July 2021
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Vol. 3, Edition 1
The Monthly Report
July update
This marks our third year publishing The Monthly Report.

Each month we compile this e-newsletter to give you a comprehensive overview of the many ways we are moving Wasaga Beach Forward.

Through The Monthly Report, readers learn about council decisions, new programs and initiatives, special events, and a whole lot more.

Read on and you'll learn about the following:

  • new funding we've received to support an important telecommunications system upgrade;
  • our new wayfinding strategy;
  • our new economic development strategy;
  • the latest on building activity in our community;
  • infrastructure investments we are making to support growth;
  • the new disc golf course that's coming;
  • our new transit portal;
  • plus the latest details about library and special events programming.

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We're full of Pride!
CELEBRATING PRIDE On Monday, July 26, we had our flag-raising for Simcoe Pride. We also had a ribbon cutting for the Pride crosswalk on Mosley Street at 39th Street. Learn more about Simcoe Pride. Learn more about our crosswalk. Read our Pride proclamation.
NEXT STEPS The town anticipates the reconstruction of Glendale Park will start later this year.
Work moving ahead on
Glendale Park redevelopment
The Glendale Park Redevelopment Update Report was received for information at the July 15 Coordinated Committee meeting.

The design work for the park is under way and tendering for the redevelopment will take place in the coming weeks.

Construction will start this summer/fall – immediately following the tender period.

Disc golf course approved on trial basis
Council members approved a six-hole disc golf course on a trial basis at Pridham Park.

Disc golf is a flying disc sport that involves players throwing a disc at a target in the form of a basket to catch the disc. Players follow similar rules as golf.

A presentation on the benefits of disc golf took place at the July 15 Coordinated Committee meeting and the committee, acting on the advice of staff, recommended council approve the trial at Pridham Park.

Town awarded
provincial funding for
telecommunications project
The town is receiving $32,500 to help fund improvements to the municipality’s telecommunications system.

The funds will allow the town to replace its telecommunications system town-wide.

This will improve customer service levels, as the system will accommodate greater call volumes.

Celebrating 60 years
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY On July 8, Mayor Nina Bifolchi visited with Liz and Murray McMartin and on behalf of council presented them with a certificate recognizing their 60th wedding anniversary. Congratulations and best wishes on your special day!
Half-century mark
DYNAMIC DUO! On July 23, Mayor Nina Bifolchi visited with Don and Valerie Davis and presented the couple with a certificate in recognition of their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations on reaching such a special milestone!
Camp Day 2021
ONE CUP AT A TIME...On July 21, Mayor Nina Bifolchi visited the Stonebridge Tim Hortons and took part in the annual Camp Day fundraiser. Through coffee sales, the day raises money to send kids to camp. Learn more about Camp Day.
New business
DOOR'S OPEN Congratulations to Cannabis Xpress on its new store at 930 River Road West, Unit 1 in Wasaga Beach. Mayor Nina Bifolchi and members of council were on hand for a grand opening at the store July 19. Our economic development officer Kait Monsma was in attendance, too. Learn more about the business.
Economic Development Strategy approved
The town’s new economic development strategy received council approval.

The strategy will help create a more robust year-round economy.

The strategy supports two of council’s priorities for this term:

  • Support the private sector in growing and diversifying the tax base;
  • Build relationships with outside organizations and stakeholders based on mutual respect for the different roles that are played in the development of a community.

Staff will now focus their efforts on developing an implementation plan for the strategy.

Town wayfinding strategy granted approval
A wayfinding strategy for the town received approval and staff will now work on creating a multi-year implementation plan.

In addition, staff will apply to RT07’s Wayfinding Partnership Program to help with implementation.

The new strategy will address the need to improve directional signage in the community for both residents and visitors.
Developer authorized to sell individual units
Council approved Sterling Group’s request to divide blocks of land so that 42 residential townhomes under construction can be sold separately.

These lands are on Eberhard Drive, west of Berkley Street, in the town’s east end.
Welcome to the team
ON THE JOB On July 26, Mayor Nina Bifolchi welcomed Lisa-Marie Corazza and Matt Ellis. Corazza is an administrative assistant in our Building and Development Standards Department and Ellis is a senior planner in our Planning and Economic Initiatives Department.
On duty
TEAM PLAYERS On July 26, Mayor Nina Bifolchi welcomed Chris Brittain (left) and Brandon Dobson to new roles with the town. Brittain is a customer service coordinator in the Recreation, Events, and Facilities Department. Dobson is our new programmer at the Youth Centre.
Online resources to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic
Government of Ontario COVID-19 updates
Wasaga Beach Council Highlights
Wasaga Beach Town Council met on Tuesday, July 27.

