April, May, June 2020                                                                         Volume 15 Number 2
Note: Articles that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be read for continuing education credit by NAPS certificate holders. Any CPC, CTS or CERS who reads any six of the linked articles can count two hours of contact time toward the 17 hours he or she must earn each year as a part of their certification maintenance. In this edition, for example, 7 items qualify for professional reading. Reading all four quarterly editions of The NAPS Credential and their links over the course of the year can qualify the reader for eight contact hours or .8 CEUs annually.
In This Issue
Professional Development and Certification Maintenance ~ Several Distance Learning Options
by Frank Burtnett, Ed.D.

During these times when every aspect of American life and work has been altered in some way by the coronavirus pandemic, some are wondering how to accomplish ordinary things during this period when a "new normal" appears to have either temporarily or permanently taken hold. For search and staffing professionals and those across the workforce the "new normal" has eliminated or restricted access to the professional development and continuing education activities and the manner in which consumers have accessed them.

Regional, state and local conferences have been canceled, in-house trainings being pushed ahead on business calendars and formal postsecondary education classes have either been canceled or turned online. Each is of the above is just one example of how these turbulent times have affected both employee and employers.

NAPS ~ Early Advocate for Independent Study

Throughout the quarter century that NAPS has had a continuing education requirement as a part of Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialist (CTS) maintenance requirements, the organization has always been open to independent study and remote educational experiences as vehicles for continuing education. This very electronic newsletter, The NAPS Credential, was created to deliver relevant information, research findings and position papers of importance to NAPS members and those engaged in education for certification maintenance.

Articles in this and earlier editions of The NAPS Credential have been selected because of their relevance to the work of industry professional. Identified with an asterisk (*) each can be read for continuing education credit by NAPS certificate holders. Any CPC, CTS or CERS who reads any six of the linked articles can count two hours of contact time toward the 17 hours he or she must earn each year as a part of their certification maintenance. Reading all four quarterly editions of The NAPS Credential and their links over the course of the year can qualify the reader for eight contact hours or .8 CEUs annually.

In addition to professional reading, NAPS sponsors and delivers an ongoing series of Lunch N Learn programs on topics of practice or business relevance, offerings where continuing education credit can be acquired for successful study completion. Visit www.naps360.org to see the current calendar of programs and [insert link] to access earlier programs that have been archived there and available at any time.

Should any member or certificate holder require additional information or assistance in meeting continuing education requirements or seek approval of a particular educational experience, contact Dr. Frank Burtnett, NAPS Certification and Education consultant at ednow@aol.com.

Addressing the Growing U.S. Skills Gap*
A working paper released by the National Board of Economic Research targets the growing U.S. "skills gap" and the results in America cannot identify and prepare sufficient number to meet the demand. The NBER paper also set forth strategies for using alternative routes to fill such vacancies.
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Gallup Reports Value in Working Remotely*
What new employment practice has exceeded others in popularity in the current millennium according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics?  Even before the coronavirus pandemic thrust millions into the world of telework and telecommuting, a new Gallup study was singing the praises of its effectiveness and value in the contemporary workplace where the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 26 million Americans---approximately 16% of the total workforce are now connected for all or some their work relationship.
Access Gallup Study...
Telework Not Career Harmful to Those Practicing It*

On a related front, a study by a Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) researcher and reported in Journal of Vocational Behavior has found that rather than suffering career detriment or consequences, workers who function in and out of the various telework and telecommuting schemes receive an equal number of promotions.
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NAPS Lunch & Learn Series Delivers Professional Development to Office to Home
In this current world of restricted mobility, the NAPS Lunch & Learn series offers members a great opportunity to engage in professional development experiences designed to strengthen their skills as search and staffing professionals, as well as business owners and operators. Visit www.naps360.org regularly to examine the calendars of programs and information about the industry experts who will be presenting them. And don't forget to place the program on your continuing education log for certification maintenance.
Five Ways to Encourage Mental Health in the Workplace*
A recent post on the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) website placed the subject of a workplace mental wellness directly in the public eye, asking the nation to attach the stigma associated with mental illness---while constructing healthy workplaces across the American map.  Included in the NAMI posts are five ways employers can encourage mental health and wellness in their places of employment
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Workplace Mental Workplace as Viewed in a COVID19 Context*
Another interesting "take" on mental health as seen through the COVID19 lens can be found in a recent essay on the Forbes magazine leadership blog written by contributor Jason Wingard, dean and professor in the School of Professional Studies and at Columbia University. Among the risks addressed by Dean Wingard are stress, loneliness, burnout, isolation and depression.

CPC and CTS Achievers for 2020 First Quarter
The first quarter of 2020 saw the following search and staffing professionals admitted to the Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary Staffing-Specialists ranks of the National Association of Personnel Services.

Heather Nicole Barlow
Jennifer Ekker
Kari Ross
Jeff King
Pam Gartner
Mackenzie Smith
Mackenzie Smith
Amy Stuntz
Natalie Thorpe

Congratulations and welcome to this new group of NAPS certificants.

First Time Job Seekers and Changers Face Global COVID19 Challenges*

Everything from disrupted employment markets to the impact the federal stimulus actions will have on the economy to the strategies are using to ensure social distancing during the candidate-through-hiring consideration have made altered and/or interrupted the job search process for millions of global citizens. The global relevance of these challenges resulted in Yahoo devoting a full blog to the matter.
Americans Rely on Personal Research in Making Important Decisions*

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that a majority of Americans (81%) place greater trust in themselves, rather than friends and family or professional experts, when it comes to making important decisions. Those that said they relied on their own research cited digital tools as their lead source of information
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Quotable Quotes of Notable People ~ Management Guru Peter Drucker on Business Success

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision."

Peter Drucker (1909-2005) was an Austrian-born American management expert, educator and author who is credited with many pragmatic views of how the modern business corporation is supposed to function.

Guidance Useful to First Time Remote Workers*
Workforce members that the coronavirus pandemic has placed in a telework or telecommuting role for the first time will find some valuable guidance and informative tips on the Forbes career blog. Visit the following link:
Number of Community Colleges Conferring Bachelor's Degrees Grows*
Citing the need to meet workforce demands and increase access to educational and career awareness opportunities as among the reasons, a new report from the Education Commission of the States says that almost half of the states (23) now allow community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees.
One Step Ahead of Workplace Obsolescence*
The InsideHigherEd eNewsletter print-on-demand special reports section has generated a compilation of strategies employers and educators are using to sustain and grow worker performance and production---thus fending off obsolescence.
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Certification and Education Question ~ More on Professional Reading
Question: Will NAPS allow me to use personal professional reading to meet my CPC or CTS certification maintenance requirements?

Answer: Yes... if the subject meets the following requirements. It must contribute to the individual's professional knowledge and enhance her or his skillset in serving candidates and clients. A typical professional read of this nature can be substituted for eight hours of continuing education.

Message from the Editor ~ Let The NAPS Credential Hear from You
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