Volume 133 | November 2020
Catch Up on Whole Grain Webinars
Thank you to everyone who celebrated International Whole Grains Day with us on November 19th! If you missed our November 19th webinar, Understanding Whole Grain Processing and Impacts on Nutrition, the recording is now available for viewing online. You can also view recordings of our previous whole grain webinars, including sessions on sourdough science, taste development, and wheat sensitivities. 
The Most Sustainable Whole Grain Is...
Could it be drought tolerant sorghum or millet? Or perhaps perennial kernza? Our blog explores the promises and considerations in the quest to find the most sustainable whole grain.
Switching to Whole Grains Can Improve Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Control, and Inflammation
In a study of more than 20 randomized controlled trials, researchers found that for adults both with and without risk factors of heart disease, substituting whole grains for refined can improve total cholesterol, LDL ("bad") cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c (a measure of blood sugar control), and C-reactive protein (a measure of inflammation). 
3 Tips for Eating More Whole Grains
If you're trying to make whole grains a regular part of your diet, our expert tips and tricks are here to help!
Whole Grain Sides for Your Thanksgiving Table
This recipe features both millet and teff, November's Whole Grains of the Month. Their rich flavors pair beautifully with the autumn squash and onions.

By Leslie Cerier, courtesy of The Teff Company
No need to prepare several different vegetable and grain sides -- this holiday-worthy dish has everything you need! 

By Shulie Madnick, courtesy of Thomasina Nista / Freekhelicious
This is a deliciously fresh and energizing whole grain salad. It is fantastic on its own or with roast turkey or chicken. Experiment with adding different citrus fruits of your choice.

Courtesy of Positively Good For You