Moss Creek May 2016 Newsletter
Official Publication of the Moss Creek Home Owners Association
Upcoming Community Events  

Pool Season Starts! May 14th

Community Yard Sale - Saturday, May 21st, 2016  7am - 1pm

We'll do the advertising. You can choose to sell at the clubhouse parking lot or at your own home. The sale will be held rain or shine. Advertising on Craig's List,, Cabarrus news and you can pick up a flyer at the clubhouse to place at your business, church or school.

Cornhole Tournament & Beer Tasting - Saturday, May 28th , 1-7 pm (please note date change)

Come join the fun with your friends and neighbors with a spring time cornhole tournament, the 1st of 2 for the year. Beer & Food too! Show up a little early to sign in & warm up.

  • Toss off will begin around 1pm
  • 32 team max
  • Singles welcome
  • If you don’t have a partner we will can pair you up with one.
  • Double elimination
  • Sign up through Rachel:

Monthly Board Meetings 

  • Residents are always welcome.

Master Association Board Meeting Monday May 23rd 6:30pm (4th Monday each month)

Townhome Association Board Meeting Thursday May 26th  6:30pm (4th Thursday every other month)

Moss Creek Village Night at the Intimidators – June 11th

The Kannapolis Intimidators Class ‘A’ Affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, will proudly host its Annual Moss Creek Village Night on Saturday June 11, 2016 with a game against the Hickory Crawdads!  FREE General Admission tickets will soon be available at the front gate of the pool with your M.C. Amenities ID. First come first served. Limit 5 per household. HOA dues must be current.  

Moss Creek B.O.N.U.S Group (business owners near us) May 25th 6pm

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur that lives in Moss Creek? Then you should join The MC B-O-N-U-S Group!  The MC B-O-N-U-S Group is a community business networking platform where you and fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, can come together on a monthly basis to connect with other professionals for growth and support ideas, as well as establish a larger presence for your business in the community! All professions, sizes and levels are welcome!* (*Members must be residents of Moss Creek and at least twenty-one years old).  No annual membership fee like other business networking groups. 

2016 will bring even more networking opportunities for MC B-O-N-U-S Group members, as guests that are also business owners outside of the development, are also welcome to attend up to four times a year (once per quarter invitation from resident member).  Please RSVP or email any questions to Tara Attwood, MC B-O-N-U-S Group President at:

Meetings are held once a month, January- November on the LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, from 6:00pm- 8:00pm. Meetings take place at the Monarch Clubhouse and light refreshments and beverages are offered. Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Pool OPENS MAY 14th
Don’t wait until the last minute to try to get your pool passes! Winter is OVER! The pool season is almost here! Make sure you have your pool pass/Amenities ID before the pool opens! There is no need to renew IDs year to year so take care of your ID cards. Remember, you will not be admitted to the pool without a valid Amenities ID. You should have received the 2016 Pool Season letter by mail with the 2016 Guest Passes (Tenants, these were mailed to the owner with instructions to pass forward to you). New applicants for Amenities IDs will find on the Moss Creek website (under Amenities tab) the link to the Amenities ID application e-form (no more paper apps!). Link to 2016 pool hours schedule here.

Resident Access to Clubhouse Calendar
You can now view availability and reserve a date on the clubhouse calendar for a private party via the Moss Creek website! On the home page is a link to ‘clubhouse reservations’. There you will be able to view the calendar, find detailed instructions and information on the amenity and link to the e-reservation form.

Reminder about Political Signs 
Reference CC&Rs sec 6.17…Political signs opposing or supporting any candidate, party or issue on the ballot in an upcoming election may be posted no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to such election, provided the same are removed within seven (7) days of said election and provided no more than two (2) such signs per Dwelling Unit may be posted simultaneously.

Pay your Association dues online
Don’t Forget!  April was an assessment month- your Master Association assessments were due before the end of the month.

Have you registered at the new Kuester website? You can check your ‘real-time’ balance and pay your assessments in a snap! There is a processing fee they charge for credit card payments, but E-check is free and easy. If you have multiple accounts (like townhome owners), you can link your accounts together. If you have trouble with registering, Contact

Townhome Owners
The 2016 deck renovations in the Walkers Glen section are underway. You will receive a door hanger notifying you that the contractor is approaching your building with a few days to a week’s notice.    

Gym Membership for Tenants
The Association will no longer directly charge tenants for gym membership. The owner of the property will be responsible for the additional quarterly fee if their tenant wishes to join. Therefore owners must approve Tenants’ request to join the fitness center by submitting the e-application for their tenant.

Leasing Reminder
if you want to lease your home, you MUST apply for HOA approval first!! Link to e-form.

Why Scoop the Poop?

Besides being a nuisance, uncollected dog waste is a serious problem for our association. Next time you’re tempted to leave your dog’s droppings on the lawn, please remember these facts:
  1. The Environmental Protection Agency is becoming aggressive about enforcing the Clean Water Act. Our association could be fined if dog waste goes uncollected.
  2. Uncollected dog waste may lead to a special assessment.  If fined by the EPA, the association could face a potential special assessment that would be levied against all members not just dog owners.
  3. The appearance and quality of the common areas are known to affect home sales not just whether and for how much they sell, but how quickly.
  4. The more residents complain about dog waste, the more time the manager must spend on enforcement rather than serving the association.
  5. Uncollected dog waste spreads disease and attracts rodents who feed on pet waste.
  6. Leaving your dog waste in common areas or on another owner’s property is disrespectful and is a disturbance to those neighboring the property.
  7. It is a violation of you community Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions to not pick up after your pet.
Many of our neighbors have noticed the “Welcome Home Derrick” banner on Shumacher. Derrick is a 21-year-old who recently returned from a 6-month deployment with the Air Force as an active Airman serving in logistics at Al Udeid Air Base on the outskirts of Doha, Qatar. He is residing with us as he transitions to Active Reserve based in Charlotte and returns to UNCC to complete his studies in Business Administration.  Listening to him talk about his time there gives one a real appreciation of the millions of “moving parts” it takes for the U.S. (or any other military) to coordinate the complex missions they undertake.

Thanks for serving Derrick, all of us at Moss Creek are very proud of you! 

  Holly Biddle, CMCA
Kuester Management Group
Moss Creek Village Onsite Manager
Phone 803-802-0004
Toll Free 888-600-5044
After hours Maintenance Emergency – 803-802-0004 emergency option
Kuester Office Hours:    Monday – Friday:  8:30AM – 5PM
9505 Moss Plantation Avenue Concord, NC 28027