For an overview of what took place, see our highlights package: Here

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Town of Wasaga Beach Quick Fact

Did you know we have a number of facilities you can book for various events and activities?

Learn more about these facilities and how to book them by visiting our website.
Did you receive a parking ticket and wish to have the charge re-examined? If so, you have the option of submitting a First Attendance form which can be found on our website. Please fill out the form and submit it to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department either by email at [email protected] or in person or via mail at Town Hall located at 30 Lewis St., Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1A1. Once submitted, an officer will be assigned to re-evaluate the ticket and will be in touch with you based on the information provided on the form.
Unlike other municipalities, the Town of Wasaga Beach does not require residents or visitors to purchase a fire permit.

However, the Open Fires By-Law #2007-64 stipulates a number of restrictions for open fires within the Town.

Fires are only permitted during the following times: 7am-9am/ 11am-2pm/5pm-1am. Additionally, fires must be enclosed in a burning device (ie. a chiminea); must not exceed 1/2 m in height or 1m in diameter; must be within 4m of an extinguishing source and only dry seasoned firewood is permitted to be burned.

Fires lit outside of the permitted times, with fuel sources other than dry seasoned wood, or fires that set during fire bans, are prohibited and those responsible could be subject to fines up to $615.00.
Are you being disturbed by nuisance noise from a loud party or persistent dog barking? If so, know that the Town of Wasaga Beach has a by-law #2019-15 prohibiting noise and nuisance activities. If you have a noise complaint, please call the by-law department at (705) 429-2511. Officers are on duty Monday-Thursday until 12:30am and Friday-Saturday until 2:30am. On long weekends, we have officers on shift until 3:30am. If the complaint is being made after the noise has ceased, fill out the Citizen's Confidential Complaint Form.
Waste collection information
The County of Simcoe is responsible for waste collection in the Town of Wasaga Beach.

You can learn more about waste services by visiting the county's website.

The site includes a variety of information, including waste collection schedules and landfill locations.
Water conservation rebates are available!
The Town of Wasaga Beach has a water conservation rebate program.
When you install a low flow or dual flush toilet you are eligible for a $70 rebate.
Residents who install a rain barrel can get a $30 rebate.
Please note that only property owners on municipal water are eligible for the rebate.
You can find rebate forms at here or pick one up at town hall, 30 Lewis St. Applicants must include copies of receipts indicating that they purchased the particular item.
Completed forms and supporting documentation can be presented at town hall. The rebate will be applied to your next water bill.
You've got payment options
through Plastiq
Through the town's website using Plastiq (third party), you can pay your property tax and/or water/wastewater bill by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
There will be a service fee of 2.5 percent applied by the service provider, Plastiq.
Please note that there are several low or no-cost means of paying your bill with the town. These include equal payment plan, telephone banking, mailing a cheque, or placing a payment in our drop box.
Check out Let's Talk Wasaga Beach here: Click
Pocket dialing can tie up resources
When inadvertently dialing 911 on your cell phone, please remember you are activating an emergency service.

In doing so, emergency personnel are committed to determining the origin and extent of the emergency that may be happening.

This means they have to locate the individual who inadvertently dialed 911.

This response can draw needed resources away from actual emergencies. To prevent this please, when not using your phone, lock it so that unintentional calls do not happen.

If you do dial 911 by mistake, please do not hang up on the operator. Explain the call is in fact not an emergency, tell the operator where you are and stay there. This is because an officer must attend your location to determine an emergency is not taking place.

By hanging up or leaving your current location, you create a situation where emergency services must try to locate you, and in the process tie up precious resources.

Only you can stop 911 misdials.
Medic Alert Connect
Are you familiar with MedicAlert Connect?

MedicAlert Connect provides Ontario Provincial Police with 24/7 direct access to a person's medical information including conditions, anxiety triggers, and de-escalation techniques, to assist with reuniting you and your loved ones.

Did you know the OPP has an online crime reporting site?

The site lets you report a crime without visiting an OPP detachment. Learn more.
The way we were...
LUCKY STRIKE From the Historical Advisory Committee. The Lucky Strike Cabins were located on the corner of Third Street and Mosley in what would now be part of Beach Area 2. The cabins were small, rustic, but efficient for the tourists who stayed in them. It was just a short walk down to the beach and to Main Street to enjoy all the activities there. You could also walk across the road and enjoy fishing, boating or swimming in the river. The Lucky Strike Cabins were close to several other cottage courts and lodges, such as the Inglewood Lodge located on Fourth Street and Mosley, where you could meet other summer visitors. The main cabin held the dining room and three home cooked meals were served daily.
There's always something to do through the Wasaga Beach Public Library

Message from Mayor Nina Bifolchi
As we noted at the introduction to The Monthly Report, we are going into the third year for our e-newsletter.
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