The Month of Moderns 2018
New Music. Ancient Art.
"Through wisdom is a house built, 
and by understanding it is established..."

The Month of Moderns 2018 opens tomorrow!

a house

Saturday, June 9 at 8pm
The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill

in the news...

Read David Patrick Stearns' preview article in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

notes ...

Notes from David, Alex, and Ellis. 
Texts by Eugene Debs and Mother Teresa.  

music of
David Lang, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Pēteris Vasks, and Alex Berko

Guillaume Combet, Alexandra Cutler-Fetkewicz, Rebecca Harris, and Carlos Rubio
, violin
Amy Leonard and Petula Perdikis
, viola
Mimi Morris-Kim and Nellie Smith
, violoncello
Heather Miller Lardin
, contrabass
Ted Babcock
, percussion

* * *

Like a mirrored reflection of last year's Month of Moderns, which focused on The Other, this year we turn inward to a series of life journeys. In  Month of Moderns 1: a house we visit a number of our 'selves' - the caring self and the needing self; the spiritual self and the political self. This special evening, focusing primarily on lesser-known works of David Lang along with a world premiere by Ellis Ludwig-Leone, is a study in what love - be it for another, a god, or for humanity - drives us to do and to be.

Pre-concert talk at 7pm in the Chapel with Donald and Ellis.

Join us on the lawn after the concert for an informal reception - 
let's talk about what we're hearing!
Come. Hear. Now.

Artwork © 2017 Benoît Trimborn. All rights reserved.
Art used by kind permission of Benoit Trimborn and Hugo Galerie, New York