Volume 2, Number 10
Monthly News On Products Promoting Healthcare Cost Transparency And Healthy Living Tips

This monthly newsletter contains information about medical cost sharing programs as well as health insurance plans offered through insurance companies that promote healthcare cost transparency. It provides information about tools designed to maintain or regain your health, articles on health and wellness, and information on complementary and integrative health. It also contains information on other cost-transparent products and services you can purchase or utilize to supplement either your medical cost sharing program or your insured health insurance plan.
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Texas-based Green Imaging PLC is providing direct-care radiology via a growing national network of providers and physicians to give patient quality scans at fair prices.
The Green Imaging model helps patients make the most informed decisions about MRIs, CTs, and other imaging procedures. Unlike many other imaging facilities the cash-pay price they provide is the “all in” price. There are no other charges or fees, e.g. for interpreting the scans. Patients pay for procedures up- front, with no surprise bills after the fact.

Green Imaging was founded in Texas but has now expanded to provide services in many parts of the country.

In Texas their model is to read images themselves (without incurring the cost to read them on site), thus assuring consistency and quantity. Nationally, they have a different model to assure the same type of quality. They preferentially contact with radiologist-owned imaging centers that are like-minded, which enables them to sustain the kind of relationships they’re used to. They know these radiologists take pride in their work and understand quality. The benefits are many: fewer middle men involved; the centers are glad to have the business and make use of under-utilized equipment, and help sustain their own centers.

Learn  more about how Green Imaging works and how they are able to provide low-priced, sustainable high quality imaging services by reading this article that appeared in the most recent issue of Free Market Healthcare Solutions , which is published by the Free Market Medical Association.

Visit https://greenimagingdirect.com/ to find Green Imaging services near you .
Providers like the Oklahoma Surgery Center (note: these types of providers are proliferating throughout the United States) provide transparent, bundled cash-based prices offering the highest quality at the lowest cost. They provide price lists that you can shop and compare at www.surgerycenterOK.com.

Here’s a chart that shows the savings cash-pay patients can incur by using services provided by the Oklahoma Surgery Center (note: these data are provided by the Oklahoma Surgery Center):
Services at providers like Green Imaging (see above article) and the Oklahoma Surgical Center are multiplying and are offering similar savings for cash-paying patients who are members of plans like Health Excellence Plus

Sedera, the medical cost sharing provider, can provide medical tourism services to members who use these services when they can show significant savings over using local providers. Members using these types of services save money for themselves and also save money for the community as a whole, thus enabling the plan to be offered with lower monthly contributions than premiums paid for plans funded through traditional health insurance.
About Paul Cholak
Paul Cholak is the Principal of Control Your Healthcare Costs, LLC (dba Control Your Healthcare Costs) and is an endorsed vendor of the Free Market Medical Association, which promotes transparency in healthcare costs and programs. He's also a Partner/Supporter of the Direct Primary Care Coalition, which promotes the direct primary care provider concept.

He constantly seeks to find new and innovative products that incorporate transparency and focus on reducing costs of the total healthcare bill.

He's a National Healthcare Advisor for  M Powering Benefits , a Certified Affiliate with Sedera Health, and is also appointed by insurance carriers who offer insured products that promote healthcare transparency (for example Health Indemnity insurance).

He offers or refers you to medical cost sharing and insured healthcare products on either an individual, association, or group basis, as applicable, that promote healthcare cost transparency and can result in significant overall healthcare savings to participants. He guides you through the steps of obtaining membership in the applicable program and is always available to help you both BEFORE and AFTER you've enrolled.
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