Volume 07 I July 5, 2020
The Mission Farm Weekly Graze
Weekly thoughts and happenings at Mission Farm and your weekly ZOOM invitation to Sunday Morning Prayer!

This week was full of reminders of our connectedness.

Sue Durant, Church of Our Saviour Senior Warden, and I visited with Jay Kullman at the Farm and Wilderness Foundation in Plymouth to talk about food access and ways we might work together in this community. I picked up ripe juicy strawberries (pictured above) and lettuce and sweet onions and perfect eggs at the Farm Stand.

Food is a connection. It is one way we are connected to all other living beings. I am feeling, more than ever, a call to explore ways that food is available to all people - people in our community, people in our country, people in the world. I am talking with our neighbors about ways we can embrace this call together. How can we use our land and our gifts to make a difference?

Of course, the other thing on my mind that connects us all is grief. Especially right now, in this pandemic - to be human is to be in grief. "We are all dealing with the collective loss of the world we knew."
This beautiful interview: David Kessler and Brene' on Grief and Finding Meaning, helped me frame this cacophony of feelings I am experiencing and hearing from so many. I highly recommend it.

Scott and I feel so welcome in our new home as we meet neighbors and community members walking along Mission Farm Road. Several have brought us local food and flowers. It is so interesting to hear stories from their lives; where they came from, what they do, how they are experiencing this pandemic in this place.

I am looking forward to seeing your faces on Sunday morning for Morning Prayer. You can join the Zoom room HERE.

The Order of Service can be found HERE.

Blessings on your week!

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