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A short monthly update about co-op development in the Pacific Northwest provided to you on or about the 20th of each month. Please share with your network!
Cascade Village ROC Celebrates 5th Anniversary
The Cascade Village ROC held its 5th Annual General Meeting on March 23rd. The board noted key successes in the last year that met member needs as well as helped develop leadership among the resident owned community. These successes included replacing replacing pressure tanks, fixing electric service in the apartments, testing well water, and attending the Cascade ROC Conference in Hood River. The Moses Lake co-op provides affordable housing to 60 households with 55 site units and a duplex apartment.
After months of planning, the Legacy Project tour begins its barnstorm across the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. On April 29, NWCDC kicks the project off as part of the Oregon Employer Council Annual Conference in Coos Bay, OR. From Coos Bay, members of the "Legacy Crew" (Diane Gasaway, John McNamara, Jason Weiner, and Linda Philipps) travel to Redmond, OR. Then in Mid-Way, they visit Mt. Vernon, Pt. Angeles, and Olympia.

NWCDC obtained a grant to allow for filming of the events in Pt. Angeles and Mt. Vernon which will be turned into several short films. The Legacy Project aims to raise awareness of worker ownership as an option for retiring business owners. The main audience for the workshops are attorneys, accountants, and other business professionals providing advice to business owners. For more information and updates visit The Legacy Project .
Co-opatopia April 27 in Olympia
Co-opatopia 2019 will happen on April 27th from noon until 4:00 pm in NWCDC's parking lot at 5th and Adams St in Olympia. As part of the Spring Arts Walk, we expect a busy day talking about co-ops. Some new co-ops joining this year include a Swing Dancing Co-op. Orca Books will also be there as part of their membership drive. Following Co-opatopia, the world famous Procession of the Species will begin around 5 pm. Come visit us and make a day celebrating all that Olympia and the South Sound has to offer.
CHC Members with NWCDC Staff
Capital Homecare Co-op Holds First Annual Meeting
Capital Homecare Cooperative reached a major milestone this month. On April 19th Active and Probationary members met for the first Annual General Meeting. They held their first board elections and restated the bylaws of the cooperative. After the business meeting was over, the membership spent three hours discussing the strategic vision of the cooperative, building a foundation for the board to create a strategic plan, and further develop the governance infrastructure of the co-op. The co-op incorporated in August of 2016 and became operational in March of 2018. Within 6 months of operations, the co-op made its goal for billable hours and now seeks to grow to support full-time work and build a solid base of operating capital to support the mission of the co-op.
Co-op Academy Information Sessions in Aberdeen
The 2019 Co-op Academy will be held this summer in Aberdeen, WA. While the geographical focus will be on Gray's Harbor, we hope to draw from surrounding counties including Mason, Lewis, and Pacific.

Two information sessions will be held over the next couple of weeks. The first is April 23rd at 2:00 pm hosted by Greater Grays Harbor at their office (506 Duffy Street). The second will be on May 7th in the evening at 5:30 pm at Tinderbox (113 East Wiskah Street).

Cascade ROC Conference-Olympia
The 6th annual Cascade ROC Conference will be held in Olympia this September. This annual conference is a joint-effort of NWCDC, CASA of Oregon and ROCUSA. The one day gathering brings directors of Resident Owned Communities from across the Cascade region to build skills, share practices, and network. This event will have materials in both Spanish and English. This is the second time that the event has been hosted in Olympia.

ROC's have a heightened presence nationally with recent commentary after a shout out on HBO's Last Week with John Oliver and more communities seeking solutions to the lack of affordable housing.
Western Worker Co-op Conference Convening in Olympia May 18th
The bi-annual Western Worker Co-op Conference splits into two parts this year. The first event will be in Olympia, WA on May 18th. It will involve a one-day "nuts and bolts" series of trainings, strategy discussions, and opportunity for worker co-op members in the Cascade region to meet each other and learn from each other. NWCDC co-hosts the event with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC)The event will take place at the Olympia Center. Members of the USFWC can register for $60 and non-members are welcome at the $120 level. In addition to this event, NWCDC will be holding its Olympia Legacy event the day before and the Worker to Owners Collaborative will have a 1/2 training on Friday as well. On Friday evening there will be a Cooperative Community Reception event at the State of Washington Grange headquarters on Capitol Way South and a Saturday night reception hosted by the USFWC. Register today and come meet some of the great people that make up the Cascade worker co-op community!
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