NASA Harvest News
NASA Applied Sciences Week took place in August, highlighting the many ways that applied sciences positively impact the world we live in. The event drew crowds of over 550 people from the broader scientific community as well as the general public, providing an engaging digital experience to learn from the applications work conducted by NASA Earth's Applied Sciences Program. Presentations covered a wide range of topics including the use of Earth observations to address challenges in Food Security & Agriculture, Water Resources, Disasters, and more. Visit the event page for details!
The 12-month project focuses on combining 6th Grain’s digital agriculture tool FieldFocus and high quality cropped area maps in Kenya with’s chatbot platform and training expertise to demonstrate how the applications gather high quality field management data.
Our partners at the Illinois Corn Growers Association, have released the PCM annual data summary, highlighting the results of 5 years of data collection demonstrating that conservation practices can positively impact net farm income.
NASA Harvest is currently working with our partners to map the impacts of this devastating extreme weather event on this year’s crops and previous year’s crop stocks, but we need your help!
In an effort to forestall COVID-19 related market instability, NASA Harvest partners, led by Hannah Kerner, are utilizing Earth observation data to provide information on the condition and progress of vulnerable crops.
Upcoming Events
October 13 - 15, 2020
Planet Explore 2020 is set to be held virtually this year and will be free for all attendees! The live event will include talks from several keynote speakers, opportunities to learn from end users, and discussions on leveraging satellite imagery and insights. Goals of the annual conference are to "bring together industry thought leaders, customers, partners, end users, and developers for two days of learning and conversation."
This year's AWRA Conference aims to cover a variety of topics revolving around innovative, practical, and applied water resource management solutions, management techniques, and current research. Water resources as they relate to agricultural productivity, drought effects, and sustainability are among the wide-ranging areas of focus with an emphasis on lessons learned from multidisciplinary projects, best practices in resource applications, and policy decision impacts.
The AGU 2020 Fall Meeting will be held virtually this year. NASA Harvest's Alyssa Whitcraft will co-convene a session on "Remote sensing applications for assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and helping with mitigation response", our Africa Lead Catherine Nakalembe is co-convening a session titled "Earth Observation Applications to Agriculture and Food Security System Shocks" with partners at SERVIR, FAO, and USAID, and Harvest's Hannah Kerner is leading the "Machine Learning for Planetary Science" session. NASA's Applied Sciences Water Resources Program is also sponsoring the "Remote Sensing Applications for Water Management" session. Today is the deadline to submit abstracts!