June 2021
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Vol. 2, Edition 12
The Monthly Report
June update
Welcome to the latest instalment of The Monthly Report.

Read on and you'll learn about the following:

  • the great financial shape of the municipality;
  • approval to issue the construction tender for the new twin-pad arena and library;
  • investments we're making that will support live music at local business establishments;
  • the latest on our beachfront redevelopment plans;
  • the arrival of beachfront Mobi-Mats;
  • the addition of new town staff;
  • and details about great summertime programs...plus much more!

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Ontario Parks, OPP step up summertime operations
WORKING TOGETHER On June 17, Mayor Nina Bifolchi had a telephone discussion with the OPP’s Dwight Peer, chief superintendent and regional commander, as well as the OPP’s Jim Smyth, superintendent and director of operations for Central Region. Later in the day (above), Mayor Bifolchi and chief administrative officer George Vadeboncoeur met with the OPP’s Andy Tait, detachment commander for Huronia West, and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Superintendent John Fisher. Discussions focused on beachfront safety strategies. Both provincial agencies confirmed that additional resources will be deployed at main beach areas on weekends for the remainder of the season to deter and address various forms of bad behavior. These meetings were in response to recent communications between the town and the province regarding behaviour at the beachfront. On behalf of the community, Mayor Bifolchi expressed appreciation to the OPP and Ontario Parks for the quick response to the concerns expressed.
Mobi-Mats return for the summer at beachfront
ROLLING OUT THE MAT On June 17, the Town of Wasaga Beach and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park rolled out Mobi-Mats at various beachfront locations. These mats are at Beach Areas 1-5. The mats are owned by the town and managed by the provincial park with help from the town's Public Works Department. The mats ensure accessibility for all to the beachfront. The mats have been used by the town and the park for a number of years and were originally an initiative of the Accessibility Advisory Committee.
Thanks Lions for
your generous support
HELPING WASAGA BEACH YOUTH On June 21, Mayor Nina Bifolchi, Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray, Councillor Joe Belanger, Councillor George Watson, and Councillor Stan Wells, as well as recreation and youth coordinator Josh Pallas, joined Wasaga Beach Lions Club members for the unveiling of the sign recognizing the club’s contributions to the Skate Park at Oakview Woods. The club has pledged $30,000 towards equipment at the park. Thanks to the Lions for their significant generosity.
Flags fly at half-mast
STANDING TOGETHER Flags at town facilities are flying at half-mast in memory of Indigenous children whose remains have been found at former residential schools in B.C. and Saskatchewan. The town has also issued a related statement condemning hatred, intolerance, and racism. The statement can be reviewed on our website.
Congratulations to all
our local graduates
In June, on behalf of council, Mayor Nina Bifolchi extended best wishes to students graduating elementary school and high school.

The town is proud of all its graduates and wishes them a great summer break and the best of luck in the next phase of life.

Town installing rainbow crosswalk on Mosley Street
The town is installing a rainbow crosswalk at Mosley and 39th streets, in front of the Wasaga Beach Youth Centre, the week of July 5.

The rainbow crosswalk represents the town’s commitment to LGBTQ+ programing at the youth centre and identifies the centre as a safe and accepting space in our community.

“The LGBTQ+ community is an important part of Wasaga Beach and this installation helps convey that message,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.

Josh Pallas, recreation and youth coordinator for the Town of Wasaga Beach, echoed the mayor’s comments and spoke about the centre’s operations.

“Our youth centre offers a variety of programing for young people, including programs geared towards LGBTQ+ youth. We are proud of the work we have done and we look forward to expanding on it. A highlight for us was being nominated for a 2019 Simcoe Pride Organization of the Year award, recognizing the centre and its role in town,” Pallas said.

Cortney Dreifelds is a local resident with her wife and son, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and works in athlete rehabilitation.

“Moving to Wasaga Beach a couple of years ago had been a dream come true for our family, so when we heard about Wasaga Beach celebrating Pride, we truly felt like we belonged more than ever. The installation of the pride crosswalk shows Wasaga Beach youth that they are accepted and embraced in their own community,” she said. “Regardless of your religion or sexual orientation, pride is simply about love. Now more than ever we need to come together as a community to foster our economy, and re-connect after such a challenging year. Wasaga Beach’s Pride initiatives will help our community re-connect at a safe distance, and create a new normal for a better future.”

The town plans to have a formal unveiling of the crosswalk during Simcoe Pride, which runs July 26 to Aug. 8. A Simcoe Pride flag raising at the RecPlex will take place at 11 a.m. on July 26 and immediately after there will be an unveiling of the crosswalk and an open house at the youth centre, subject to COVID-19 public health regulations.

Auditors report town
finances in great shape
Town finances are in great shape, members of council heard on June 29 during a presentation of the 2020 audited financial statements.

Jay Anstey, a partner at Baker Tilly, the firm the town uses for independent auditing services, provided an informative overview of the statements.

Anstey noted the municipality has healthy reserves and is overall in a good financial position to meet the needs of the town today and in the years ahead.

Jocelyn Lee, director of finance for the Town of Wasaga Beach, also addressed the town’s good financial standing in a staff report that council received for information.
She highlighted the net surplus for the 2020 fiscal year is $1.8-million.

“The town continues to be in a healthy financial position with the ability to maintain service levels and take-on growth-related capital works and operating costs,” Lee said.

Council approved the statements as prepared by the auditing firm.
Council approves twin-pad arena and library project details and authorizes staff to issue tender documents
The twin-pad arena and library project has cleared another important milestone.

Council has approved the updated size for the facility at 117,669 square feet and identified a project completion date of April 2023.

In addition, council approved issuing tender documents to the five pre-qualified general contractors with a closing date to bid of August 11, 2021.

The estimated construction cost is $44-million, within an overall project cost of $59-million. Construction costs have increased somewhat, but the overall budget remains the same.

Team established to negotiate development of town-owned beachfront lands
The town has established a team to negotiate with Slate Asset Management the purchase, sale, and development agreements for town-owned land at the beachfront.

Council received a report on the team from CAO George Vadeboncoeur.

He noted that on May 25, 2021, council approved the selection of Slate Assessment Management as the preferred developer for town-owned land at the beachfront and authorized the creation of a team to negotiate with the company.

The team is comprised of the following people:

  • George Vadeboncoeur, CAO;
  • Doug Herron, director of planning for the Town of Wasaga Beach;
  • Kevin Lalonde, director of public works for the Town of Wasaga Beach;
  • Shawn Oakley, vice-president, real estate advisory services, Deloitte;
  • Gianni Ciufo, partner, financial advisory government sector leader, Deloitte;
  • Bill Mocsan, procurement specialist and fairness advisor, Bill Mocsan and Associates;
  • Mary Ellen Bench, lawyer, Dentons.

Architectural services contract awarded for Fire Station 2 renovations
Council awarded in principle the architectural services contract for the renovation of Fire Station 2 to Lloyd Hunt, architect, at a cost of $56,000, plus HST.

The arrangement is subject to contract approval.

The town identified Mr. Hunt through an RFP process, as per the town’s purchasing policy.

The town built the west end fire station in 1977-1978 and the building is due for renovations.

Capital works projects
moving ahead
Capital works projects continue to unfold as planned this year.

At the June 10 Coordinated Committee meeting, the Capital Works Project Status Report was received for information.

The report highlights a number of projects happening in the community, including the following:

  • the River Road West Water Tower Interior Painting and Repairs Project;
  • the Veterans Way Klondike Park Road Geometric Improvements and Water Main Project;
  • and the Bay Sands External Area Drainage Construction Project.

The Main Street Bridge Reconstruction Project is winding down and the bridge has opened to two-way traffic.

Applications approved for development in the east end
Council, at its June 29 meeting, approved an application for Draft Plan of Subdivision and an application for a Zoning Bylaw amendment for a property in the east end.

The property is at 81 Berkely Street, just west of Ansley Road.

The developer plans to build 12 new single-detached homes on the site.

A public meeting regarding the property took place in September 2020.

Building activity
chugging ahead
Coordinated Committee at its June 10 meeting received the Building Department Summary Report for May.

The department issued 51 building permits with a total estimated construction value of $6.5-million.

In cue for building permits are applications for approximately 156 townhomes and 37 single-detached homes.
Busy month for municipal law enforcement staff
At the June 10 Coordinated Committee meeting, committee received the Municipal Law Enforcement and Property Standards Report for May.

Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray, chair of the General Government Section of committee, advised council the municipal law enforcement department received 381 calls for service for the month.

During the month, the department issued 430 parking infraction tickets.

Get regular updates on the department’s activity by visiting our social media pages on Monday morning.
100 years
CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION Congratulations to Marjorie Philip on her 100th birthday. Mayor Nina Bifolchi visited the local resident on June 7 at Waterside Retirement Lodge and on behalf of council presented flowers, a certificate, and best wishes. Happy Birthday, Marjorie!
Century club
BIRTHDAY BOY Councillor Stan Wells, on behalf of town council, brought greetings and best wishes to Keith Brett on his 100th birthday on June 8. Congratulations on reaching this special occasion, Keith!
25 years in Wasaga Beach!
VALUED PART OF OUR COMMUNITY Mayor Nina Bifolchi, Councillor Stan Wells, Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray, and Councillor George Watson recognized Wasaga Family Foot Clinic for 25 years in business on June 21. Congratulations Dr. Kew and team. Thank you for your service in our community.
Withdrawing from TD
HAPPY RETIREMENT! Arlene March has retired from TD in Wasaga Beach after 45 years of dedicated service. March is renowned for her knowledge and professionalism. On June 3, on behalf of council, Mayor Nina Bifolchi presented March with a certificate in recognition of her years of service.
New business at Stonebridge
WELCOME! On behalf of Mayor Nina Bifolchi, representing town council was Councillor George Watson who attended the opening of Sessions at Stonebridge Town Centre on June 11. Also on hand was Councillor Joe Belanger. The new store features a variety of cannabis products and related supplies. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/359MstE
Welcome to the team
ON THE JOB On June 4, Mayor Nina Bifolchi and CAO George Vadeboncoeur welcomed the town's summer municipal law enforcement staff. Please say hello if you see the officers around town. More on municipal law enforcement here: http://ow.ly/3Gen50F3pz0
New in planning
WELCOME ABOARD Mayor Nina Bifolchi welcomed new staff member Samantha Hannah on June 17. Samantha is working as a planner in our Planning and Economic Initiatives Department. Welcome, Samantha!
New faces
TEAM PLAYERS On June 30, Mayor Bifolchi, municipal law enforcement coordinator Rachael Ivak, and director of building and development services Danny Rodgers welcomed Igor Piatetskii and Natasha Stefanovska to the town. Piatetskii is a bylaw officer and Stefanovska a building inspector.
New inspector
BUILDING AND DEVELOPMENT Mayor Nina Bifolchi and Danny Rodgers, director of building and development services, welcomed building inspector Adam Horton to the Town of Wasaga Beach on June 1. We wish him great success in his new role.
Calling all restaurants! The Open Patios 2021 Program has launched and is now accepting applications for temporary patios.
The Open Parks Program provides new opportunities for businesses to maximize their capacity and introduce new avenues for revenue generation.
In an effort to help mitigate the economic impact the pandemic has caused local businesses and artists, the Town of Wasaga Beach has launched the Open Patios Music Program. This program aims to help businesses that may not have the extra financial means to hire patio entertainment.
Celebrating seniors
June was Seniors' Month in the Town of Wasaga Beach. Mayor Nina Bifolchi and Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray joined Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee chair Fiona Ryner for a flag-raising and proclamation reading at town hall on June 4. Read the proclamation here: https://bit.ly/3fMK02t and learn more about our supports for seniors here: https://bit.ly/3g3KxMs.
Online resources to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic
Government of Ontario COVID-19 updates
Wasaga Beach Council Highlights
Wasaga Beach Town Council met on Tuesday, June 29.

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Town of Wasaga Beach Quick Fact

Did you know you can report a municipal problem to us using our website?

Simply visit the the site, identify the issue, provide the relevant details, and click submit.

Visit our website to learn more.
Did you receive a parking ticket and wish to have the charge re-examined? If so, you have the option of submitting a First Attendance form which can be found on our website. Please fill out the form and submit it to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department either by email at [email protected] or in person or via mail at Town Hall located at 30 Lewis St., Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1A1. Once submitted, an officer will be assigned to re-evaluate the ticket and will be in touch with you based on the information provided on the form.
Unlike other municipalities, the Town of Wasaga Beach does not require residents or visitors to purchase a fire permit.

However, the Open Fires By-Law #2007-64 stipulates a number of restrictions for open fires within the Town.

Fires are only permitted during the following times: 7am-9am/ 11am-2pm/5pm-1am. Additionally, fires must be enclosed in a burning device (ie. a chiminea); must not exceed 1/2 m in height or 1m in diameter; must be within 4m of an extinguishing source and only dry seasoned firewood is permitted to be burned.

Fires lit outside of the permitted times, with fuel sources other than dry seasoned wood, or fires that set during fire bans, are prohibited and those responsible could be subject to fines up to $615.00.
Are you being disturbed by nuisance noise from a loud party or persistent dog barking? If so, know that the Town of Wasaga Beach has a by-law #2019-15 prohibiting noise and nuisance activities. If you have a noise complaint, please call the by-law department at (705) 429-2511. Officers are on duty Monday-Thursday until 12:30am and Friday-Saturday until 2:30am. On long weekends, we have officers on shift until 3:30am. If the complaint is being made after the noise has ceased, fill out the Citizen's Confidential Complaint Form.
Waste collection information
The County of Simcoe is responsible for waste collection in the Town of Wasaga Beach.

You can learn more about waste services by visiting the county's website.

The site includes a variety of information, including waste collection schedules and landfill locations.
County hosting information centre on new automated cart collection program
On July 21, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., the County of Simcoe is hosting a virtual Public Information Centre for residents to learn more about the county's new automated cart collection program, which begins on Nov. 1, 2021.

Water conservation rebates are available!
The Town of Wasaga Beach has a water conservation rebate program.
When you install a low flow or dual flush toilet you are eligible for a $70 rebate.
Residents who install a rain barrel can get a $30 rebate.
Please note that only property owners on municipal water are eligible for the rebate.
You can find rebate forms at here or pick one up at town hall, 30 Lewis St. Applicants must include copies of receipts indicating that they purchased the particular item.
Completed forms and supporting documentation can be presented at town hall. The rebate will be applied to your next water bill.
You've got payment options
through Plastiq
Through the town's website using Plastiq (third party), you can pay your property tax and/or water/wastewater bill by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
There will be a service fee of 2.5 percent applied by the service provider, Plastiq.
Please note that there are several low or no-cost means of paying your bill with the town. These include equal payment plan, telephone banking, mailing a cheque, or placing a payment in our drop box.
Check out Let's Talk Wasaga Beach here: Click
Pocket dialing can tie up resources
When inadvertently dialing 911 on your cell phone, please remember you are activating an emergency service.

In doing so, emergency personnel are committed to determining the origin and extent of the emergency that may be happening.

This means they have to locate the individual who inadvertently dialed 911.

This response can draw needed resources away from actual emergencies. To prevent this please, when not using your phone, lock it so that unintentional calls do not happen.

If you do dial 911 by mistake, please do not hang up on the operator. Explain the call is in fact not an emergency, tell the operator where you are and stay there. This is because an officer must attend your location to determine an emergency is not taking place.

By hanging up or leaving your current location, you create a situation where emergency services must try to locate you, and in the process tie up precious resources.

Only you can stop 911 misdials.
Medic Alert Connect
Are you familiar with MedicAlert Connect?

MedicAlert Connect provides Ontario Provincial Police with 24/7 direct access to a person's medical information including conditions, anxiety triggers, and de-escalation techniques, to assist with reuniting you and your loved ones.

Did you know the OPP has an online crime reporting site?

The site lets you report a crime without visiting an OPP detachment. Learn more.
The way we were...
POP'S CLUB From the Historical Advisory Committee. Located on Mosley Street in the 1930s was a restaurant/lunch counter called Pop’s Club. It would have sat midway from the bridge to where Pedro’s now sits. The front was open to the street and guests sat on stools at the lunch bar. There was also seating in the interior, if you wanted to be off the street, for light lunches and dinners. Serving sandwiches, red hots, and burgers with fries, one could eat at the counter, watching the traffic. Pop’s specialties included hot roast beef sandwiches and pork sandwiches. They also advertised that they served fish and chips done in Crisco oil. From the picture, one could only imagine the amount of dust from passing cars that would also be served up in your meal.
There's always something to do through the Wasaga Beach Public Library

Message from Mayor Nina Bifolchi
Like the rest of you, I am so happy to see the reopening of so many of our local businesses. There is a sense of optimism as Ontario slowly reopens.
Here at the Town of Wasaga Beach, we continue to focus on the delivery of important municipal services. This includes moving Wasaga Beach forward through investments in public infrastructure. You have probably noticed a few projects underway in various parts of town. These are highlighted in The Monthly Report.
On that note, I am pleased to tell you that council recently authorized staff to issue the construction tender notice in July for the twin-pad arena and library project. Five pre-qualified general contractors have until Aug. 11 to submit their bids.
In other news, we recently received the town’s 2020 audit report. The town’s auditors confirmed the town remains in a healthy financial position. I encourage you to watch the related presentation here.
Personally, I'm pleased to see the return of summertime favourites in our community such as Jazz and More in the Park, as well as Movie Nights, and the Wasaga Beach Farmers' Market. Our library is rolling out great summer programs too and I encourage you to check these out with your family.
We continue to support our local businesses through various programs and these are highlighted in this month's e-newsletter. For quick reference, they include:
  • Open Parks;
  • Open Patios;
  • Open Patios Music;
  • Wasagalicious;
  • Wasaga Sundaes.
As we move through summer, I hope each of you find some time to enjoy the good weather with friends and family. Please remember to observe all public health rules.
Stay safe and I look forward to updating you next month.
Wasaga Beach Town Council
Mayor Nina Bifolchi
705-429-3844, ext. 2225
Deputy Mayor Sylvia Bray
Councillor Joe Belanger
Councillor David Foster
Councillor Mark Kinney
Councillor George Watson
Councillor Stan Wells
Your town council...
Members of Wasaga Beach town council are elected to represent the people of Wasaga Beach.

You can discuss town matters with a member of council by calling or e-mailing them.

If you would like a member of council to attend a special event please contact Pam Kenwell at 705-429-3844, ext. 2246 or e-mail [email protected]
Chief Administrative Officer
705-429-3844, ext. 2222
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