Moss Creek April 2016 Newsletter
Official Publication of the Moss Creek Home Owners Association

Mark Your Calendar! Upcoming Events

  • Pre-Teen Dance- Friday, May 6th  6-8 pm
  • Pool Season Starts! May 14th
  • Community Yard Sale- Saturday May 28th, 2016  7am - 1pm
  • Cornhole Tournament & Beer Tasting- Sunday, May 29th , 1-7 pm

Monthly Board Meetings- Residents are always welcome.

Master Association Board Meeting
  • Monday April 25th 6:30pm (4th Monday each month)

Moss Creek B.O.N.U.S Group (Business Owners Near Us) April 27th 6pm
Are you a business owner or entrepreneur that lives in Moss Creek? Then you should join The MC B-O-N-U-S Group!  The MC B-O-N-U-S Group is a community business networking platform where you and fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, can come together on a monthly basis to connect with other professionals for growth and support ideas, as well as establish a larger presence for your business in the community! All professions, sizes and levels are welcome!* (*Members must be residents of Moss Creek and at least twenty-one years old).  No annual membership fee like other business networking groups.   

2016 will bring even more networking opportunities for MC B-O-N-U-S Group members, as guests that are also business owners outside of the development, are also welcome to attend up to four times a year (once per quarter invitation from resident member).  Please RSVP or email any questions to Tara Attwood, MC B-O-N-U-S Group President at:  

Meetings are held once a month, January- November on the LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, from 6:00pm- 8:00pm. Meetings take place at the Monarch Clubhouse and light refreshments and beverages are offered. Don’t forget to bring your business cards!

Weekend Open Swim Hours - Last Day for Winter pool is 4/30!
Open Swim: Saturdays & Sundays 1-5pm.
Lap swim hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30-6:30am and 12noon-1pm.
The entrance to the Winter Pool is on the LEFT side of the clubhouse, down the exterior stairs. You will use your Amenities ID card to swipe entrance through the gate. When you enter the structure, you will sign in. Link to schedule. The week of May 2nd, MAC will begin the process to take the structure down to store and Carolina Pool Management will begin to prep the pool facility for regular pool season which begins Saturday May 14th.

Pool OPENS MAY 14th
Winter is OVER! The pool season is almost here! Make sure you have your pool pass/Amenities ID before the pool opens! There is no need to renew IDs year to year so take care of your ID cards. Remember, you will not be admitted to the pool without a valid Amenities ID. You will soon receive the 2016 Pool Season letter by mail (Tenants, these will be mailed to the owner with instructions to pass forward to you). Inside will be two (2) 2016 Guest Passes. Leftover Guest Passes from previous season are still valid as they do not expire. New applicants for Amenities IDs will find on the Moss Creek website (under Amenities tab) the link to the Amenities ID application e-form (no more paper apps!). Link to 2016 pool hours schedule here.

Spring Tennis Starts in March and April!  Learn more!

Resident Access to Clubhouse Calendar
You can now view availability and reserve a date on the clubhouse calendar for a private party via the Moss Creek website! On the home page is a link to ‘clubhouse reservations’. There you will be able to view the calendar, find detailed instructions and information on the amenity and link to the e-reservation form.

Reminder about Political Signs 
Reference CC&Rs sec 6.17…Political signs opposing or supporting any candidate, party or issue on the ballot in an upcoming election may be posted no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to such election, provided the same are removed within seven (7) days of said election and provided no more than two (2) such signs per Dwelling Unit may be posted simultaneously.

Pay your Association dues online
Don’t Forget!  April is an assessment month- your Master Association assessments are due before the end of the month.

Have you registered at the new Kuester website? You can check your ‘real-time’ balance and pay your assessments in a snap! There is a processing fee they charge for credit card payments, but E-check is free and easy. If you have multiple accounts (like townhome owners), you can link your accounts together. If you have trouble with registering, Contact

Leasing Reminder
if you want to lease your home, you MUST apply for HOA approval first!! Link to e-form.

Irrigation Season 2016
Irrigation season begins on April 18th. Remember- irrigation systems NEED REGULAR MAINTENANCE. This includes cleaning out your valves and filter (if you have a filter). It is each single-family Homeowner’s responsibility to make sure his/her personal irrigation system is in compliance with Community standards and we hope every resident would take advantage of this great amenity by making sure their system is working.

These are KEY details for a properly operating irrigation system:
  1. To be sure that your system is running by the timer and not manually, find the valve box in your yard and check that the electric valves are shut off. Your timer ‘talks’ to your electric valves and tells them when to open and close to water your lawn. If your valves are turned in the ‘on’ position, the timer is unable to tell the valves to operate and your system is simply ‘open’ all the time).
  2. Clean out your electric valves occasionally. They can get stuck open or closed with dirt and mulch. You will have 1 valve per irrigation zone in your yard. Most of the time, these electric valves are located in a box in the ground- usually near the flower beds. Sometimes, the valves are split into more than one box- depending on how many you have). You can actually clean them out yourself! You can unscrew them and rinse them out- just be careful not to misplace the spring inside.
  3. You need to set your timer so that you are only running one zone at a time during the hour of scheduled watering, which, at best estimate should be giving you an average of 10 gallons of water per minute (600 gallons in the hour of watering time allotted).  You definitely do NOT need or want any more water than that!
  4. This is also a smart time to change or check your battery in your timer. Even though the clock is plugged in, any power loss or surge will cause you to lose all your programming if you do not have a working battery in for back-up.
  5. Check to be sure none of your heads are broken which is a HUGE waste of water.
  6. Some residents have a filter on their system. It depends on which contractor or builder installed the system. Usually, the filter is near the ball valve where your irrigation connects to the HOA irrigation sub-main line. Of course, if you have one- it is very important to rinse it out regularly.
  7. If you don’t feel comfortable tinkering with your own irrigation system, there are plenty of qualified contractors you can hire to perform repairs. On the community website, we have created a reference for residents looking for irrigation contractors.  Don’t forget to submit the activation form!
  8. Schedule an irrigation activation. Throughout the season, if you are experiencing difficulties with your irrigation system and plan to schedule an appointment to have an irrigation contractor evaluate your system (or perform maintenance yourself), you will need to complete the Irrigation Activation Form in order to get access to irrigation water outside your regular watering schedule. This form will serve as notification to the HOA’s irrigation manager to pressurize your irrigation zone during your scheduled appointment with your contractor (or yourself).
    • Please note that we will not be able to accept activation requests until after 4/25.
  9. If you are unsure what irrigation zone you are in and what your watering time is, you can find out here:
It is the Association’s duty to maintain the irrigation infrastructure that brings the irrigation water to each home and the common areas. It also is imperative that the HOA monitor the manor of water usage throughout the community. Therefore, irrigation inspections will be performed regularly to alert homeowners whose systems are out of compliance. Irrigation Inspections work this way:
  • The irrigation manager will pressurize individual zones during the daytime hours (when the irrigation system is not generally on) and check for homes whose irrigation turns on or begins to water.
  • If your irrigation system begins to water when he pressurizes your zone, this means that your irrigation system on your lot is open to the HOA irrigation sub main 24 hours a day (refer to key maintenance suggestion # 1 above). This is not the intended design of the Moss Creek Irrigation system. Having your system open manually, intentionally or not, uses more water than you are allotted. The water available for irrigation use has limitations. The Association can only pull so much water from the wells to keep the ponds full –especially during the hotter months.  In addition, in cases of HOA main line maintenance or breaks, manual operation of your system would cause your irrigation to run non-stop until the problem is resolved.
  • If your system does begin to water when he is performing inspections, he may also note broken heads or multiple zones in your yard running at once (refer to key maintenance suggestions #3 and #5). If this is the case, it will be mentioned in your notice.
  • As a resident, if you happen to notice another property that has broken heads or other maintenance concerns, please let management or the owner know- many times residents may be unaware of the issue, especially since many irrigation schedules run during the night. 
Architectural Guidelines Revised
Over the last six months, the Board has taken on the daunting task of revising the community’s architectural guidelines document. There are new sections in reference to solar panels and detached garages. The landscaping section was enhanced to provide more specifics on yard maintenance standards. All owners will be mailed a letter highlighting the changes or additions in the coming week. The full document is available on the community website under the Governing Docs tab and the Architectural Control tab. The Amended documents will be utilized going forward for all architectural improvement requests and community inspections. View the revised document here.

  Holly Biddle, CMCA
Kuester Management Group
Moss Creek Village Onsite Manager
Phone 803-802-0004
Toll Free 888-600-5044
After hours Maintenance Emergency – 803-802-0004 emergency option
Kuester Office Hours:    Monday – Friday:  8:30AM – 5PM
9505 Moss Plantation Avenue Concord, NC 28027