The NAGDCA Annual Conference is a great opportunity to stay abreast of current trends and best practices, and to meet with your peers. This year the conference will be in Philadelphia from September 23 to 26. If you have not already registered, please do so soon.
NAGDCA’s mission is to support the creation of successful retirement security outcomes. However, the Board recognizes that it is important that NAGDCA leadership has a clear vision and that the vision is communicated to its members, so the NAGDCA Board adopted a policy statement regarding retirement security. The policy statement acknowledges that defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, hybrid plans, and Social Security all play an important role in achieving the mission and supports the ideal of governments having the flexibility to develop sustainable and prudently managed retirement plans based on best practices while meeting the needs of the plan sponsor, employees and retirees. For its part, NAGDCA is committed to providing independent, unbiased data and best practices while representing the collective interests of its members in legislative and regulatory matters. The policy statement can be found here .
The Board also added to its legislative priorities to provide 403(b) plans with the ability to use collective investment trusts in addition to mutual funds to broaden their investment capabilities.

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New for 2018: age-targeted videos to be released this summer. Follow the links below to access the campaign materials and review Wyoming's success with the Your Whole Story campaign.
by Paul Beddoe, NAGDCA Government Affairs Director
With Congress back from its Independence Day recess, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) cancelling the traditional August recess, a Supreme Court vacancy to fill and a host of “must pass” legislation piling up, it looks like it will be a long hot summer on Capitol Hill.
In retirement policy, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas) continues to discuss his plans to move “Tax Cuts 2.0” legislation in the fall, which could include retirement provisions. While the chairman and his staff have not shared details about the package, the committee did issue a recent statement flatly denying that they had any plans to reintroduce “Rothifcation” in this round. Good news for NAGDCA! Of course, we will continue to be vigilant for any adverse provisions that might be included, like the consolidations measures that we had to fight in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year.
We are also continuing to have conversations on the Hill about NAGDCA’s legislative ideas to improve governmental defined contribution plans for our participants in order to be ready when a new legislative vehicle is ready to move.
The Washington DC Update session at the NAGDCA Annual Conference in September will provide you with an opportunity to get the latest developments on any retirement provisions in a new tax bill, as well as the other regulatory and legislative developments affecting state and local government employees’ retirement security. We will also offer ideas for you to engage in the legislative process to protect our plans’ unique features and promote provisions to improve them. Stay tuned – and we’ll see you in Philadelphia!
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