NASA Harvest News
Bloomberg Green recently tapped NASA Harvest partners including the GEOGLAM Crop Monitor, IFPRI, and the USDA to better understand the multitude of factors that contribute to food insecurity. The resulting article Weather Is Still the Wild Card in Global Food Supply describes how drought and climate change, on top of COVID-19, impact food availability worldwide.
How a Team of Scientists Studying Drought Helped Build the World’s Leading Famine Prediction Model features UCSB CHC's efforts to provide early warning for food insecurity. Over the years, the team has refined forecasts to produce " a sophisticated fusion of climate science, agronomy, and economics" that warns of potential drought and famines months in advance.
Drs. Kerner, Becker-Reshef, Nakalembe, Sahajpal, and Humber received a Microsoft AI for Earth Azure grant to enhance computing capabilities for their Earth Observations for Field-Level Agricultural Resource Monitoring (EO-FARM) project, focusing on smallholder farms in African countries including Kenya and Mali.
The workshop agenda centered around the reality that artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming ever more prominent in the agricultural industry due to rapid technology advancement in the past several years.
NASA Harvest partners from various academic and government institutions recently published research on the use of hydrological monitoring and forecasting products as tools for drought prediction and by extension, early warning tools for susceptible regions throughout southern Africa.
As an academic leader in the various applications of remote sensing and Earth observation data for monitoring and forecasting global agriculture conditions, Dr. Inbal Becker-Reshef was asked for her food security perspective in KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030: The Future of Space report .
Upcoming Events
Dr. Inbal Becker-Reshef (NASA Harvest Program Director) will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Economic Times Virtual AgTech Summit . With the theme “Envisioning Business Growth: Disruptive Technologies: IN and POST COVID Era” the online summit will initiate thought-provoking discussions and advocate for technology innovation and practices for business growth at the time of crisis.
The IAMO 2020 Forum will take place online this year, with a focus on the influence that digital technologies have on the food and agriculture industry across Eurasia. NASA Harvest partners have organized a 90-minute session "Digital platforms to forecast and facilitate international markets and trade" which will address the use of available tools for food market and trade forecasting and analysis.
Chris Justice, Alyssa Whitcraft, and Jean-Claude Roger will represent NASA Harvest at various sessions during the 2020 IGARSS Symposium . Conference topics will center around modern remote sensing developments, scientific collaboration and idea-exchange, identification of trends in the industry, and networking across the international remote sensing community. Session details are forthcoming, but here is a sneak peak of what NASA Harvest has planned.