Our best wishes are with all of you around the world during this unprecedented time. We wish you and your families health and well-being. NASA Harvest remains up and running, and we continue to work to understand agriculture, food security, and the many aspects that impact it. Read below for a recap of recent events.
NASA Harvest News
As the NASA Harvest Africa Program Lead, Dr. Nakalembe goes into detail on how her team is using Earth Observation data for agricultural monitoring throughout Africa. Prefer to listen or want more episodes? Check out the Project Geospatial podcast!
NASA Harvest in collaboration with the USDA, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and GEOGLAM conducted a successful workshop on emerging technologies for the agricultural industry. All speaker presentations are now available !
NASA Harvest partners at UIUC, lead by Dr. Kaiyu Guan, published their work on improvements for Leaf area index (LAI) datasets, which are commonly used in estimates of crop productivity as well as defining crop growth conditions.
Discussion focused on the innovations and challenges in agriculture monitoring in Poland and how NASA Harvest and GEOGLAM can help enhance crop monitoring capability to aid food security policies.
The Correspondence, “ Food security: underpin with public and private data sharing ” outlines how cross-sectoral efforts can be mutually beneficial across all parties.
Dr. Kerner is located at the NASA Harvest Hub and specializes in developing machine learning applications using satellite data for crop mapping and forecasting.
Octvi, created by NASA Harvest partner Dan O’Neill, is a Python package that allows users to download, mosaic, or composite MODIS-scale NDVI imagery.
Upcoming Events
Dr. Hannah Kerner will be giving a remote talk for the Center for Effective Global Action virtual conference . As an expert on training computer models to interpret satellite data, her talk Monitoring agriculture at the field scale using satellite data and Machine learning will focus on applying machine learning methods to various agricultural analyses. Tune in from home!
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this event has been postponed. When it is rescheduled, Dr. Inbal Becker-Reshef and Dr. Alyssa Whitcraft along with several of our partners (Belen Franch, Ian Jarvis, Rogerio Bonifacio, and Mario Zappacosta) will participate on the scientific committee for the EO for Agriculture Under Pressure meeting. The meeting will focus on the use and implementation of EO for agricultural decision-making and food security impacts.
Chris Justice, Alyssa Whitcraft, and Jean-Claude Roger will represent NASA Harvest at various sessions during the 2020 IGARSS Symposium . Conference topics will center around modern remote sensing developments, scientific collaboration and idea-exchange, identification of trends in the industry, and networking across the international remote sensing community. Session details are forthcoming, but here is a sneak peak of what NASA Harvest has planned.