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The Annapolis Sailboat Show
Introducing Balance Catamarans
TMC Partners With Maverick Yachts
Seller's Guide to Yacht Sales
TMC Adds Two New Brokers
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2003 46' Privilege 465

2008 92' BluBay

1995 82' Nautitech 82

1997 60' Fountaine Pajot Marqueses
Equinox II

2003 60' Fountaine Pajot Eleuthra 60
Grand Bleu

2003 58' Catana 582

1988 58' Profile Catamaran

1996 56' Gold Coast
Virgin Fire

2007 55' DH 55
Wild Vanilla

1989 55' Lagoon

2011 54' Alibi

2010 54' Gold Coast
Day Sail Catamaran

2004 52' Catana 521

1996 52' Perry
Little Wing

2011 51' Morelli and Melvin Custom
Shooting Star

2008 50' Catana 50

2004 50' Contour

2009 50' Lagoon
Lagoon 500

1997 50' Nimble Custom Offshore

2010 48' Custom Aluminum Catamaran

2010 48' Knysna 480

1992 48' Privilege 482

2003 48' St. Francis 48

2002 47' Catana 471
Da Mojo I

1998 47' Catana 471
Green Flash

2007 47' Shuttleworth Performance Cruiser
Life's a Dream

2001 46' Custom Design Crowther 462 461
Key of D

2002 46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia Maestro

2005 46' Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46
Magical Inspiration

2011 44' Fountaine Pajot Orana
Dream Catcher

2005 44' Lagoon 440

2004 44' St. Francis 44 Mark II

2002 43' Catana 431
Aventura I

2001 43' Catana 401

2002 43' Catana 431

2002 43' Fountaine Pajot Belize Maestro

1990 42' Catana 42

1983 42' Custom Shuttleworth Fast Cruising Trimaran

1996 42' Fountaine Pajot Venezia 42
Stray Cat 1

1995 42' Fountaine Pajot Venezia 42

2007 42' Lagoon 420
Blue Sky

1994 42' Lagoon 42 TPI
Dubhe Star

2008 40' Fountaine Pajot Lavezzi Owner Version

2011 40' Maverick 40

1979 40' Searunner 40

2006 39' Broadblue 385
Pura Vida

2005 39' Robertson & Caine Leopard 40

1998 39' TRT 1200 GT
Fitness Resource

2006 38' Admiral 38 Executive

1989 38' Kennex 380
Splendid Adventurer

2001 38' Leopard M3800
A G N' Sea

2010 38' Spirited Designs Spirited 380

2004 36' Corsair C36
Bird of Play

1998 36' Dean Chinook

2008 34' Gemini 105Mc

2002 34' Gemini 105MC
Mojo's Folly

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Join Us At The Annapolis Sailboat Show October 4 - 8th

TMC will be front and center at this year's United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland - October 4 to the 8th. This show, the nation's oldest and the biggest, will feature a wide range of catamarans and trimarans on display.


Look for TMC's red tent and stop by and see Phillip Berman and our brokers and associates. We are featuring the Maverick 400 this year at our booth and will welcome you aboard. (There is a surprise too: TMC Founder Phillip Berman is launching a new line of catamarans! Come by and learn more about it. See story below.)


And did we mention about 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world will be there too?


If you have never been to this show do yourself a favor and make plans to attend. The historic waterfront town of Annapolis is lovely this time of year, usually granting visitors a week of Indian summer days for their troubles. The Chesapeake Bay town is home to the U.S. Naval Academy too and the campus is well worth a tour when you long for your sailors to be in dress whites!


The old town is full of fun shops and restaurants but it is popping this week so plan ahead if possible. TMC's favorite - The Chart House - is tough to get into but the views from the table onto the water are heaven.


Besides the fun of climbing on the boats, here are few other highlights:

  • Seminars by Cruising World and Chesapeake Bay magazines
  • Boat demos galore
  • Smaller boats including One Designs and trailerables, dinghies and inflatables
  • Sailing accessories, rigging and more
  • A new charter section this year features a variety of travel experiences to consider

Check out the site for more details. If you are planning on attending, let us know so we can be sure to connect.

Balance Restored to the Universe!Seminars


TMC founder Phillip Berman has launched a new line of catamarans called Balance because he wanted to bring a yacht to market that truly

The Balance 421

offered the perfect harmony of performance and livability.

The Balance 421 will be in the United States next spring, but pre-orders are now being taken and special Boat Show Prices will be offered at the Annapolis Sailboat Show.


At Balance Catamarans, Phil and his team of designers, engineers, and builders have been hard-focused on achieving a perfect harmony between comfort at anchor as well as safety and performance underway since the company was launched.


