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Monday February 15, 2016

Friday night we had our annual end of the Oaxaca Men's Ministry celebration dinner. Each year we have a big dinner with Pastor Chable, his family and a few invited guests. We go all out and do everything we can to make it huge.

Rod Fry from Mexico Matters joined me for a great dinner on our new patio at the ranch

Think lots and lots of meat, chorizo, beans, spaghetti, chiles, grilled pineapple and more! And then more meat.

It's a feast, pure and simple. But this year, it was different. 

It was different because it all took place outdoors, under the stars on the new patio our men helped build behind the large room currently used for the dining room/chapel during camp. Including the fire ring, the new patio is almost 1200 sq.ft!

I'm with Abidan and Amilka as we put in the last brick on the patio

But it so much more than that. That 1200 sq. ft. patio will be the center of life at both our kids and youth camps, held each year in July. Let me try and explain what this means in a practical sense.

There are few restaurants here in Oaxaca with a place as nice as this new patio. And what that means is when kids come from the villages we serve throughout the year to camp, they are going to have a great place to hangout, fellowship, make new friends, and above all, hear about Jesus.

Pastor Chablé, host of our summer camps at the ranch

They are already talking about it on Facebook. Camp is more than 4 months away and kids are already talking about coming. Like you, they have watched our progress with excitement as the photos went up on Facebook.

As I write this, I am imagining the smiles and looks of amazement that will be on kids faces as they walk out on that patio the first time.

Yet even as we rejoice in what is coming, I want to ask a favor of each of you, right now.

Stop, take a breath, slow down, and pray.

Pray for those kids you have never met. 

Pray that they can come to know and love Jesus. Pray that through Him, their lives, and even the lives of their families, can be forever changed during their week at our camps this summer. 

Whether we plant the first seeds, or whether we are part of the harvest, please pray also that God uses that patio and our camps for his glory. 

Here's this years group

The men who served with AIL invested their labor and hard work over the last couple of weeks in those kids. So much of mission is about things that we cannot control. But one of the things we can control is how we pray. What I am asking you to do right now is to invest some of your time praying for those same kids. 

And in so doing, join our mission here in Oaxaca.

A quick FYI... this week is our Annual February Medical Mission in San Baltazar, San Dionesio, San Pedro Amatlán and San Ildefonso Amatlán.

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