March 2018

We headline our March issue by going back to one of those marketing basics that's all too easy to forget. 

We also draw the analogy between a lifestyle change and the shift from a product success culture to a customer success culture.

Enjoy our March issue.

In This Issue
  • The Most Basic Rule of Marketing is so Easy to Forget
  • Product Success vs. Customer Success: Is It Time For a Lifestyle Change?
  • How Market Segmentation Helps You Quantify New Product Ideas
  • Market-Driven Products vs. Market-Driven Product Companies
The Most Basic Rule of Marketing
It's So Easy To Forget!
You've just purchased some new clothes or shoes online. As part of the transaction, you hand over your email address or mobile number knowing full well that three things are going to happen. Some good. Some not! 

It exemplifies how easy it is to forget the basics of marketing. The good news: getting back on the rails is pretty simple.

Product Success vs. Customer Success
Is the Transformation  Analogous  to a Lifestyle Change?
A routine visit to the doctor reveals that you weigh more than you should, your blood pressure and blood sugar are high, your cholesterol is nearing the danger zone and your heart isn't functioning as well as it should.

Though you're not suffering any ill effects from these issues today, your doctor tells you that it's time to make some lifestyle changes in order to avoid serious health issues later.

Take this same analogy and apply it to many B2B organizations. How many of them successfully make the lifestyle change to improve their odds for greater long-term health?

Six Ingredients, Higher-Value Solutions

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Market-Driven Products vs. Market-Driven Product Companies

If you have market-driven products then don't you have a market-driven company?
Segmenting Markets and Quantifying New Product Ideas

Market segmentation is especially important when quantifying new product ideas because it doesn't force you to rely on sales forecasts or sales commitments which are highly volatile. 
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