NASA Harvest News
Leading agriculture companies recognize that the current status quo is not enough to address sustainability and climate change. Harvest, Planet, and Farm2050 held a joint event "Partnerships for a Sustainable Future" that addressed current and future challenges presented to food security in detail.
With over 40 talks and posters by NASA Harvest Consortium members, including a very well-attended day-long session, a NASA Hyperwall talk, a Town Hall panel discussion, and e-Lightning talks, interest in this community-of-practice and excitement about the Harvest program continues to grow.
Led by co-leads of the Essential Agricultural Variable for GEOGLAM Working Group, Dr. Whitcraft and Sven Gilliams, experts in remote sensing and EO for agriculture gathered to define the scope, purpose, and EAV variables, as well as an implementation roadmap.
This session was organized for remote sensing researchers and crop modelers to share and discuss recent developments in the field of crop monitoring and modeling.
The virtual meeting provided a place to share the current state of knowledge and to identify areas for new partnerships and furthering existing collaborative efforts.
Due to the open availability of free satellite data and machine learning methods to map croplands, the group was able to make comparisons in cropland changes over time, by specific regions.
Upcoming Events
The " Earth Observations and Environmental Modeling for Agriculture and Food Security " session will advance the use of satellite and airborne Earth observations, ground observational networks and modeling tools to support decision in agriculture and food security.
We are excited to announce that NASA Harvest has been selected as the inaugural winner of the 2020 NASDA Winter Policy Conference competitive speaker process! From hemp to rural broadband, policy discussions held at this national conference will focus on the key issues that we as leaders in American agriculture have the opportunity to unite around. Keep an eye out for session details!