The First Tee Tri-Cities would like to wish
you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season!
The First Tee is more than an after-school golf program. We visit Elementary Schools each winter, bringing golf to thousands of local students who may never be exposed to the game otherwise. In addition, we are partnered with several P.E. teachers through National School Program (NSP). This makes golf available at any time during the school year. If you'd like us to partner with your child's school, contact Coach Adam and we will add it to the list!
Eagle Fundamentals: Impact Position
Good Golfers spend a lot of time on Setup and Backswing, leading up to the most important moment: Impact. A good impact position typically leads to a good shot. If you take a snapshot of Professional Golfers, they all look very similar.

There are two key points to consider when looking at your own impact position. Is the weight transferred to your front foot? Are your hands leading the club? Failure to meet this standard leads to poor golf shots, often a topped ball.

These fundamentals are not unique to golf. Think about other sports that require throwing or hitting: There is always a weight transfer, and the hand or arm always leads the ball. Pitchers, hitters, and quarterbacks do this more naturally than the average golfer. Working hard on these two areas will greatly impact your game!
Eagle Yardage Book: Be A Go-To Person
Getting help from your Go-To Team is easy. It's harder to be a Go-To Person, but also much more rewarding. When you look back at your life, you will likely find one of the most fulfilling aspects to be your impact on other people. In order to use your abilities effectively, you need to discover what you're good at. You can use the Life Skills you learned from The First Tee to find your best role. Here are some skills that you might have a talent for:

  • Communication
  • Emotional Control
  • Decision Making
  • Identifying Goals
  • Promoting Wellness
  • Conflict Resolution

A Go-To Person uses several or all of these to influence his or her community in a positive way!
2019 USGA Major Rule Changes
2019 Rule: Under Rules 12.2a and 12.2b, the player will be allowed to touch or move loose impediments in a bunker and will be generally allowed to touch the sand with a hand or club; but a limited prohibition continues so that the player must not:

Deliberately touch the sand in a bunker with a hand, club, rake or other object to test the condition of the sand to learn information for the stroke, or touch the sand in a bunker with a club in making a practice swing, in grounding the club right in front of or behind the ball, or in making the backswing for a stroke.

Reasons for Change:

The challenge of playing from a bunker is the need to play out of the sand, not to play with leaves, stones or other loose impediments left in place in the bunker.

The current approach has created confusion by stating a total prohibition on touching the sand with a hand or club and then recognizing many exceptions.

The revised Rule will simplify this by prohibiting only those acts where there is a purpose for doing so under the Rules.