Why? Because Balance Catamarans is not producing charter cats or racing cats, but blue-water voyagers of uncompromising quality. We know that the demands of the sea have not changed since the days of the early Polynesian catamaran explorers and that however fashionable it may be to have a spacious and glitzy yacht, or a head turning racing cat, ultimately our vessels must be designed and built to cope with the

TMC President, Phillip Berman

worst weather nature can deliver. A catamaran that pounds too hard, or cannot sail smartly into the wind, or that can't run swiftly and safely before a raging sea is simply not safe. A catamaran that is not easily operated shorthanded, too complex to maintain and sustain, or too cramped to make life enjoyable defeats the entire purpose of voyaging.

The Balance team has been listening very carefully to - and learning from - hundreds of catamaran sailors on the features they most want and need in a live-aboard voyaging catamaran. Careful notes have been taken and used in each design so that Balance Catamarans can live up to its mission of restoring harmony to blue water catamaran sailors.


Let us tell you more about this exciting new line of cat. Meanwhile, check out the NEW BALANCE WEBSITE and watch the YouTube video of the first of the boats at sea.



Balance Catamarans
Balance Catamarans



Maverick Enters America with
The Multihull Company

The Multihull Company will premiere the Maverick 400 at this year's

The Maverick 400 "Cosmoledo" will be shown at the Annapolis Sailboat Show Oct. 4-8

United States Sailboat Show, October 4 - 8, 2012 in Annapolis. There will be a Maverick 400 on display at the show, owned by Phil Southwell, Maverick's designer who has offered his personal semi-custom Maverick 400 for the occasion.


Maverick Yachts have entered into an exclusive long-term dealership agreement for the North American and the Caribbean markets with The Multihull Company.


Maverick's Founder, Rudi Pretorius


"We are delighted to show the most spacious and comfortable 40ft catamaran on the market today at the Annapolis Boat Show together with The Multihull Company."


The partnership with The Multihull Company is all about Maverick customers. It allows our customers in North America and the Caribbean to have direct contact with many highly professional dealers in their area for both sales and after sales service. As they are an exclusive dealer we can guarantee that customers always receive the best deal and highest quality of service."


Director of Marketing for Maverick Yachts,

Alexis de Boucaud


Longtime TMC broker Alexis de Boucaud has taken on a new role as TMC's Director of Marketing for Maverick 400, a cruising cat designed to be sailed anywhere in the world with 5 star comforts.


This beauty was designed by noted yacht designer Phil Southwell and is built by Maverick Yachts in Cape Town, South Africa. The yacht handles effortlessly and the luxurious, spacious 40ft catamarans are large enough to live aboard and yet designed for short-handed, long range cruising.


Great attention to detail inside, the kind of stuff that makes your oceanic adventures feel like home.

Why believe us? Come see for yourself!


Maverick Yachts   2
Maverick Yachts
Seller's Guide To Yacht Sales


Every sailor who calls a brokerage company to list their yacht for sale has the same agenda - sell my boat for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time with the least amount of hassle.


With that common theme comes a common range of mistakes that work against the seller's best interests. Here are fourteen things you should do to sell your boat quickly and still fetch the best price:


Locate Your Boat Where She is Easy to Show and Sell


How fast your boat sells is most certainly tied largely to her price and condition. But her location can also play a major role in how fast she sells and for how much. In the United States, the hot spots for selling are the major yacht cities of Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Annapolis, Newport, RI, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Diego. These cities are easy to get to and a buyer can often see several different yachts on the same visit. In the Caribbean we find that the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, and Grenada are the best locations to place our yachts for sale. In Europe the South of France and Turkey are the best locations to sell as they are easy to get to, warm enough year round to complete a sale, and have a wide range of large shipyards where a survey can be conducted.


That said a yacht can be sold almost anywhere. I am often amazed at the locations where we have sold catamarans over the years - a mud flat in Costa Rica, Tonga, Fiji, Singapore, Seychelles, Langakwi, North  Africa, you name it. It is simply the case that whenever we have a yacht for sale where there are few other boats for a buyer to inspect on the same trip we tend only to get showings to buyers who already know the boat brand, know they want that brand, and are flying in because they want that boat and are simply confirming her condition or coming to do a proper survey.


