October 2019
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Vol. 1, Edition 4
The Monthly Report
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Welcome to our fourth edition of The Monthly Report.

This month we tell you about some exciting new developments.

For starters, council has settled on a location for the new twin pad arena and library.

And we have an update for you on plans for town-owned land at the beachfront.

As well, if you are a small business owner and want to learn the latest on marketing, we have information about a great series of seminars you don't want to miss.

And we have news about the casino project.

Plus, this edition includes details about the regional governance review exercise. The province has said no to municipal amalgamation.

We also have information on some great programs and activities happening in Wasaga Beach.

You'll also get the latest on what's occurred at the council table, an update on the 2020 budget, and much more. For example, keep scrolling and you'll get to meet the winners of our Fire Chief for a Day contest.

Thanks for spending some time with us and remember to tell your friends about The Monthly Report.
Meet our new Fire Chiefs
ON THE JOB On Oct. 18, the Wasaga Beach Fire Department designated three local youth as Chief for a Day. The youth were selected through the department's Chief for a Day contest. To enter the contest, local youth had to submit a Home Escape Plan and practice it with family. The contest was part of the department's Fire Prevention Week 2019 activities. Joining Mayor Nina Bifolchi, Sparky The Fire Dog, and Deputy Chief Craig Williams is Chief Leah Ahlfeldt (from left), a Grade 3 student at Birchview Dunes Elementary School; Chief Jacob Schaefer, a Grade 2 student at Worsley Elementary School, and Chief Alyssa Martinelli, a Grade 7 student at St. Noel Chabanel Catholic School.
THE SITE The town is moving ahead with plans to build a new arena and library on a parcel of land along River Road West.
544 River Rd. W. site selected for arena and library
On Oct. 15, members of Wasaga Beach town council selected the site for the community’s new twinpad arena and library.
Based on community input and following a formal review of all sites under consideration, council’s committee of the whole unanimously selected the 544 River Rd. W. site in the town’s east end. Council will consider the recommendation at its regular monthly meeting on Oct. 29.
“This is a great day for the people of Wasaga Beach,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said. “I want to thank our staff for all of the hard work that has gone into reaching this point and commend our residents for sharing their site preferences with us. We are now truly on the path to building two new facilities under one roof that will serve our community for generations.”
The joint-use twinpad arena and library at 544 River Rd. W. is the best option to serve the needs of the community. Locating both facilities at this site will provide a selection of cost savings: project management for a single project, building duplication efficiencies, operational savings, plus the ability to meet some of the criteria of the Canada Infrastructure Grant Program.
From an operational perspective, a joint-use facility will enable management to share resources: staffing, meeting spaces, and programming.
From a user perspective, a joint-use facility will offer residents more services in one location, a positive for families with differing interests.
For the twinpad arena, the cost is estimated at $26-million and for the library the cost is pegged at approximately $10-million. The cost of the land for these two facilities is $5.4 million dollars.

An assessment in 2013 determined the Wasaga Stars Arena, built in 1973, is near the end of its life as a full-service facility.
The library opened in 1994 when the town’s population was significantly less and library programming was far different than today. The library is 4,500 square feet and too small to accommodate programs, user groups, and so a new facility is required. The library is not just about books. It is about having a space for the community to gather and learn.
In January 2019, council identified the twinpad arena and library projects as priorities for this term. Since then staff and council reviewed the merits of many sites, culminating in a short list presented to the public in September, when the town launched a survey to gather input on sites under consideration. The survey was conducted using the town’s community engagement website, www.letstalkwasagabeach.ca .
The town also held an open house on Sept. 30. This took place at the RecPlex. The public had a chance to review all relative information related to the sites, including price.
All the input was factored in with the other criteria and resulted in the joint use facility at 544 River Rd. W. being recommended as the preferred site.
Next steps
On Nov. 5, committee of the whole recommended council approve the grant application to the federal government's Investing in Canada Infrastructure Plan.

Also at the committee of the whole meeting on Nov. 5, committee recommended council approve hiring Colliers International to provide project management consulting services for the town. The company will oversee the design and construction of the town library and arena.
Financial modelling work continues.
Construction timing for the project must be determined but late 2022 is a goal date for the facilities to open.
An update on the Gateway casino project
The Town of Wasaga Beach is ready for the casino development to move forward in the municipality’s west end.
“Municipal departments have worked cooperatively with Gateway and the OLG to ensure that all municipal approvals were obtained in a timely fashion,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said. “I want to thank municipal staff for their due diligence and professionalism on this project and other projects they are working on. It sends a clear message to all companies looking to invest in our community that Wasaga Beach is open for business.”
The town continues to work with Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Ltd. on its construction timeline for the casino site. The building permit and site plan application are ready for implementation.
“Council shares the excitement in the community about the casino and council is thrilled about the millions of dollars being invested, the creation of new direct and indirect jobs, and the new entertainment offerings that the new casino will bring to Wasaga Beach,” Mayor Bifolchi said. “We have a strong working relationship with OLG and we are aware that all provincial approvals are in place.”
Mayor Bifolchi and senior municipal staff are in regular contact with Gateway and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation on the casino’s progress and remain committed to keeping the community updated on the project.
“We welcome Gateway to our community and we look forward to them initiating the construction phase,” Mayor Bifolchi said.
HEALTHY COMPETITION Members of council join Collingwood mayor Brian Saunderson for a flag-raising at town hall following the end of a friendly competition.
Collingwood flag hoisted in Clearview and Wasaga Beach
The Town of Wasaga Beach and the Township of Clearview live up to their promise.
Earlier this summer, Wasaga Beach, Clearview and the Town of Collingwood entered into a competition to see which municipal council could log the most steps over the summer months. The goal was to promote healthy living and have a little fun.
The winning municipality would get to see its flag raised in the municipalities that came in second and third place.
On Oct. 10, Town of Collingwood Mayor Brian Saunderson was on hand to observe the raising of his municipal flag at Wasaga Beach town hall. A similar exercise took place in Stayner at the Emergency Hub and Fire Administration Centre. The Collingwood flag flew in Clearview and Wasaga for a two-week period.
Collingwood bested Clearview and Wasaga Beach with a final count of 3,724.85 kilometres. That is almost equivalent to walking from Collingwood to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back.
The challenge started Canada Day and wrapped up at the end of Labour Day weekend.
The final numbers are as follows:
Town of Collingwood
3724.85 kilometres

Township of Clearview
3097.05 kilometres

Town of Wasaga Beach 
2935.72 kilometres
Generous support helps youth
and active living centre
LISTENING On Oct. 16, the Town of Wasaga Beach recognized three organizations for their generosity towards the Wasaga Beach Youth Centre. Stayner Timber Mart (upper left) contributed $415 to the centre, Wasaga Beach United Church (upper right) donated $1,500, and Friends of the Dyconia (lower left) gave $900. Enbridge (lower right) was recognized for its $4,000 contribution to the Seniors Active Living Centre. All of the funds will help support programs.
Beachfront development: Six firms chosen to advance to the
Request for Proposals phase
Members of council have selected six firms to advance to the Request for Proposals (RFP) phase for the development of town-owned land at the beachfront.
Council selected the firms during a committee of the whole meeting Oct. 15.
“This is a significant step for our community,” Mayor Bifolchi said. “We still have a long road ahead but council and staff are committed to seeing the right development occur at the beachfront.”
A review team recommended the six firms to council after conducting a rigorous examination of the nine companies that responded to a Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) that closed in September.
Slate Asset Management L.P., FRAM Building Group, Cronnox Inc., Seventy-Five Years Inc., Baycliffe Communities, and Pozeg Construction are the firms selected for the RFP stage.
The town chose the firms based on the quality of the submissions and experience.
The Downtown Master Plan, approved in March 2017, identified several steps for the successful implementation of the plan.
An important step was the issuing of an RFEOI. The town issued the request in June and received nine submissions by the late September deadline.
From this process, it was anticipated a shortlist of developers would be created. The town would invite these developers to participate in the Request for Proposals. This is the step the town is at now.
Next steps
In the weeks ahead, town staff will draft the RFP and provide the opportunity for the six firms to provide input so that the town has a full understanding what developers require to submit a realistic proposal. 
The meetings will also serve as an opportunity to convey council’s vision for the beachfront properties. This vision is a mix of commercial and residential uses. Members of council will also have the opportunity to provide input on the RFP.
The town expects by the end of the first quarter of 2020 the RFP will be issued.
SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME In August, members of Wasaga Beach town council met with Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa. One topic discussed was the province's regional governance review. Wasaga Beach made it clear the town is not interested in amalgamating with other municipalities. On Oct. 25, the minister announced the province would not pursue amalgamation as part of the review exercise.
Mayor Bifolchi thanks province for listening to regional governance review concerns
On Oct. 25, the Government of Ontario said it would work with local municipalities to make them stronger and that local municipalities should decide what is best for them. In that regard, the province will not force amalgamation on municipalities involved in the province’s regional governance review.
“This is terrific news for our community,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said. “Our council has worked diligently throughout this exercise to convey the value in allowing the town to be governed locally and to be the provider of local services. We also made suggestions on where services could be improved and made more efficient.”
Mayor Bifolchi thanked the government for listening.
“We utilized all opportunities to make sure our views were heard and we certainly took a strong position,” the mayor said. “We wrote directly to the government, we wrote to the special advisors tasked with handling the regional governance review, and we appeared before the advisors to make our case. We also spoke directly to Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark. It is clear the government heard us and other municipalities and I thank Premier Ford for being so responsive.”
Mayor Bifolchi said it is clear the province recognizes the exemplary manner the county and its lower-tier municipalities are administered.
“As I stated in a letter to Minister Clark earlier this year, in Simcoe County we are building communities that contribute greatly to the economic health of Ontario,” the mayor said. 
As part of its announcement Friday, the province said it is providing up to $143-million to municipalities to help them lower costs and improve services for residents over the long term.
“This is exactly the type of thing we asked the province to do earlier this year,” Mayor Bifolchi said. “Give us the tools to do our job and we will move Wasaga Beach and Ontario forward. We look forward to working with the county and our local government colleagues on ways to improve the delivery of services to our taxpayers.”
For full details on the province’s announcement see here: http://bit.ly/344Qa5c .
Wasaga Beach Council Highlights
Wasaga Beach Town Council met on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

For an overview of what took place, see our highlights package here: http://bit.ly/2PAYXrC

You can watch the full council meeting here: https://www.rogerstv.com/show?lid=12&rid=72&sid=5800&gid=321727
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Special Events
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Older Adult - November programs
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Getting ready for university
OPEN HOUSE Mayor Nina Bifolchi and members of council attended an open house for Ivy League International Academy on Oct. 28. The international school is at 818 Mosley St. Ivy League prepares foreign students for university level studies in North America. Thank you for being a part of our community!
Main Street bridge project
UNDER WAY As we outlined in our July newsletter (see here: https://conta.cc/2SAZjhJ), work has started on the Main Street Bridge rehabilitation project. This $6.1-million investment will see a refurbished bridge when the work is completed in 2021. Due to the work taking place, the bridge is now down to one lane. Signals are used to advise motorists about right-of-way. We have received reports of some motorists ignoring the red lights. Please do not do this. Ignoring the lights is against the Highway Traffic Act and you could be subject to charges. Furthermore, you put yourself, your passengers, and other motorists at risk of injury. You can access our map, outlining the placement of signals and a detour route, by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2kTjtXI

***Please note the bridge will be opened to two lanes for summer 2020.***
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Pocket dialing can tie up resources
When inadvertently dialing 911 on your cell phone, please remember you are activating an emergency service.

In doing so, emergency personnel are committed to determining the origin and extent of the emergency that may be happening.

This means they have to locate the individual who inadvertently dialed 911.

This response can draw needed resources away from actual emergencies. To prevent this please, when not using your phone, lock it so that unintentional calls do not happen.

If you do dial 911 by mistake, please do not hang up on the operator. Explain the call is in fact not an emergency, tell the operator where you are and stay there. This is because an officer must attend your location to determine an emergency is not taking place.

By hanging up or leaving your current location, you create a situation where emergency services must try to locate you, and in the process tie up precious resources.

Only you can stop 911 misdials.
Medic Alert Connect
Are you familiar with MedicAlert Connect?

MedicAlert Connect provides Ontario Provincial Police with 24/7 direct access to a person's medical information including conditions, anxiety triggers, and de-escalation techniques, to assist with reuniting you and your loved ones.

To learn more about this program, see here:

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The site lets you report a crime without visiting an OPP detachment. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2n3EoI8
OUR ROLE We all have a responsibility to look after the Nottawasaga River. You can learn more about how you can do your part by checking out our handy brochure. Download the brochure here: http://bit.ly/2YxDVvp
Wasaga Beach Public Library
The transition of early autumn into late heralds in a much needed slowing of pace.

At the library this fall we transition into this season by offering programs for all ages covering a wide range of topics such as early childhood literacy, youth programming, computer training, maker/crafts, and literary events - including the Tales, Mocktales and Strings event on Monday, Nov. 25 featuring local poet Mary Barnes and internationally recognized author Craig Davidson.

Check out our newsletter to learn more about events happening at the library: https://bit.ly/2OVWNTp
Not sure where our town parking lots are located? Our map can help
The Town of Wasaga Beach offers several municipal parking lots around town. You can access a helpful map of where these lots are located here: http://bit.ly/2IPsirh
Message from Mayor Nina Bifolchi
My focus in this column is healing the divide through kindness.

I realize that sounds like a bit of an odd topic for a mayor to write about, but I hope you will bear with me.

In Wasaga Beach, as mayor, I know acts of kindness happen every day.

Our volunteers at the food bank show kindness through their important work.

Our various service clubs display kindness through the many projects they take on.

And kindness is always evident at our recreation facilities, where coaches and instructors work with people to help them develop.

But one area often lacking kindness is social media.

So often on platforms such as Facebook, we see individuals making snarky comments, over-the-top jabs, and simply hateful remarks. It is like the Wild West, where anything goes.

In addition, often on social media we see inaccurate information spread that does nothing but cause harm, confusion and divide the community.

During the last few years, a number of issues divided our community and social media was often a spot for discussion and debate. At the same time, it was often the spot for some of the worst vitriol you can imagine.

In my view, social media is no place for such mean-spirited behaviour.

Instead, we should use social media for more positive pursuits.

Platforms such as Facebook are great ways to keep in touch with loved ones and friends.

And social media is a wonderful way to provide important messaging to the community.

If you use social media to be cruel or create a divide, I encourage you to take a break.
Just stop posting.

Go for a walk. Enjoy our trails or stroll along the beachfront.

Volunteer. Our community organizations can always use more help.

We have great things happening in our community.

Let us focus on the positive and build each other up.

Together, through acts of kindness, we can all help move Wasaga Beach forward.

Nina Bifolchi is mayor of Wasaga Beach. 
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