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And that was October

Lots of great things happened over the course of the month and we share details about these milestones in our latest e-newsletter.

Keep reading and learn about the new murals at the Oakview Woods Skatepark, as well as the new mural on the side of the Wasaga Beach Archives at 140 Main St.

In other news, a local resident has been named Senior of the Year. Read on to find out more.

As well, council has started work on the 2022 budget and our newsletter includes the latest information on how the process is going.

We also have information about other council business, community programs, special events, and much more.

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SENIOR OF THE YEAR William (Bill) Hooper is the Senior of the Year for 2021.
Town announces
Senior of the Year
The Age Friendly Community Advisory Committee is pleased to announce that William (Bill) Hooper is the Senior of the Year for 2021.
“On behalf of council and town staff, as well as our committee, I want to congratulate Mr. Hooper on this tremendous recognition and thank him for his contributions to our community,” Mayor Nina Bifolchi said.
For several years, Hooper has worked tirelessly as a volunteer with the Wasaga Beach Ministerial Food Bank, often dedicating the equivalent of a full-time job to the cause.
Highly regarded by his fellow volunteers, Hooper, in his role as buyer, has proved resourceful, searching daily to find the best deals, thus stretching the available funds, keeping shelves stocked, and ensuring safe storage of food to avoid waste.
He has often delivered food to home-bound clients, spending time talking with them, boosting their spirits, and providing encouragement.
Hooper has also shown great empathy and kindness by assisting food bank clients with other challenges in their lives, directing them to resources and supports.
He has been a role model to others, recruiting, encouraging and guiding volunteers as well as being a strong advocate, talking to individuals and groups to heighten community awareness of food insecurity and the importance of the food bank, and has assisted with fundraising efforts.
Furthermore, he has participated in the leadership team as secretary, as a member of the board of directors and as ministerial liaison.
In summary, Hooper is the epitome of a volunteer. His energy, dedicated work ethic and caring heart are an inspiration to all.
MILESTONE Happy 95th birthday to the fabulous Sarah (Sadie) McClean. On behalf of council, Mayor Nina Bifolchi brought best wishes to the birthday girl Oct. 15. Thanks to all the friends and family who helped make the day so special.
WORKS OF ART Mayor Nina Bifolchi, council and town staff gathered with local artists Shandelle McCurdie, Taylor Wensley, Alex Kostecka-Silva, Rob Saley and Nancy Gareh at the Oakview Woods Skateboard Park on Oct. 25 to celebrate the installation of seven pieces of art at this well utilized family focused, public facility. The art demonstrates a youth friendly connectedness to Wasaga Beach and the community.
SIGHT TO SEE Wasaga Beach has a new mural! Future Day, an area business, created this beautiful mural on the blank wall of the Wasaga Beach Archive Building at 140 Main Street. The Town of Wasaga Beach commissioned Future Day to create this gorgeous art piece. Stop by and check out this new work.
SUPPORT October was National Disability Employment Awareness Month in Wasaga Beach. Members of council raised the town's Accessibility Advisory Committee flag to mark the special occasion. Read the proclamation: http://ow.ly/QLXX50GuvNl
Council starts work on budget for year ahead
Mayor Nina Bifolchi, at the Oct. 26 council meeting, provided an update on the 2022 draft budget process.

She noted council began working on the budget at the Oct. 7 Committee of the Whole meeting.

At this early stage, the proposed tax rate increase is 2.15 percent. For a home assessed at $450,000, this translates to a $56 increase over 2021 or an extra $4.67 per month. However, there is still much work to do.

As things stand today, the total operating budget is $44-million, compared to $42-million in 2021. The operating budget covers the day-to-day expenses required to deliver services to residents.

The capital budget is $56-million, compared to $54-million in 2021. The capital budget supports long-term investments such as infrastructure and facilities.

Investments planned for next year include road work, physician recruitment, a new aerial truck for the fire department, policing, special events, new playground equipment, park redevelopment, library services, drainage projects, planning studies that support community development, and public works studies that support infrastructure needs.

The largest project for the year ahead is the twin-pad arena and library, which is supported through long-term financing, reserves, and fundraising.

Get further details from Budget Update 1.

Mayor Bifolchi noted work on the first draft of the budget continued on Oct. 21 when department heads presented highlights of their individual department budgets and fielded questions from members of council.

Staff are now working the second draft of the budget.

Council’s next budget meeting is Nov. 10.
Conservation authority presents draft budget for 2022
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority representatives presented the organization’s draft budget for 2022 at the Oct. 21 Committee of the Whole meeting.
The town’s proposed levy contribution is $240,049, in increase of $10,597 over 2021.
The capital asset levy is $12,476. This represents a total contribution of $252,525 for 2022. Staff will review the request and make a recommendation to committee.

OPP shares details about unsanctioned car rally
The Ontario Provincial Police appeared before Coordinated Committee on Oct. 14 and provided an overview of the unsanctioned car rally that occurred in town in September.
Councillor Mark Kinney, chair of the Community Services Section of Coordinated Committee, relayed to council the information from the OPP presentation.

Kinney said that during the car rally the OPP had 70 vehicles towed for a variety of offences, including 22 instances of stunt driving and 33 instances involving unfit vehicles.
Police removed four impaired drivers from the road and issued 383 charges to motorists.

The OPP is reviewing the weekend further and will provide another update to committee later.
The Municipal Law Enforcement Department is reminding residents that as of Nov. 1, 2021 until April 1, 2022, Winter Parking Restrictions will be in effect for all of Wasaga Beach.

Under these restrictions:

• No person shall park a vehicle between the hours of 01:00 AM and
07:00 AM
• No person shall park a vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with
the clearing of snow

Staff will be on shift to enforce these restrictions.

If you have questions, e-mail or call us at 705-429-2511.
Council approves Remembrance service details
Council, at its Oct. 26 meeting, approved holding the town’s annual Remembrance service on Sunday, Nov. 7.

The service will take place at the cenotaph at town hall. Due to capacity issues, the town is recommending the public watch the live stream rather than attend in-person.

As part of the service, the town is closing Lewis Street from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Glenwood Drive is closing between the library and Lewis Street at 10:30 a.m. for the service parade.
Santa Claus Parade happening Nov. 27
The man from the North Pole will be in town at the end of November.
Council, at its Oct. 26 meeting, OK’d the Santa Claus Parade for Saturday, Nov. 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The parade will make its way along Dunkerron Avenue and Mosley Street, ending at the RecPlex.

Council also approved related street closures to accommodate the parade.

In addition, members approved closure of the Dunkerron municipal parking lot to accommodate the formation of the parade.
Capital works projects continue throughout Wasaga Beach
The monthly Capital Works Project Status Report highlighted the latest details on several projects taking place in the community.

The report notes the start of the design work for Beach Area 1 roadways and streetscaping, which will support the redevelopment of town-owned land at the beachfront.

Our latest Truth Corner looks at false and egregious statements about municipal matters from the Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association. Learn more on our website.
Why the town shut off social media commenting
On Tuesday, Oct. 26 the Town of Wasaga Beach turned off the commenting section on its social media accounts.

As we explained in a post on social media, which included a video from Mayor Nina Bifolchi, we made this change due to a small number of individuals in our community who used the pages to bully members of council, town staff, and other people commenting on the page, and because individuals used the town’s page as a place to lie and spread misinformation.

Unfortunately, this action impacted those individuals that commented on the page in a civil and respectful manner, even if they disagreed with a town decision. Some have reached out and asked why take this step and what did the town do to try and moderate the page prior to making this decision.

The purpose of the town page has always been about communicating to residents and businesses about activities the town was involved with or correcting misinformation, celebrating anniversaries, introducing new staff, and generally sharing what was happening in the community. 

In 2017, we established a set of rules for the page when comments on the pages became increasingly crude, aggressive, hateful, and at times libelous.

The rules stated the following:

The municipality uses this space to share information with residents, businesses, and visitors.

People are welcome to comment on items the
town has posted. The feedback can be positive or critical. We believe having a dialogue with residents is important.
Comments must be relative to the post topic.

Questions about municipal matters are always welcome.

Comments that are harassing and vexatious, malicious, libelous, profane, false, misleading, inaccurate, or insulting will not be tolerated.

Personal attacks of any kind, directed at anyone, including other users of the page, members of council, or staff are strictly prohibited.
Individuals who violate the town’s rules for this page will have their comments deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned from using the page.

Moderation decisions are not open for discussion.

To enforce the rules, the town used various options permitted through the social media platforms, including the following tools:

  • Cautioning users to refrain from violating the rules;
  • Hiding offensive comments, as well as comments that were harassing, vexatious, malicious, libelous, profane, false, misleading, inaccurate, or insulting.
  • Deleting comments for reasons noted in the previous point.
  • Revoking page privileges for repeat offenders.

In some instances, the town restored privileges to banned users who appealed our decision. If these individuals agreed to review the rules and follow them, the town restored their privileges. In most cases, these offenders posed no further problems once they could again access the page – although some made it clear they still did not agree with our moderation of them or the page rules.

The town has never wanted its social media platforms to be a place for people to share false information and that is why it took such a strict approach in terms of moderating comments.

The town has always wanted the pages to be a safe place where people can access factual information pertaining to town matters. Civil discussion is fine, but when those comments include falsehoods, outright lies, hyperbole, etc., the town was not prepared to allow the comment.

Over the years, moderators removed or hid comments that dealt with the following:

  • Attacks on members of council for their appearance and clothing;
  • Threats of bodily harm against members of council, staff, and people posting on the page;
  • Potentially libelous statements about members of council, staff, and other people commenting on the page, as well as libelous statements regarding businesses;
  • Attacks over sexual orientation;
  • Posts that contained innuendo, misinformation, falsehoods, etc.;
  • Posts from people who waited for the town to share information so they could immediately post a critical or nasty comment – these were often deemed harassing or vexatious;
  • Posts from people who repeatedly asked the same questions and did not like the town’s responses;
  • Posts that argued moderation decisions;
  • Posts that included offensive images;

People have a right to say what they want, but equally, the town also has a right to moderate its page.

Increasingly, moderation efforts were becoming more time consuming, taking staff away from other important duties.

The town is thankful to those individuals who followed the rules. In time we may restore commenting privileges, but for now, it is time to take a break.

Despite this change to how we handle social media, the town still wants to hear from the public.

You can call staff or e-mail. You can visit the town’s community engagement site at www.letstalkwasagabeach.ca and share your feedback through the Ideas page.

The town hopes that as the pandemic eases, other engagement opportunities, including our Coffee with Council sessions, can resume.
LEARN MORE For additional information about our Municipal Law Enforcement Department visit our website.
Building statistics show continued investment in
Wasaga Beach
The town issued 81 building permits in September worth a total estimated construction value of $69-million.

Of the permits issued, 44 were for single-detached homes and 34 were for town houses.
Firm hired to create new brand for Wasaga Beach
Scott Thornley and Company Inc. will work with the town to create a new brand for the municipality.
The new brand will support the overall town and work in tandem with a marketing tourism brand created a few years ago.

Council approved awarding a contract to the company for $59,980, exclusive of HST, and subject to approval of the county’s economic development funding program.

A competitive request for proposals process determined the company as the preferred firm.

In addition, council approved using $6,536 from the Economic Development Initiatives account to offset the budget shortfall for the project.

Companies retained to create West Wasaga Secondary Plan
Council awarded a contract to create the West Wasaga Secondary Plan at a cost of $160,160, excluding HST.

The town will work with SHS Consulting, as well as UrbanMetrics Incorporated.

The town used a request for proposals process to identify the companies.

The plan will result in a coordinated and comprehensive approach that addresses future land use, market assessment, transportation, servicing, storm water and drainage needs, urban designs, trails and recreation, and natural heritage in the west end of town, from the roundabout to the town boundary.

Caterpillar population declining, says County of Simcoe
A County of Simcoe report on the LDD infestation has determined the caterpillar population is declining.

As a result, staff are recommending no further action be taken on the matter at this time.
The last two summers the caterpillars have stripped leaves from trees and left behind the results of their munching.

Invasive Species Centre encourages scraping LDD moth egg ...

The Invasive Species Centre with the Early Detection and Rapid Response Network Ontario are hosting the second LDD Egg Mass Scraping Contest. They are encouraging Ontarians to scrape off invasive LDD eggs masses off trees and other hard surfaces. ...

Read more
Online resources to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic
Government of Ontario COVID-19 updates
Wasaga Beach Council Highlights
Wasaga Beach Town Council met on Tuesday, Oct. 26.

For an overview of what took place, see our highlights package: Here

Watch the meeting below:
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Town of Wasaga Beach Quick Fact

Did you know we offer e-billing services?

Visit our website to learn more about this process. E-billing is now available for your tax, water and sewer bills providing an option to eliminate paper bills.

Learn more here.
Did you receive a parking ticket and wish to have the charge re-examined? If so, you have the option of submitting a First Attendance form which can be found on our website. Please fill out the form and submit it to the Municipal Law Enforcement Department either by email at [email protected] or in person or via mail at Town Hall located at 30 Lewis St., Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1A1. Once submitted, an officer will be assigned to re-evaluate the ticket and will be in touch with you based on the information provided on the form.
Are you being disturbed by nuisance noise from a loud party or persistent dog barking? If so, know that the Town of Wasaga Beach has a by-law #2019-15 prohibiting noise and nuisance activities. If you have a noise complaint, please call the by-law department at (705) 429-2511. Officers are on duty Monday-Thursday until 12:30am and Friday-Saturday until 2:30am. On long weekends, we have officers on shift until 3:30am. If the complaint is being made after the noise has ceased, fill out the Citizen's Confidential Complaint Form.
Waste collection information
The County of Simcoe is responsible for waste collection in the Town of Wasaga Beach.

You can learn more about waste services by visiting the county's website.

The site includes a variety of information, including waste collection schedules and landfill locations.
Water conservation rebates are available!
The Town of Wasaga Beach has a water conservation rebate program.
When you install a low flow or dual flush toilet you are eligible for a $70 rebate.
Residents who install a rain barrel can get a $30 rebate.
Please note that only property owners on municipal water are eligible for the rebate.
You can find rebate forms at here or pick one up at town hall, 30 Lewis St. Applicants must include copies of receipts indicating that they purchased the particular item.
Completed forms and supporting documentation can be presented at town hall. The rebate will be applied to your next water bill.
You've got payment options
through Plastiq
Through the town's website using Plastiq (third party), you can pay your property tax and/or water/wastewater bill by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
There will be a service fee of 2.5 percent applied by the service provider, Plastiq.
Please note that there are several low or no-cost means of paying your bill with the town. These include equal payment plan, telephone banking, mailing a cheque, or placing a payment in our drop box.
Check out Let's Talk Wasaga Beach here: Click
Pocket dialing can tie up resources
When inadvertently dialing 911 on your cell phone, please remember you are activating an emergency service.

In doing so, emergency personnel are committed to determining the origin and extent of the emergency that may be happening.

This means they have to locate the individual who inadvertently dialed 911.

This response can draw needed resources away from actual emergencies. To prevent this please, when not using your phone, lock it so that unintentional calls do not happen.

If you do dial 911 by mistake, please do not hang up on the operator. Explain the call is in fact not an emergency, tell the operator where you are and stay there. This is because an officer must attend your location to determine an emergency is not taking place.

By hanging up or leaving your current location, you create a situation where emergency services must try to locate you, and in the process tie up precious resources.

Only you can stop 911 misdials.
Medic Alert Connect
Are you familiar with MedicAlert Connect?

MedicAlert Connect provides Ontario Provincial Police with 24/7 direct access to a person's medical information including conditions, anxiety triggers, and de-escalation techniques, to assist with reuniting you and your loved ones.

Did you know the OPP has an online crime reporting site?

The site lets you report a crime without visiting an OPP detachment. Learn more.
The way we were...
FEELING HUNGRY? From the Historical Advisory Committee. On the east side of Main Street in Wasaga Beach in the 1930s, you could find Phil Thomas Tomato Stand. Shaped and colored like a tomato, with a green stem at the top, it was a quaint and very whimsical snack bar and take-out stand. Small in stature it offered some rudimentary seating out front and an awning to provide some relief from the sun for patrons. 
There's always something to do through the Wasaga Beach Public Library

Throughout Veterans Week, November 5-12th, the library boardroom has been transformed into a Room to Remember.

The library invites you to take a moment to pause during Veterans Week (Fri. Nov. 5th to Nov. 12th) to reflect on and honour the valour, duty, and tremendous sacrifices of those who came before us in their service to Canada. 

The library also honours the many men and women across Canada who are actively involved in service, military campaigns overseas, and peacekeeping missions today. The boardroom will be available as a drop-in space where you may:

  • observe a display of some of our local Hometown Heroes (as of Nov. 9)
  • have the opportunity to write a Postcard for Peace to express messages of thanks to those who served Canada in times of war, military conflict and peace or to still-serving Canadian Armed Forces members.
  • Type an e-message to troops currently serving.
  • Write a message of remembrance on a red poppy to be displayed in our windows. Is there a veteran in your family you wish to honour and remember?
  • View clips of interviews with veterans, military and remembrance-themed videos.

Please drop by at your convenience during Veterans Week to participate and visit the Remembrance Reflection Room.  (Note: there may be periods throughout the week that the room is not available due to an in-person program)

Follow the library on social media as they honour Veterans Week online. 

How will you remember them? Lest We Forget
Message from Mayor Nina Bifolchi
Fall is always a busy time in Wasaga Beach.

At town hall, we are working on the 2022 draft budget and at the moment we are looking at a 2.15 percent increase. For a home assessed at $450,000, this translates to a $56 increase over 2021 or an extra $4.67 per month. However, there is still much work to do.

You can follow the budget process by watching our meetings online and by reviewing our budget updates on the town website.

The public will have a chance to share its thoughts about the budget at a public meeting on Dec. 14. Watch our website for more details closer to the date.

I am also happy to report that we have retained a firm to work with the town on creating a new municipal brand. Scott Thornley and Company Inc. will work with the municipality to create a brand that reflects all the positive aspects of Wasaga Beach.

It's also my pleasure to share that we are working with SHS Consulting and Urban Metrics to create the West Wasaga Secondary Plan. The plan will result in a coordinated and comprehensive approach to future land use, transportation, servicing, and other needs at the western end of our community.

Work on the twin-pad arena and library project continues and daily we hear from people who are excited about this new facility. As the building takes shape, we will share photos and video of the structure so please look for them in the months ahead.

Are you decorating the outside of your house for the holidays? We want to hear from you. Feature your home on our self-guided Christmas Through Town tour. We held the tour for the first time last year and it was well received. If you wish to participate in the 2021 version, contact our events staff by e-mail at [email protected]. Participants will have their home highlighted on our web-based tour map.

Our Santa Claus Parade is Saturday, Nov. 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. It will be great to once again be able to celebrate this annual Christmas tradition. I know I look forward to seeing people along the parade route and at the RecPlex afterwards.

In closing, stay safe and I look forward to updating you again soon.
Wasaga Beach Town Council
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Councillor Stan Wells
Your town council...
Members of Wasaga Beach town council are elected to represent the people of Wasaga Beach.

You can discuss town matters with a member of council by calling or e-mailing them.

If you would like a member of council to attend a special event please contact Pam Kenwell at 705-429-3844, ext. 2246 or e-mail [email protected]
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