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In This Issue
Admission Scandal Strikes Public Nerve*
by Frank Burtnett, Ed.D., NAPS Certification and Education Consultant

The recent college admission scandal, nicknamed College Varsity Blues, is a subject about which many Americans have opinions---including the workforce community that is questioning whether shortcomings exposed in the the admission process extend all the way through the collegiate experience and impact the quality of the degree holders they are interviewing for employment.  At the core of the scandal that exploded in the print and electronic media this spring were a series of indictments----charging dozens of parents, test officials and athletic coaches---who prosecutors allege to have committed criminal acts to manipulate the college admission process. 
NORC Take Pulse of the Public
Following the explosive headlines, a survey was conductedby the Higher Education Analytics Center at NORC and the AP-NORC Center to determine how the public felt about the scandal and where it stood on general admission procedures and practices. Among the findings:
  • Overall, 38% of the see the college admission process as fair, 36% say it is unfair and 25% are neutral on the subject.
  • Most believe academic achievement (81%) and admission test scores (75%) should be the most important factors in determining admission.
  • Slightly less than a third (32%) believe admission should be influenced by athletic talent.
  • Only11% cite the legacy factor as a justifiable factor in admission.
  • While 44% believe colleges give weight to a family's ability to pay full tuition, only 23% think that it should be a consideration. 
The question about the levelness of the college admission playing field hit just as most U.S. colleges and universities were reviewing the applications that they received from applicants for the fall semester. The scandal has created an "itch" that many institutions and organizations are seeking to scratch. One example follows.
NACAC Offers Podcast Series on the World of College Admission
Developed in the wake of the Varsity Blues bribery scandal, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) launched its  College Admission Decoded podcast series. The series examines how the college admission process works for the approximately 20 million students who apply each year, as well as challenges to the process that the scandal brought to light. The series also spotlights how college access and college admission in the US can continue to make progress toward more inclusivity, transparency, and service to students.
College Admissions Decoded offers a true insider's perspective on the world of college admission. NACAC leaders and members take on the profession's hottest topics, including the recent national scandal, legacy admission, media rankings, best fit and shifting campus demographics.
NAPS Certification Advocacy Breakfast in San Antonio
The NAPS Conference in San Antonio in September will offer CPC and CTS achievers and their employing firms a special breakfast program to present an array of advocacy ideas that can be used with candidates and clients to call attention to NAPS professional certification. 
The "You're Certified...What's Next?" theme breakfast will be held on Tuesday, September 24thand will feature presentations by Barb Bruno, noted industry trainer and former NAPS Chair, Maria Palladino, NAPS Director of Design, Marketing and Social Media Web and Frank Burtnett, Ed.D., NAPS Certification and Education Consultant.
Breakfast attendees will learn advocacy and marketing strategies to promote their CPC and CTS status with candidates and clients and be exposed to effective resources and successful strategies currently in use by member firms and certified individuals.
To register for the "You're Certified...What's Next" breakfast, please contact Carolyn Boyer at cboyer@naps360.org.
Women Pass Men as Majority College-Educated Group*

Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Department of Labor statistical data has revealed that women have met or surpassed men for the as a majority college-educated group in the U.S. workforce. Pew reports there are now 29.5 million working women who have earned a bachelor's degree or higher.
Workplace Culture and Communication Key to Employee Mental Wellness*
Mental Health America (MHA) has partnered with the FAAS Foundation to generate the 2019 Mind the Workplacereport, a current assessment of how work environments and relationship influence worker personal comfort and productivity. The report explores the relationships between supervisor communication styles and worker satisfaction, as well as the creation of a company culture that encourages employee engagement and wellbeing.
Stereotype Rejection Needed to Combat Age Discrimination*
How are older workers and those seeking employment faring in the battle to combat ageism? Viewed by many as the fastest growing form of discrimination, ageism was the subject of a recent research project conducted at the University of Alberta which called for greater awareness of the stereotypes that generate harmful age-related prejudice. The study also recommends a World Health Organization (WHO) Internet Quiz that allows people to test their personal attitudes about seniors.
WHO Ageism quiz...
Industry Welcomes New CPC and CTS Credential Achievers
The April/May/June quarter of 2019 found NAPS awarding the Certified Placement Consultant (CPC) and Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist (CTS) credentials to the following:

Ashley Courtney
Carrie Collier
Marilyn B. Ampel
Samuel A. Puente Jr.
Victoria Woods
Whitney Morris
Michelle Martell
Kristan McIntonsh
John J. Berardi
Eric J. Christman
Jessica Martinez
Karen Gould
Syretta Pierce
Andrea Lockwood
Peter Padilla
Gloria Puente
Skipper Stevens
Marnie Warren
Susan Von Villas

If you know any of these new certificants, send them a congratulatory email on their professional achievement.
Workplace Wellness Programs on the Rise*
Workplace health promotion programs are increasing across the U.S. according to researchers at the University of North Carolina. Nearly half of all workplaces in the nation offer some level of health promotion or wellness programs and 17% of workplaces with 50 or more employees offer comprehensive workplace health promotion programs.
New Stats on Education Attainment and Employee Security*
The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) released new statistics this past spring that show adults with a postsecondary education degree after high school are far less likely to be unemployed or underemployed than are their peers who lack such a credential. 
Gender Parity: Not Visible in Hierarchies*
While women constitute 47% of the U.S. workforce, they remain underrepresented at the highest levels of business, government, medical and academic hierarchies. Under the auspices of the American Institute of Physics, a team or researchers has developed a model to study the ascension of women through these corporate hierarchies and chains of command.
Quotable Quotes of Notable People ~ Actress Betty White on Retirement

"Retirement is not in my vocabulary. They are not going to get rid of me that way."

Betty White is the 97 year old Emmy Award winning actress and producer best known for her comedic roles on the Mary Tyler Moore and Golden Girls television series, as well as countless game and talk shows. Her 80 year career may be the longest of any female entertainer.

Certification and Education Questions ~ See Frank in San Antonio

Frank Burtnett, NAPS Certification and Education Consultant, encourages members and certificants with questions about NAPS certification, credential renewal or continuing education to seek a private exchange with him during the NAPS National Conference coming up in San Antonio. Use the conference registration desk at the site or contact Frank at  ednow@aol.com to arrange a meeting time in advance.
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