic-expo/
bruchu cruise
Aug 22: 4th Annual Third Eye Socialize Riverboat Cruise!
6-9 pm. Gathering together all those touched by Angels! Share an evening of fun with like-minded individuals and a crew of card readers, intuitives, psychics, mediums and more as we cruise the scenic St. Croix River, departing out of Stillwater, MN! There's sure to be lots of laughter, socializing, Angel messages, music and more along the way, so bring your friends or just yourself and enjoy the ride! $65 per passenger (prepaid reservation required). For more information and tickets, visit: www.AngelForHigher.net
Cindy Lehman Beginning Sept 25: Psychic Development Beginning/Foundation Class
Learn to consciously access your soul's guidance, clarity, purpose, and wisdom.  Discover your abilities working with your body/soul partnership in this lifetime.  Learn and practice: healthy grounding and structure, setting/maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, clearing your aura, energetic integrity, chakras, trance work, energetic letting go and creating, guidance, reading energy patterns and more to create the life you came here to live. Tuesday evenings, September - June.  Cindy Lehman, 612-669-1861. cindy@cindylehman.com  www.cindylehman.com


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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth