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Vol. 3, Edition 9

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Welcome to our latest edition of The Monthly Report.

Were you out in your garden this past month or maybe getting the lawn ready for another year?

It's so nice to be able to work in the yard after a long and cold winter.

Our latest edition of The Monthly Report contains an array of information for your review. 

In this edition, we share with you the following:

  • the latest on the twin-pad arena and library project
  • details from the latest council meeting
  • information on upcoming programs and events
  • our Q&A on the Cook farmhouse
  • what you need to know about having a campfire
  • ...plus much more.

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Beach Builders Home Hardware - April 2022.JPG

THANK YOU! Mayor Nina Bifolchi and members of council with the Beach Builders Home Hardware team during their donation to the twin-pad arena and library project. 

Beach builders Home Hardware donates $35,000 to twin-pad arena and library

The Town of Wasaga Beach is pleased to announce that Beach Builders Home Hardware has donated $35,000 to the town’s twin-pad arena and library fundraising campaign.


“On behalf of council, I thank Beach Builders Home Hardware for its continued support of our community and in particular the twin-pad arena and library project. This very generous donation is greatly appreciated,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.

In recognition of the company’s contribution, a change room in the new building will carry the Beach Builders Home Hardware name, as will the facility’s accessible elevator. 

Todd Young, speaking on behalf of business partner Jamie Vanderburg, said the two families have deep ties to the community, especially when it comes to recreation. As a result, he said, they are proud to be part of the twin-pad arena and library project.   


“Our fathers were part of the group of community leaders that created awareness and fundraised for the Wasaga Stars Arena (in the early 1970s),” Young said. “They worked together as part of the grassroots committee to bring the rink and minor hockey to the beach.”


Young noted that he and Vanderburg grew up playing minor hockey here in the 1970s and 1980s.


“Our wives enjoyed figure skating (here) and the same folks that taught all of us to skate have in turn taught our sons to skate at the Wasaga Stars,” Young said, adding their families have marked many celebrations at the arena, including dances and fundraising events.


As community leaders, the families have advocated for a new facility to meet the needs of a growing community.

“Our families are vested in the growth and development of the community that we have called home since the 1960s. As business owners and community-minded leaders, we want to give back to the community that has helped to grow and support our family business for over 50 years. We wish to grow together and ensure the building blocks are in place for all ages. Organized sports and access to a community library are fundamental in the support, growth and development of seniors, youth and families alike,” Young said.

Learn more about donation opportunities to the twin-pad arena and library project by visiting our website.

Project background information


In January 2019, town council identified the twin-pad arena and library project as a priority for this term. The Wasaga Stars Arena, built nearly 50 years ago, is at the end of its lifespan. The library, which opened in 1994, is too small to meet the needs of our growing community. A review, including a community consultation process, determined 544 River Rd. W. as the best site for a new 117,669-square-foot joint-use facility. When the new complex opens in the summer of 2023, it will include two NHL-size ice surfaces, an indoor walking track, a modern library with proper program space and meeting rooms. The town is funding the $59-million investment through reserves, long-term financing, and community donations.

Marcucci-Foden Families - April 30 2022 web.jpg

SUPPORT Mayor Nina Bifolchi and council members with the Marcucci and Foden families. 

Marcucci and Foden families make sizeable twin-pad arena and library financial gift

The Town of Wasaga Beach is pleased to announce the Marcucci and Foden families have donated $25,000 to the twin-pad arena and library fundraising campaign.


“On behalf of council and staff, I thank these families for this generous gift. This contribution is greatly appreciated and will touch local lives for many years to come,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.


The children’s program room in the library will be the Sarah Foden and Dora Marcucci Room in recognition of the financial support.


Peter Marcucci and his wife, Jody, full-time residents of Wasaga Beach since 2016, said the donation is in memory of their mothers, Dora Marcucci and Sarah Foden.


“They were both doting grandmothers who loved spending time with their grandchildren, cooking, baking, doing crafts, and reading. We are pleased to honour their memory by donating in support of the children’s program room,” the couple said.


The families have longstanding ties to the community.


Peter Marcucci said his parents, Dora and Frank Marcucci, started cottaging at Allenwood Beach in 1971. In partnership with other family members, they owned and operated Bo’s Cottages at Allenwood throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Wasaga has always served as a place for the family to gather each summer.


Peter Marcucci said his in-laws, Ed and Sarah Foden, retired to Wasaga Beach in 1994. He noted his mother-in-law enjoyed using the Wasaga Beach Public Library during her lifetime. Ed and Sarah’s other daughter, Lisa Foden, has lived in the beach since 2012.


Peter said the new twin-pad arena and library will be a great meeting place for people as our community continues to grow. 

Litz - April 25_ 2022.JPG

IN MEMORY Robert and Sandy Litz have donated  $10,000 to the twin-pad arena and library project. The gift is in memory of their son, Wally. 

Litz family donates $10,000 to twin-pad arena and library project

The Town of Wasaga Beach is pleased to announce that Robert and Sandy Litz have donated $10,000 to the town’s twin-pad arena and library fundraising campaign.


The donation is in memory of their son, Wally, who passed away several years ago.


“Wally was a wonderful son, brother and friend. Our family moved to Wasaga Beach over 30 years ago and despite being new to the community, it did not take long for Wally to have many friends in all age groups. Everyone loved Wally. He worked in our family business but his true passion was fishing and hunting with his dad. We are happy to contribute to this needed town facility in his name. Wally would be so happy with how much joy this facility will bring to all age groups in our community,” the couple said.


In recognition of the family’s donation, the town will name a change room after Wally Litz.


“This is particularly special for me as Wally was my brother. I loved him very much and miss him. I am so touched we are able to remember him through this project,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.


A formal cheque presentation involving the family and members of town council took place at town hall on Monday, April 25.


Learn more about donation opportunities to the twin-pad arena and library project by visiting our website

Construction update: April 2022

The latest on the twin-pad arena and library building project. 

Watch the video
Jean Johnson 100th birthday April 6 2022.JPG

BIRTHDAY GIRL On April 6, on behalf of council and staff, Mayor Nina Bifolchi brought best wishes to Jean Johnson on the occasion of the local resident's 100th birthday. Congratulations on reaching this special milestone, Jean!

Residential parking pass.jpg

Resident parking permits are now available to purchase at a cost of $28.25 each (includes HST).

The resident parking permit can be used for parking in any of the designated Municipal Parking Lots. There is a limit of 2 (two) parking passes per municipal address.

Residents are asked to apply for their permit by visiting Town Hall located at 30 Lewis St. The following must be submitted:

• Supporting documentation for proof of ownership/lease of property

• Payment of $28.25 by debit/credit, cash or cheque made payable to ‘The Town of

Wasaga Beach

Discussion to start about establishing arts centre at future high school

The town will start discussions with the Simcoe County District School Board and local art groups about establishing an arts centre in the new secondary school the board is considering for Wasaga Beach.

Councillor Mark Kinney, chair of the Community Services Section of Coordinated Committee, shared the news as part of his monthly update to council on April 28.

He said that during the April 14 Coordinated Committee meeting, the committee provided direction to staff to start talks with the board.

A related report from George Vadeboncoeur, chief administrative officer, notes that similar to the community use facilities agreement for the new Sunnidale Trails elementary school, there is an opportunity to introduce a community use component at the new high school.

Read the staff report to learn more

Planning to have a fire? Know the rules

Duncan and Craig have a special message for you. Watch the video and then review the bylaw.

Watch the video

Additional special events OK'd for this summer

Town council approved a series of summer events for the community.

These events are in addition to events approved in March.

Council granted approval for the following:

  • Bard’s Bus Tour: Henry V by Shakespeare at Nancy Island Historic Site on Thursday, Aug. 4;
  • Poutine Feast at the Third Street Parking Lot from Thursday, Aug. 19 to Sunday, Aug. 22;
  • The Mars Agency’s GoGo Squeez Marketing and Sampling event over the July 22 to 24 weekend at the Spruce Street Parking Lot;
  • The Wasaga Beach Blues event at the Stonebridge Town Centre’s music pavilion from Sept. 16 to 18. 
Wasaga sign.JPG

'Wasaga' placemaking sign on the way

Mount Lee in Los Angeles is home to the famous ‘Hollywood’ sign and soon Wasaga Beach will have its own placemaking sign.

Council awarded a contract to Excellent Signs and Displays Inc., for the provision of a ‘Wasaga’ sign at a cost of $39,200, plus HST.

They also authorized spending up to $15,000 to extend electrical services to the sign and pay for any other project-related installation costs.

The illuminated, multi-coloured sign will be at Beach Drive and Main Street.

The sign will be five feet high and 10 inches deep. The town will be able to move the sign to other locations, as required.

The sign will be in place by June 24. Staff expect it will be a popular spot for photographs, particularly during festivals and other special events.

Read the related staff report to learn more

Lost pet poster.jpg

Is your dog or cat lost? Did you find a lost pet? If so, you have a number of resources. If your pet or the animal you found has a Town of Wasaga Beach tag please call the department at (705) 429-2511. If you have found a dog, please note that an Animal Control officer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to reunite you with your pet before they are brought to our impound facility at the Georgian Triangle Humane Society. Our staff always checks the licensing database to get in touch with owners and facilitate their return so having your pet licensed is one of the easiest ways to help ensure they get home. To help in our searches, it is helpful to make sure that your licensing information is always up to date with your phone number, address, and even a photo of your pet. For more information on licensing visit www.wasagabeach.docupet.com

Council approves emergency works for watermain, sewage forcemain

Council members, at the April 28 meeting, approved emergency works for the replacement of the sewage forcemain and watermain that crosses the Nottawasaga River, next to the Schoonertown Bridge.

In March, public works staff identified a watermain leak and the following month discovered a leak in the adjacent sewage forcemain.

For full details, read the related staff report. 

Demolition of Cook farmhouse deferred

Council, at its April 28 meeting, deferred ratifying a decision to demolish the Cook farmhouse at the sports park after a resident expressed interest in buying the home.

Coordinated Committee, on the advice of staff, had recommended taking the home down and erecting a garden and gazebo to commemorate the site. 