While some sellers may balk at this, we always suggest that they allow us to produce a Catamaran Condition Index on their boat. With this report we rate her overall condition in advance of a survey. Many buyers half a world away may be very interested in your boat, but they have one lingering question: What condition is she really in?"   Often the only thing that keeps a buyer from investing the time and money to fly to see a boat is this very simple question. Any brokerage firm that can honestly and accurately assist a buyer to answer it is miles ahead when it comes to crafting a sale. No buyer wants to take a long flight to learn that the boat he thought was a cream puff is really a very worn out charter boat.


One issue that really does present problems is when boats are located where it is not only hard to visit them, but hard to survey them if a buyer gets serious. Have you ever tried to haul a 30-foot catamaran in Tahiti? Cannot be done. Unless there are facilities to haul and survey your cat easily near her listing location selling her will be doubly complicated.

Finally, make sure your broker has a few sets of keys to your boat, or keys that are stored in a lockbox with a code your broker can share with others. Many buyers just pop up at the last minute wanting to see your boat without much notice to the broker - if we cannot get the keys, or have a problem getting the buyer onboard, it is always unfortunate. You want every showing of your boat you can possibly get. So make it as easy to organize as you possibly can.


Price Your Boat To Sell


If you price your boat too high she will not sell and in fact, over time, as she sits on the market, will get harder and harder to sell at any price. A professional yacht broker should provide you with a reasoned and very careful report of recent sold figures for boats such as yours, how they differed, and why they sold for what they sold for. He should offer you his advice on what is a proper retail price for your boat in the current market based on her condition, equipment, year, configuration, and location.


Many sellers wrongly assume that every upgrade they have made to their yacht adds value to it but, sadly, this is generally not the case. While there are many items that do in fact add value to your boat for resale they seldom fetch back what they cost to purchase or install.

In the end, the very most important factor in the sale of any yacht is her price, overall cosmetic condition inside and out, her interior configuration, location, and mechanical condition
TMC Welcomes New Brokers Jeff Ludlam and Martin Jacobs to Caribbean Team
TMC is pleased to welcome two new brokers, Jeff Ludlam and Martin Jacobs, to the Multihull Company team. 
Jeff Ludlam has been involved in the yacht industry for over 25 years and will work with TMC in the Southern Caribbean. Having been both a yacht broker and executive involved in the manufacture of yachts, his experience of not only sailing over 40,000 miles and yacht construction
Senior Broker, Jeff Ludlam, joins the TMC Team in the So. Caribbean
  and systems, makes him the ideal broker to assist in not only in selling yachts but assisting buyers to make the right purchase to match their dreams. He has been a long standing member of both The Yacht Brokers Association of America, and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association. Jeff also owned his own dealership selling catamarans like Nautitech and Fountaine Pajot. With over 20,000 miles sailed offshore in various types of cats, Jeff is a licensed 200 ton offshore Royal Yacht Master and has introduced many buyers to the joys of owning a sailing cat. Jeff currently owns a Bahia 46 that is in the various islands of the Southern Caribbean where he can assist you.
Martin Jacobs joins the team as an Associate Broker and will split time between St. Thomas (USVI) and Tortola (BVI) to better serve clients. His extensive sailing experience, knowledge of voyage sailing and fluency in multi languages makes him a very good choice for TMC clients. Martin began sailing at the age of 6 where he learned the basics on an 'Optimist" in Bretagne, France before making the big step to Laser class. Later Martin would discover a love for windsurfing and eventually - and we love this - a love for racing Hobie Cats. During his professional career, Martin worked extensively in Sales and Product
Martin Jacobs joins TMC as an Associate Broker in the Virgin Islands
Marketing for companies around the world. He developed a sense of personal satisfaction in this role by building meaningful and lasting relationships with people from a variety of cultures. And because of this,   he is fluent in German, French and Spanish which will be extremely beneficial to TMC clients around the world. But Martin never lost his love of the sea even during those years when he was traveling extensively. So, in 1999, he decided to join the San Diego Harbour Yacht Club and began sailing anything between 22' and 47'. It was here that he find his true love: catamarans. After that, Martin began sailing extensively in the BVI and USVI and even managed a few day charter sails in the Dominican Republic. Today, Martin is focused on helping TMC clients find their true loves as well. He lives in St. Thomas and is perfectly situated to assist TMC clients during their travels be it searching for the "perfect cat" or on a sail and seeking assistance.
To contact Jeff, email him at or by phone at 954-892-5191.

To contact Martin, email him at or by phone at 340-227-4499.
See Them At The Show!
While you're at the show, you will surely want to see these boats either directly outside the show or in the Annapolos area.  To prearrange your showing today, contact us at 215-508-2704.

     2010 48' Knysna










2006 39' Broadblue 385












1990 42' Catana











1998 39' TRT 1200 GT











2003 48' St. Francis







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