The Cook family sold the property to the province in the 1970s and ownership later transferred to the town, which repurposed the property for the sports park. The house has largely sat unused over the years.

A staff report identified significant costs with repairing the 19th century building.

Given the interest in preserving the home as a private residence, council asked staff to investigate the potential purchase and sale of the property.

Staff will report their findings when warranted.

See our related Q&A to learn more

Lease renewed for county ambulance base

Council, while meeting April 28, authorized the mayor and clerk to sign a five-year lease with the County of Simcoe for the county’s continued use of the town building that houses the paramedic station on Oxbow Park Road.

Read the related staff report to learn more.

Your vote counts graphic.png

Make sure you are on the voters list for the 2022 municipal election. Learn more here.

Expanded Open Patios program approved

Council, at its April 28 meeting, authorized expanding the Open Patios program to include performances any day of the week.

Launched in 2021, as a COVID-19 business recovery initiative, the program provides businesses with funding to pay for musical entertainment.

As currently structured, only performances taking place between Monday and Thursday are eligible for funding.

Staff recommended extending the program to every day of the week in order to better support local businesses.

Read the related staff report.

Explore our Climate Action webpage.

Click on the link to learn what the town is doing to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

This webpage provides details about the steps the town has taken to date.
Visit our web page
National Volunteer Week 2022.JPG

OUR VOLUNTEERS ARE TOPS! On April 25, Mayor Nina Bifolchi and members of council met with town volunteers to mark National Volunteer Week. A flag-raising took place at town hall. Thanks to all volunteers in our community! Read the related proclamation.

Our 'Media Monday' series kicked off in March and continued throughout April.

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04/25/2022 - How do we spot fake news? Here's a look at some things to keep in mind when you are trying to stay informed

04/18/2022 - Do you like to read news online? Here are some critical thinking pointers for consuming news on the internet.

04/11/2022 - Responsible journalism matters. Here's a look at the five core values of journalism

04/04/2022 - News and opinion are two very distinct things. And on the internet, sometimes it is hard to tell the truth

03/28/2022 - A lot of hard work goes into producing good quality journalism. Here is how to tell fake news from real news.

03/22/2022 - Not familiar with the term disinformation? Learn what it is and five ways to spot it.

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The way we were...
Theodore_s Cottages.jpg

THEODORE'S COTTAGE'S From the Historical Advisory Committee. Theodore’s Cottages were located between Second and Third Avenue on the beachfront. They were one and two-bedroom housekeeping cottages with all the modern facilities of the time. They had a three-piece bath and guests could prepare light meals. There was a small store on site, where guests could purchase various sundries, as well as a small snack bar where guests could get a soda, ice cream, hamburger and fries. The cottages were owned and operated by Ethel & Bill Gaddows. Guests could walk out of their cottage and be on the beachfront in seconds. At night, they could sit out front of the cottages and watch a Wasaga sunset or enjoy a stroll along the sandy beachfront.

There's always something to do through the Wasaga Beach Public Library

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Message from Mayor Nina Bifolchi

As you can see in our latest edition of The Monthly Report, we continue to have a lot on the go in Wasaga Beach. 

Construction of our community's new twin-pad arena and library is ongoing. I am happy to report the project remains on schedule and on budget. 

Our related fundraising campaign continues to do well too and we are grateful to all of our donors for their generous support.

For the latest on the arena and library project, please watch the video update in this newsletter. 

Another video I hope you will watch looks at our rules for safe outdoor burning. Last year, council updated the related bylaw. Please take a moment to review the rules so that you understand your responsibility when having a fire. 

We also remind you in this edition that parking passes are now available for purchase. Passes are $28.25 and available here at town hall. 

We have a lot of great programs happening this month. Be sure to check out the calendars and posters included with the e-newsletter for full details. Information is also available on our website at www.wasagabeach.com

We had another productive council meeting in April. Details can be found in the Wasaga Beach Council Highlights section of the e-newsletter. You can always watch our council meetings online

I know there is great interest in our negotiations with Bayloc regarding the redevelopment of town-owned land at the beachfront. These talks continue and we look forward to updating you soon. 

On behalf of council, I thank everyone who joined us for our Coffee with Council event on Saturday, April 30 at the RecPlex. We had a great turnout for the event and it was so nice to chat one-on-one with residents. 

A terrific event we have coming up is our Seniors Information and Active Living Expo on June 22. It runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the RecPlex. Please mark your calendar. Watch our social media platforms, The Sun, and our next edition of The Monthly Report for more details about the event. 

Thank you and I look forward to updating you again next month. 

Wasaga Beach Town Council

Mayor Nina Bifolchi
705-429-3844, ext. 2225
Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray
Councillor Joe Belanger
Councillor David Foster
Councillor Mark Kinney
Councillor George Watson
Councillor Stan Wells
Your town council...
Members of Wasaga Beach town council are elected to represent the people of Wasaga Beach.

You can discuss town matters with a member of council by calling or e-mailing them.

If you would like a member of council to attend a special event please contact Pam Kenwell at 705-429-3844, ext. 2246 or e-mail [email protected]
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